Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Loving and Activation Meditations

Today, I would love to share my heart and my joy with you through two meditations.

First, here is a gentle introductory meditation that was recorded on my last Way of the Supreme Gift Course course, just a few days ago. Allow yourself to enjoy and be uplifted by the melodious tones, energy and love that I experienced as I shared this.

I created this in honour of the amazing being you are, that we all are. Give yourself 10 minutes of undisturbed time to absorb it (headphones work well) and to let it melt into your heart.

Introductory Meditation 10 mins 4.8 Mb
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If you enjoyed that gentle meditation and you feel ready for a taster of the awesome power, energy and activation of being catapulted into your true expanded self, then you may like to sample the Activation meditation from the same Way of the Supreme gift Course.

It is the first 8 minutes of the full 40 minute Activation. But don't let its length fool you – it will not only put you in touch with the true you, which will feel very familiar and ecstatic, but will also bring to the surface any blocks, issues or constraints that you have been using to stop yourself being that whole and natural 'you' all the time.

So, be prepared for a bit of a ride on this one.

This mini-activation, even though only a partial effect compared to the whole course, will nevertheless shift your energies and may well have a prolonged effect. So do stay aware over the next few days of how you are feeling and responding to it. If you find yourself overly challenged by your own issues that may arise, or even by the intensity of the expansive shift in you, please do call or share some comments below, or email me: maggie(at)loveandinsight.com (change the (at) for @!).

So this time, you really DO need to set some quiet, uninterrupted time. Give yourself not only the 8 mins but I would suggest leaving a further 10 mins to allow for integration, introspection and winding down! Again, headphones work well.

Activation Meditation (Taster) 8 mins 3.9 Mb
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I shall be checking in with your responses to these before I unleash the full impact on my web, so I really will welcome your feedback and comments!

Let's stay connected in the heart!
Lots of love

PS Here's what Elaine to had to say about her experience of the Way of the Supreme Gift course:

"I am finding this difficult to express because words don't really convey the experience - you just have to be there!

"I feel that the weekend was life-changing and that you showed me who I really am.

"If someone's soul is calling them to make a quantum leap, then I would urge them to sign up for this weekend.

"You gave me so much help and guidance; you expanded my understanding of myself, the Universe and my purpose in this lifetime. You taught me how to see and deal with my issues as they arise. This understanding is continuing to grow since the weekend and is bringing more joy, positivity and delight into my life.

"Every day, miracles happen!

"What I really want to write is "everyone should go on this course because it is amazing!!"

Friday, November 11, 2005

A Prayer for Living and Loving

Hello and the warmest of welcomes to my new weblog experiment!

I thought that I would start with a little prayer that I was asked to do for one of my clients recently.

It turned out to be a prayer for myself and I'd love to share it with you.

You may also like to use it yourself, to help remind you of the great being you are!

If you have any thoughts about it or experiences using it, please do share them in the comment section below!

A Prayer for Living and Loving

What if the only thing I ever need to do is to be myself!

What if the most loving, compassionate, life enhancing gift to the universe, including to others was just to be myself?

What if the pain I am experiencing right now is caused by the inner desolation of knowing I am more than I allow; but also, that I bear the fear that I am less than I hope?

What if I am tearing myself apart at the seams of my life because I am trying so hard to fit?

What if I knew a secret about myself, a magic spell that would unlock me from my own self-created prison?

And what if that secret was that I am enough as I am right now, that everything I need to fulfil my greatest dream is here right now in this sublime moment in my imagination, mind and beingness?

What if the most important thing of all is to be that 'me', to live as that 'me' by acting in alignment with that 'me' in every situation and event of my life?

And so, if I took up that quest I would be living my own code of honour, by being a living breathing embodiment of my own truth and so allow others to find that within themselves too.

What if the 'shoulds', 'oughts' and 'musts' are the taints, the constrictions of my 'dream reality' and that my ultimate reality is to be the Free me: resplendent and revelling in my own uniqueness?

At last, I would come to truly fit in my world because I'm being all of myself!
Then I would be a living, breathing embodiment of true love.

And that love would have a magical effect on everything I touched, for as I celebrate and revel in that me, my joy is magnetic and would amplify the magnitude of my creations.

I would be ringing my world with the vibrations of happiness and overtones of love. I would indeed be a living anthem.

Why do I say this?

I say it because I am not just the living embodiment of my dream but also the events, the people and the circumstances as well.

So, I hereby let go of all the restrictions,
beliefs and limitations that cause me pain.

I let go of all the devious devices that
I use to numb out the wonder of life.

I allow myself to fall, fall, fall into my heart,
where there is nothing else left but my essence,
the secret of me and all I have to be is that me!

And I am in love,
I am the living heart beat of my own divine happiness
and I experience my world as love for I am being love.

And from that place of wonderment
I find myself attracted to my ideal expression of me,
the art of me and its manifestation.

I no longer need to chain myself
to the idea that there is or could be
an interruption or hindrance to my joy,
because I know that I create my own life
and my life is now full of infinite possibilities.

As such, the events that happen are there for me to use,
no matter how challenging or contradicting they may appear to be.
The secret is to know that they have arrived in my life
to be used as a stepping stone,
as a tool to take me to where I want to go.

They arise from and are part of my joy
in order to enable me to live the life that I ache for.

To take me to my heaven here on Earth,
to the 'me' of my highest, greatest dreams,
with my 'life promise' wrapped up like a present,
bound with golden threads,
which when opened reveals the
divine treasure that I am.

So I choose to live and be,
as if in heaven here on earth.

I choose to see each event, relationship and circumstance
as supporting me in becoming what I really want.

As I now open myself hungrily to my universe
I notice how 'it' responds with love and support,
as if it cares for me,
as if caressing me -
almost as if it is my own dear 'lover'.

The mirror of my reality, my life, doesn't lie;
it reflects back what I am being.

And so, as I respond to the advances of my 'lover'
by being more of my heavenly self
something magical happens.
I begin to enjoy all the gifts
of support and love that I deserve!

The answer, the solution, the "Godness" is in me,
it is me!

And so it takes shape in my wonderful world
as my own ecstatic outpouring.

I am an accolade of myself.
Finally, I am in peace with myself,
and my world, as my own reflection, rejoices.

And as I walk in this world
in this way of the love, beauty and truth of myself,
I am an angel on earth,
and leave footprints of love in the sand of my shore!
With Love