Sunday, June 01, 2014

The Hawthorn Queen

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I can smell her – the Queen of Spring – even before she arrives. I’m caught unawares: wandering down a rolling path, one morning she is suddenly here... on the breeze. Unmistakable, that musky scent of May’s breath, heavenly and sweet – a narcotic bouquet that intoxicates me, like the fragrance of a lover.

Even the very sight of her lithe and exotic forms excites me – knotted, bent and sculpted into shape by the wind. My Hawthorn Queen may appear in many guises, sometimes her branches flayed out to the sides like furrows in the sky. She is most deservedly the Queen of Spring.

Her presence consumes me. I am aghast! Splashing with unrestrained wild abandon, she, the May Queen, blooms, her blossom cresting over the hedgerows in long, rolling waves, following the rhythm of the Atlantic breakers… She is enigmatic, she is powerful and she is relentless.

She is a shape-shifter, a trickster of seasons. In midwinter she drapes herself in midsummer green with billows of glistening ivy, her crown filled with swaying sun-spiels of its seed heads highlighted in gold; in early spring, her first green buds, so hardly there that they seem to be a trick of the light, are a pale glaze of enchantment, more a refection of melting ice and lichened branches than the promise of green leaves; and here now in May, her triumphant coming out in this delicate spring heralds the hedonistic days of summer, a debutante of Nature, displaying her unique  treasure.

I peer into her canopy.  I gasp in admiration at tier upon tier of snowy spumes of white blossom, her branches bejewelled with white lace, festooning her in layers of bridal finery.

I have a flash of fellow-feeling, and instantly I receive an invitation to join her in her heavenly royal court…  I feel her joy, I feel her zest – I feel her exuberance and her queenly spirit!

How could I resist?

And so I party with her, and I too am coming out in style with panache and finesse, high spirits and celebration in salutation of this bonny day.


Saturday, November 17, 2012

Freedom through Sensuality and Spirit Dancing with Nature’s ecstasy

The earth is soft enough for me to walk with barely a sound and with each footfall I feel my
spirit seep into the mud, its clay-blood energy shimmering about my boots and the rhythm
of my steps an invocation of joy.

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I can see nothing beyond but the light of my spirit guiding my way ahead – my path twisting and turning, visible no more than a couple of feet in front of me as glimmering leaves, like green clouds, shrouding me in Nature’s gown. As I walk, I am moving through the energy of the trees – my own freedom and exuberance increasing their jovial animation, with the tree spirits reaching towards me playfully, their nebulous limbs swaying through me.

They are whispering to me through their dancing bodies and I am being urged to respond and surrender to my own dance: to revel in my beauty and the love of my uniqueness, to be spirit-naked with a young ash tree as it dances in the wind, or to swirl with an old yew, its bark blood-red from the rain. 

Sinking playfully into the softness of the mud, dancing in the thunder with the pouring rain streaming and pounding on my warm skin, I am washed through with their ‘song’ and the scent of the mist-clad wood – the certainty of their laughter reverberating through me.

The air is musky and the draping elder flowers are heavy with rain, splattering my legs as I move towards my beloved beech; she beckons me closer – her bark wet and her limbs shiny and grey, yet so elegant – and I am skin to skin with her, my cheek against her heart and, tasting my soul through the beech’s embrace, I have become her, my toes as roots deep in the moist earth. Stretching my arms to embrace the sky, the sun peeps through an opening in the clouds, opening my soul, like a silver blade, to the light.

Within the poignancy of our touch, skin to skin, energy rising like sap and brewing like a storm to break into my song, I find myself vibrating at my unique signature note - pitched perfectly with a heavenly momentum to pour my soul into the rich loam of my life that pulls me forwards as the flowering of my expression.

As I explore these furthest reaches of our sensuality, I am learning to be me: my wild, untamed nature is becoming itself again in this unspoiled wilderness; exquisite beauty and freedom ripple through me as I wander and revel in this sensual moment of our souls’ interweavings – drinking in deeply our pure essence, we have become a temple of true nourishment and inspiration.

Moving out of the umbrageous covert of my mystical wood, I find myself spinning this scintillating energy into the rapture and rhythm of relationship with all around me – the plants that play on my path, the ramblers walking past, the cat that jumps out in front of me – and thus sprinkling the glittering sunlight of my soul in ecstasy upon the waiting canvas of my world.

And so this sublime samba overspills on into my Spirit Dancing sessions. Here I am with a fellow Spirit Dancer client/partner on the phone, tuning in to and feeling her with every pore of my being, my spirit poised like an eagle to hear the song building up from our communion; ethereally I move closer to her on silent wings, listening to my heart, listening to her heart, listening to our one heart as our song begins to make its presence known to me, thrumming through the drumbeat of my being – fully immersing myself in the song, we are submerging ourselves in the music of our making.

I begin to sing and tone – a channeling welling up within me as a heartfelt message from her soul to herself; I am surrendering to what wants to be heard, drawn from the spirit strings of the harp of our heart.

I am hearing the sounds from another world, the world of her belonging (which synchronistically, also seems to be the world of my belonging too!), drawing through cracks in the veil of the ethereal. I pause to feel more and see more with my inner sight, my spirit now dancing delightedly, like a languid flame curling, turning, stretching around me, stretching around us, every cell shimmering with the vibration of love.

In listening to my own song, I have heard her song and it is our own souls’ song mingling and intertwining in our hearts – it’s like the taste of warm honey passed between us in the sun-blessed kiss of the divine intimacy between lovers or between the artist and her muse, sealed in a sacred bond.

Concluding our enchanted encounter, I scatter these words of wonder upon her: “I am so deeply grateful to you, my dear Spirit Dancer, for this moment of intense communion – I am mesmerised and spellbound, and I am left with an indelible imprint of knowing the true me, as well as knowing the true you … and for that, I thank you with all my heart.”

And thank you for reading all this with me, dear friend! It is one way for me to share some of the amazing experiences I am having now and I am truly grateful for this opportunity to have shared it with you. 

Would it surprise you to know that I would truly and deeply love to share some of this with you, to a level and in a way that is perfect for you, by inviting you to take the first steps towards having our own version of such a dance together?!  And if you’re inspired too, we can so easily have a taster of how it will play out for you with one of my free introductory sessions. How would you like that? Would you like me to hold your hand to join me as you learn your first steps? It’s so easy and effortless – I feel we could have so much fun together. What do you think?

Like almost all who take up my offer, you may also be amazed by what happens in just our first hour together (again, no charge or obligation of course – it’s simply my pleasure and delight!) For example, here’s how Yve responded after our introductory session, her heart on fire with glee and gusto: “You reached out to me with a hand of Love and guidance, unlike any other therapist/healer I've ever known. The most stunning thing about having a free 'taster' session with you Leela is that I could literally feel the magic immediately opening in me, even during that first wonderful Skype session – I just cried and cried for joy!”

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Tempted, intrigued or excited to accept my invitation? I do hope so! Do check out my website for more, or just call or email me and we’ll get started just as soon as you like.

Again, deepest appreciations for having had this opportunity to share my heart with you today.

With endless Love,


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Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Enchanted encounters with fairies - and dancing that spirit into my life

Hello dear friend,

I’m just so blown away by the magic that’s been happening to me since I’ve been expressing my deepest passion through the writing of my book (my ultimate expression of Spirit Dancing!), especially more so now as I am galloping toward its culmination.

Today, I would like to share with you a recent experience of this - so magical that I gasped in wonder!

Evening on our beach  Click to enlarge

I had set off to visit to one of my favourite nature spots, just up the main valley here – a mossy, fern-clad dell, watched over tenderly by kind and benevolent trees: statuesque ashes, wizened oaks and several silver birches, as well as a special friend of mine – a dainty hazel that’s been my constant companion and confidante.

Heading up a side valley, known as The Ribbons, along an old mining track, I was following the course of a laughing stream, its water gleaming like a burnished mirror.

I suddenly stopped just on the edge of my destination, astounded – for the area was teeming with fairies: scintillating sparks of blue, green and pink floated and danced around me in swirls, like sparkling, floaty bridal trains, all converging into one stream twirling around me. It was as though they were gathering together, busily chattering and telling each other some great news: ‘She’s here,’ they seemed to be whispering excitedly. I felt so welcomed and embraced; I felt I was truly their friend. I could feel this rising warmth in my heart, filling me to the brim and making me feel so joyous – bubbling over with happiness.

As I stood there transfixed in my shady nook, tickled by the native grasses swaying around my legs, the streaming fairies seemed to dissolve into the background to allow me to focus on a one tiny, luminous being, no bigger than the top of my thumb – a beautiful green fairy reclining in a crook in the main trunk of my fairy hazel tree. Her bright emerald eyes were staring back at me, unblinking; she looked so peaceful as she rested there in the knobbly elbow of the tree – so divine, so pure and so open. This purity and fragility of being, resonated with my heart so much that I felt I actually became her - resting and reclining in the torso of that beloved tree myself. 

My little friend - the hazel tree with my depiction of the Green Fairy!Click to enlarge
It was, indeed, a tender moment.

Gently, I morphed back into my more physical self, and as I proceeded on my meditative walk, carrying that flitting, floating, fairy feeling in my gleeful gait and lightness of being, I gasped in awe; for out of the corner of my eye, I spied a blue being in a clearly human form and glowing with blue ethereal light, not unlike a blue gas flame. I was completely at my ease in its presence, for it felt so clear to me that I was looking at another version of my own Self, and it was so wonderful, comforting and reassuring to have that esteemed someone join ‘me’ on ‘my’ meanderings, walking beside me gracefully, in silence and peace.

I felt overcome with joy and excitement, for I have experienced such encounters in my dream times and meditations, but never before in my physical life like this! Such exaltations!

Gradually, we strolled closer and closer until that other, lighter, ethereal version of myself actually dissolved into me; and so there I was, now carrying that sense of my higher self with me, in my heart, as well – it felt so majestic and powerful, yet light, elegant and soft at the same time. I felt taller and whole, and more intimate with everything around me, as though it were all my own clothing draped about me on the frame of my own being.

As I wandered on, my heart leapt in joy – ten-fold higher – as I spotted twenty or thirty water sprites laughing and dancing in the sparkling foam of the frothy stream as it raced over its polished, agate-like pebbles. I could and hear them singing too, like a celestial choir – their voices hauntingly beautiful. Their music in my heart I bore, bewitching me long after it was to be heard no more – dissipating into my being, misting into my core and becoming my own sweet signature vibration: a mystical madrigal of my own spirit.

Leaving the sanctuary of that magic valley, I felt strongly that this experience was as result of me having always succumbed to the promptings of my passion and divine guidance within myself, and having acted that guidance out faithfully, particular through writing my book (‘Lelania’s Dream’) – musing and dreaming up a magical tale as a means to help me into acknowledging and living my life as my fairy, dream-self, and to bring that dream life into existence here on Earth. In being so true to my vision, I’ve been truly Spirit Dancing!

I have been carrying the essence of my experience that day with me and this has been convincing me that this way of living is surely one that ushers the most exquisite joy and exaltations possible in this dazzling vividness of existence.

Evening on our beach
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And so dear friend, that was a little soupcon of my own Spirit Dancing. I believe we each have our own unique expression of dancing our spirit into life, maybe very different from mine, but potentially no less potent for you. And so this is why I offer Spirit Dancing lessons – helping you clear the way and be open to the steps that will lead you, faithfully and assuredly, into more of the true and quintessential you.

If you would like to have a taster of this true you, and a quick insight into what may be holding you back from making the first steps towards this waltz with life, I would love you to take up my offer to you of a free introductory Spirit Dancing session together – just to share a little of this spirited freedom of being with you, for no other reason than it gives us such joy, and, of course, with no obligation implied to take it further together (though many do choose to!!)


Come dance with me – let’s play together!


My depiction of the Green Fairy!
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Friday, October 21, 2011

In Perfect Harmony Together

Hello dear friend,

Thank you all for your bountiful birthday blessings; I wanted to return your kindness with a gift to you of my love and my loving words flowing from my bardic blog, and also to share the stunning gift John gave me that you see here.

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This beautiful rose-pink, towering glass vase speaks to my spirit of the sparkle and glow of a life lived in openness and child-like wonder, and reminds me to look at my life through rose-tinted glasses, which will surely escalate me into an ecstatic spiral up into my rosy garden of heaven.

The golden-yellow, happy sunflower reminds me of how to we can open our soul and being to our world, drinking in sunlight as an elixir of our vital essence, never with a thought that we would be denied the favour and support of the great luminous light of our Universal shining Self.

And so, magically and without thought as to how, my yellow sunflower and pink vase urged me to play, as I adorned myself in my new ‘Save the Queen’ birthday dress - a bargain from ebay! And with a fine dash and twirl of scarves, ribbons and jewels, we, somehow have all come together harmoniously as one rosy picture; I feel like a fairy queen!

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So, dear friend, I invite you to dance with me, as we dance with all, through the rhythm our heart, through play with light in rapturous appreciation and glow, as our lives all orchestrate themselves in such perfect synergy.

In Love and Splendour,


Monday, April 25, 2011

Life Is The Occasion

Hello dear friend,

How would it be to live your life every day as though it were a celebration, a unique event… a special occasion? I wonder at what amazing feelings you would tap into and how that would flow for you?

When you live like this, full of magic, expectancy and wonder, you are ready for anything: you are saying loudly and passionately to your universe, 'I am beautiful and so are you, and if we get together in this way, anything is possible'. You are getting in to the mode of ecstatic Living, and you open the door to inviting serendipity to be your frisky playmate.

One of the ways to invite your universe to dance with you and enhance the feeling that life is indeed the occasion is to dress up. So, I love to dress up every day to suit my mood, muse and kick for adventure and to help me align with my true Ideal Self ( the Self I see in my imagination. ).

Here is what I played with today:

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Inspired by the swirling, kaleidoscope colours of apricot, tangerine turquoise, fuchsia pink and yellow of an exquisite, exotic chiffon and sheer silk dressing gown that caught my eye at a bargain price in a discount store and that I had converted into a dress! Layering it with an orange slip to preserve some mystery and cinched at the waist with a cool, aquamarine, green leather belt, studded with turquoise stones (I like to call them 'pieces of sky') to gave it a bit of an edge, topped with my pièce de résistance: a ‘Jackie Brazil’ necklace echoing the tints and striations of nature’s palette.

Then I want to go and celebrate me and my life. So, I followed my impulse to take a walk on the beach; I wanted to immerse myself in the beauty I see all around me and extend myself into the landscape: I am flowing with my fancy, jesting with the timbre of my joy. I hear John whistling to me far away across the vast expanses of our beach and coast at low tide; he was sunbathing near a little green grotto - he happened to spot me and wanted to take a picture of me! (Synchronicity rises to meet you when you are having fun, following your flow and being whom you love to be.)

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I love this idea of making great art and beauty out of me, my dress style, all in relationship to the landscape. And so when John offered to take a photograph, I jumped for joy!

I danced with John, the camera, and nature.

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Wow! What a lovely way to feel my love and connection to the Beauty, Love and Light that shines through us all. I love to rejoice in being in the centrefold of my universe: the symbiosis between me and my world becomes both explicit and exquisite.

I am the art, the artist and the act itself! Life indeed becomes the occasion when you paint yourself boldly and freely in the picture.


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I am Dancing my Ecstasy out onto the Bones of our World

Hello dear Friend,

I woke up this morning to the sounds of the seagulls urging me on to share and explode my joy out onto our world: their excited cries, like a chant to my soul!

“Come on, come on let’s rally together,” they cried triumphantly, breaking the silence of morning with their holy rapture.

“Be the first to make a new wave of joy”, they shouted ecstatically, “and a new dance to beat upon our shore by dancing your ecstasy inside out.”

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Indeed, I felt what the seagulls meant, for I do love to dance, you see! Not just in my being, but also to give expression to the love, joy and the whirling emotions inside me.

And now I am excited to share a new wave of dancing: with the sky, the sand, the light and the elements all around me.

I am dancing with Soul, awakening the bones of our ecstasy out into our world.

Come and dance with me, come and Love with me and awaken our world to the new breath of dawn: ecstasy will be our new frequency!

(By the way, I can’t wait to share my new video of me dancing on the beach to the song of my Spirit: ‘Sounds of Happiness’, from my new album, ‘Spearheading the Light’.)

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I am daring to dance the song of my Heart.

Leela (my main website:free Spirit Dancing sessions)

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Runway of Light.

Hello dear friend

It is the beginning of March and I feel this rising excitement and joy within me: each moment sweeter than the one before.

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There is a gathering momentum accelerating my sense of adventure and self-expression: it is the month of not only the jousting and playing of mad march hares, but for the acceleration of my crazy appetite in the exploration of my joy and lust for life …And I have this vision, this ideal of me and you: I see you and I in my imagination dancing and spinning in Love; it feels so real to me and it feels so ecstatic, that I cannot but act it out, by reeling and dealing in this my dancing dream…

Who knows where it will lead me!? I rejoice, in that I do not bind myself to the limitations of my ordinary, physical mind; for it only knows how things have happened, it can’t conjure anything new. Whereas, my higher mind, having the panoramic view of my life, has the gift of revelation and genius, is intimately linked to me and communicates with me through my joy and my imagination.

So, as I rejoice, move and dance in this glorious feeling and image of joy, living and loving my higher ideal of myself into life, I trust and know that my higher mind, as my Soul, will reveal my next utterly unique step…. not traversed before.

And even this moment has changed and become even more exquisite: I see in my imagination a runway of light spreading its way before me... and you and I are running down it hand in hand, hair flying in the wind, into the greatest light I have ever seen!

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I love this image, I love this feeling, I am living and loving it into my reality; and I feel that every particle of sand, flower and rock enjoys the air that we breathe and the scent of our laughter.

Lift Off!

LeelaLight (my main website)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

World of my Belonging

I slept so well last night; I feel so utterly at peace and I am so much enjoying perusing my book, for I feel my book has led me to my world of belonging: my fairy world, alive and real here. As I read its pages, the words themselves seem to touch me by the hand and remind me of my amazing journey from a love lost and on into elation.

I started reading over the first chapter, thinking I may need to change it or adjust it slightly but no, it felt perfect to me even although I had written it about three years ago now... and the light that dazzled from the pages almost blinded me... I don’t think I am going to have to do much fine tuning ….not on Chapter One anyway!

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I will keep you posted on my progress; I can only read a bit at a time as it's so full and rich. Like a very fine cognac, it needs to be sipped and savoured slowly and with rapt enjoyment as it releases its gorgeous secrets that pop on your tongue like exotic spices and ripe berry fruits, with a hint of marzipan.

Oh, I have this sneaky feeling that my book is alive, it’s conscious as if it is helping and cajoling me into my deepest be-longing.

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And it's interesting how yesterday and today too the weather is mirroring so faithfully how I feel: there is no wind and a deep peace seems to have settled here in Cornwall after storms and unrelenting rain. Now such brightness illuminates the landscape in this realm of light!

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I find myself climbing the winding path up to St Agnes Beacon where you can get great views, even as far as the brooding peaks of Bodmin Moor standing proudly against a very blue clear sky over 15 miles away...

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And, since the day I finished writing my book, I find I'm impulsed to take pictures of what I see. And I am overjoyed, for it feels like I have captured on film how I feel inside, and that is so beautiful, so very lovely ...and so bright.

So, I feel and breathe that our Earth dances with us as we dance in our light and joy... as we live the world of our belonging.

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Come and dance with me, in our beautiful light.

And I have a meditation from the beginning of our last Spirit Talk Radio show that sparkles and dances to this same tune...  You may like to download and listen in: it's very powerful! Here's the link, look for Show 98:
Show 98 - Stepping out of the world you don't belong to & into one you do!

All In Love,

LeelaLight (my main website: healing, courses, resources)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

I have never felt so happy in my life

Hello dear friend,

I have never felt so happy in my life; I have never felt so full of bounty, love and gratitude, overflowing and spilling out of me like a waterfall of delight, pooling into the deepest crevices of my unconscious: stirring movement, floating to the surface of my awareness the jetsam and flotsam of things never truly felt, as foam, light and Love everlasting.

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I am crying a lot too. Not through unhappiness, but my unbridled joy.

The beauty I see and feel now is so intense - exquisite even. And, like a precious jewel, I could not, would not want to subdue or sully the brilliance and beauty that blazes in me and you, for it shines back at me through the marvellous mirror reflection of our world. Maybe you can feel it too? Maybe it will become infectious … this love virus that permeates our being.
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The air is like silk and there is milk and loveliness in the look I get from strangers as I drift and dream, saunter and sway in my living dream of love and joy; I could not be happier!

Threading my way through the landscape that I love, winding dexterously between clumps of purple heather and stoic buttery yellow gorse clinging to blue hills that slide to meet scallop shaped coves, on and on I go, padding softly on golden sands, wading through moon water… I am, I am a spiritual gardener, loving and caretaking my world into aliveness.

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And I hear the thunder of the waves urging me on to melt into the mighty roar of the sea. And on the swell my spirit rises as soaring seagulls shriek in delight, piercing my heart: ballooning me to let go… into the thunderous applause of the surf.

And like a staccato beat, my heartbeat marches me on to the stage of my life here now... I whirl and twirl and take a bow of appreciation.

I love you, I feel you: I am in communion with you and our world.


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Saturday, October 09, 2010

Autumnal riches and magic of Being You

It is right now that I start to get a taste for the magic of the season's forecast, along with strong winds, intense autumn light and surging waves.

I eye up its potential to elicit in me the dream of my future in this coming womb time, and have many a flirtation with my hidden impulses and dark secrets. And so, spurred by the song of the surf and gathering storm that appear to come from the underground of my unconscious and shadow, I seek illumination in exposing our mystery by the torch light of my astute awareness.

Autumn has manifold strands whispering to us of our secret and shadow self; I invite you to come and prospect with me on an expedition of Soul, a quest to discover our sacred self using the darker months, to boldly go and explore the uncharted landscape of our mind and discover our mystery and hidden power.

Tapping into the mystery and shadow of your being is a God-sign for our everyday expression as your "real self" emerges; she or he has a power that has been subverted: veiled as considered undesirable perhaps? And so, you may have, from the power of your fear, cast that part of you to the underground, as an outcast - banished to remain asleep in the kingdom of your unconscious.

Look to your fear to awaken you and to become impregnated by the power and revelation of your inner light during the darker months of gestation.

Oh, let us get intimate with our deepest dark!

Come on courageous mariners and miners of our Heart! Let us explore our shadow and ride the rising surf of our greatest fears, by being curious and open without judging ourselves or recoiling back in contempt or fear of fear itself.

Instead, by being vulnerable a lovely thing starts to rock as spring blossoms in your heart: you see it has a gift for you and is part of your unique creative Self and is bent   towards the Light... and is seeking a channel in a positive application through you….

Don't be afraid to be you: it is your gift to our world and who you truly are.

Sssshhh... I will tell you a secret about you: maybe it's your wizard, your fey self, maybe your wild child, your dragon, your power perverted.

Sssshhh... I will tell you a secret they said about me: I was told I was wild, crazy and stubborn and could not be trusted...

But I soon found out that to be untrue; I was proud, courageous and fey would not bend to their will and so I was beaten and fought with…..

Until one day I left the hungry and the haunted world for a while and found my own world of magic, with Love and goodness that sparkles with the jewels of my joy that only true happiness brings

Oh my Love, my blessed shadow self gave me a key to my Elfin Self and now I feel in love with my blessed world.

And so often, those misleading statements we tell ourselves, mirrored by the cruel cutting comment of another leaving us askew, are ….are pointers to the glistening veins of our talents, dreams and aspirations: our secret lodes of riches, golden nuggets of self.

And once uncovered, our original self is vital and vibrant again - free from the debris and spill of our junk mind.

When seen with an eye and a heart for its potential to be mined into Gold, you see that the other side of black is light and that in the shadow is your glorious Self. 

You are beautiful, powerful and true…. and I feel your smile breaking into sunshine, as the first shimmers of Self shine through your doubts.

We are coming out now in our Love, light and shadow, betrothed as the very linchpin of our new exuberant and exquisite Self.

Wild nature is on our minds too, as the winds whip up the waves in a frenzy of delight and the sky turns crimson with autumn's riches unfolding, and so we run, we the dance on the whippy wind, as the rugged and romantic in us collide. And so your plot continues as your shadow and light make love and create a more alive and vibrant you with the return of spring in our heart and mind.

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Suddenly, after all the constrictions and overt servitude of the years, there seems to be a new easy, svelte and sensational superbeing that is uniquely you emerging, powerful too, in a loving and integrative way! 

And so I invite you to this potent cocktail … that's the savour of the season….

Now let your light and dark unite in holy matrimony and set your creative juices flowing, to set seed in our womb time.

And we, my Love, will be tripping the Light fandango even in the darker months ahead, ready to burst into even a greater brilliance, with the return of spring.

All in Love,


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Friday, September 17, 2010

Expressing our Essential Essence

My desire to discover and express my essential essence has been a glorious journey of self-discovery: dancing my way through the twists and turns, the highs and pitfalls of a healer's path, romancing with personal growth and self development, strumming my heart strings as a singer and making Love with my soul through the pages of my book.

I have been courting with my fancy as my passion as a means and a medium through which I can express myself more and more clearly. And it feels to me that through the art of self-expression we find our true self… and fall in Love.

We touch our essence when we begin to self-express that which is our heart's greatest secret and desire; it often leads us softly by the hand, cooing us gently to remember our wild heart, our secret S-Elf.

And yet we brush away our passion's advances; dismissing it as frivolous or mere fancy, we shoo it away!

Saying in our prim and proper voice:  "I have more important things to deal with, I am busy," we close the door on our suitor!

Oh,  but like true Love it will come back again, tempting you to remember through the tantalising scent of jasmine, the smell of oil paints and turpentine, or the flash of light on water shimmering like diamonds that begs to be consummated through you: thus speaking the language of your love's true passion. 

You can source things, read about them, intellectualise them even….
And it's another thing to be living it through our art of being and self-expression.

As we let go of the censors of our mind and trust our heart as our True Love, we are wooed one soft thrill at a time, one heady heartbeat, one hot kiss to our ascending orgasm as we pulse the very essence of ourselves onto the exquisite canvas of our lives: through the wild and free art of self-expression we make magic and love.

Me: my passion grabs me excitedly by the hand onto the white sands and magical kingdom of St. Just-on-Roseland, tempting me with its soft rolling emerald green hills that kiss and lap at the River Fal waters streaked with gold. There, bathed in the misty, milky twilight I am mesmerised by an awakening: I reveal to myself my essential nature through play and the art of a holy trinity: dressing up, my love of nature and through the loving lens of John's camera.  I reveal my Goddess and Elfin Self and I love her wildly.

Allow your desire to gently take you by the hand, to whisper of sweetness, magic and mystery into your bended ear; it may lead you to discovering your essential essence and to falling in Love with yourself and life…. over and over again.
For in your essence, you are infinitely beautiful and perfectly precious...leaving an unmistakable allure of you that is the ultimate seduction and shines through and through.

With Love,

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Opening to a new Love Relationship

Hello dear friend,

There comes a time in your life when something happens, such as a great Loss, that creates a shock wave in your being; yet it is a gift from your soul to awaken you. Like five thousand volts of electricity, of sizzling spirit zipping through your being, you are left fazed and momentarily dazed. And then you see with crystal clarity… what you have been hanging on to, that keeps you encapsulated in the tomb of your own confinement.

And so dear friend, I had a shock that was precipitated in the wake of the high energy wave of our most recent Living In Light course. As is customary and a wonderful finale to our course we found ourselves, that is John, Johannes and I (and my son Daniel) walking in bliss, with the wind in our faces and the taste of salt water on our lips, along the golden sands kissed by the sparkling turquoise waters to the crescent moon shape cove at Chapel Porth.

After walking through thigh deep water (the surging tide was coming in fast) we reached our lovely sheltered, honeyed haven and flopped ourselves down on soft glorious silky sand near very shiny black rocks polished smooth by the tides, to savour the stunning views of the rugged blue Cornish coast. John was talking away rather animatedly to Johannes (I had my back to them, and was silent, mesmerised by the effect of light dancing on water), when I was stunned out of my revelry as I heard Johannes’s urgent voice calling me: “Leela, Leela, John has fallen over!'

I abruptly turned round and felt the cold blast of loss hit my Heart.

And then the quickening: the shock of seeing my beloved lying helpless and unconscious on the sand accompanied by a punch-in-the-gut feeling, left me breathless and in a spin…… I saw my beloved had lost that light in his eyes. Sickeningly, I thought he had had a stroke or even that my beloved was dead...

And the cathartic pain of having my Love ripped from my heart cut through me, like razor, to lead me back to a memory of a past life.

It was when I had lost my Love before on a battlefield under leaden skies and fields stained with blood. He was lying there in what seemed like John’s forlorn form. I was trying to stem the blood from his bleeding heart, but to no avail… and I knew I was losing him then to the pale grey of dawn, as I felt I was now on the sands by the sea.

I lamented deeply. As he lay there with lifeless eyes, his lips pale and shrunken, there was a horrible wrenching to my heart, as I felt love and life floating out of me on the Atlantic’s misty mizzle.

So there I was: going through this eternal echo moment again, with my beloved. Out of the whirlpool of my churning emotions another misted memory came to mind: when I was only sixteen I was left numb by the shattering shock of the tragic death my first True Love as my parents simply said: 'He's dead'.

That left part of me frozen in a wrinkle of time and spinning down the path of self-starvation (anorexia), but that’s another story.

And so, as I gazed down to stare at my love as he lay there limp and lifeless, cradling his head in my arms, I am not proud to say: I felt, not just the overwhelming loss of my Love, but also the deep primal fear of total loss of support and the gaping hole of life bereft, and so very much on my own.

And all that left its frozen deathly grip on my heart and was ripping me apart, yet opening me for something ‘more’ in my being… I just didn’t know what.

Just as I felt this and poured my heart into John, I saw his eyes flicker, a smile breaking over his face as he came back from our w-holy and saving grace.

He opened his eyes and smiled and asked: 'Why are you staring at me?' !

So we looked at John and we all sighed with relief as he had light back in piercing blue eyes, though he still looked a bit grey. And we marvelled together in wonderment at how when he had fallen and hit his head on the rock he was sitting on he had had his fall broken by a soft carpet of sand that, synchronistically, a child had made earlier, in her play. He'd simply got too heady from the incredibly high Living In Light energies (highest ever!), not eaten enough and fainted. Within minutes he was fully recovered and we all saw how he'd served us all, and yet he'd been fully protected at the same time.

So, I was being given a message, as our soul’s angst often will do to open us up to something more.

It left me musing and meditating on my own relationship to my Self and my life. I realized that I too must die to an attachment to survival and support and love limited only to another, or it would be like a real death to me: one that snuffs out my light and whips at my soul.

And so on the following day beneath July’s hot sizzling sun I made a declaration of soul to be open to something more. I opened my arms and body, willingly to the listening Sky and cried out aloud: 'I surrender; I surrender to more, a new Love relationship with my world. I will grow into more of me and my Love.'

And as I relax and surrender and enjoy our embrace, I feel my Love always there, in every living particle of my loving universe. 

I feel it now, I grow and shine.

So, dear friend whenever you experience something in your life that feels like a great a loss or shock, see it with fresh eyes as means to free you from that which you maybe clinging onto in desperation and attachment. It's there to awaken you, to expand and open you to something more, not less.

You are growing too, my lovely, you are …

And I love you so very much,


Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Food for our Soul

Sometimes we feel a hunger inside that just won’t go away. 

I had such an ache today and it came in the form of a desire to share a little bit of my soul with you every day … I realised that I had been in denial, in a sense postponing that magical moment of meeting you, until I had finished my book. I wanted to give you my ultimate gift.

However, I came to realise too much dedication, too much introspection, too much focus and time at my desk away from other people, left me bereft and yearning for the breath of inspiration and interaction with others. And so I had come out of balance, leaving me hungry for more now.

And in musing on the music and mystery of desire, I came to the wonderful realisation that hunger, longing and desire is a positive thing! For example, my desire and longing is to share and meet with you soul to soul, heart to heart, now:  I am led by my heart’s longing to seek communion with you, through the wizardry of my words in this magical moment.

And furthermore: desires are our spiritual direction and give us presents and gifts for our soul, and niggle us to pay attention, create and relate.

So dear friend, I feel you with me in my heart as you read these words that I arose as I put pen to paper and let my desire flow.

Take a moment today, to listen to your longing or desire, take it gently by the hand or voice, let it flow through the prism of your heart, fingers and/or voice and make it  into your art from your heart, and share it wildly .

Through this sacred act you will give yourself food for your soul and feed another with the breath and bread of inspiration.

Can you now feel the dough of your our soul rising?

Love to hear what comes out the fire of your desire,

Loving us into our inspiration,

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