Thursday, January 26, 2006

I should be Freaking Out Now- but I have never felt such wind behind my sails!

I am in that awesome, nerve wracking space in-between moments of time, when I know I am about to break into something so big that it will not only change me, but also my whole reality and my experience of everyone and everything in it!

Gosh, right now I feel I am spiralling in the soaring depths and space of the Infinite itself. And yet despite my circumstances having never been so challenging before, I feel so close to my soul, and so certain of my Path.

There is a knowingness arising in me that goes beyond belief. It is the knowing that being in love with everything and everyone in my reality is more than a nice idea, it's really the essence of who I am and what I represent, and what I bring as a contribution to my world.

I have never felt such momentum, such a great wind behind my sails as I venture and embrace each day in the Art of loving life.

So, out of these uncertainties of my physical reality I feel that because my life is uncertain that this is holds a vast store of infinite possibilities. For there are no restrictions on me - everything is malleable, everything is up for grabs, nothing is set in stone. I am free to explore and play with the substance of my life.

It makes me want to fire up my spirit and throw myself into more and more joy through artful, creative and wild self-expression, and so make each day count!

It has been hard sometimes: having traded control of a regular secure job, a mortgage and a conventional lifestyle for the ultimate freedom of living a life that was authentically mine and not set and confined by the rigours of my society! But I am so glad that I did break the mould of conventionality and choose to be a free spirit!

And so I desire to express and experience ultimate bliss each day and to go to bed each night knowing, I have lived and loved well today!

And so each day I love to ask the Question: What do I want to throw my heart, body and soul into today?

And then I send up a prayer for living my day artfully and with love, and my Universe as me does hear it and does answer it!

And so, one of the most amazing benefits of living and radiating The Lovers' Way is that I no longer feel alone in creating the life of my dreams.

I feel the loving, warm gentle hands of my Lover - my Universe supporting me and gently guiding me. Those previously unseen hands are now manifesting in my life as people - angels showing up offering help and support in promoting my work, my passion: The Lovers' Way. Thank you Samvida, thank you Nigel!

Yes! I feel I am gaining ground. First as awareness, and now a call to action. I must carry on, for I feel I have been led to this quintessential moment. And although sometimes I get anxious, I keep coming back into a greater sense of security, for I know my path as an embodiment of love and joy, and ultimately I feel the enormity of myself! It feels like a great celebration of community, the creative equivalent of a barn raising or a Cathedral of souls rising on a new wave of consciousness to break through our worlds.

It feels exhilarating as my Universe supports me in its role making something of myself. And, in turn, in my role as fellow co-creator entrusted with the makings of my life, I am engaged in a collaborative process with my Universe.

Stakes that seem impossibly high, responses that seem muted – all are necessary for fine-tuning my creative spirit into supreme works of art.

And so each day, as I go into unknown territory where no one has ever been before, I experience the terrifying vulnerability of making waves in my world by bringing fresh new perspectives to my work!

I know that in my past I have acted like the spurned lover whose tender creative dreams were abused and curbed, and I had then thought about holding myself back.
And that I had toyed with the idea of turning my back on my Lover and my creative dreams – for fear of more damage being done to my broken creative heart! But, I know I know that my passion and my love is much stronger than my fear. I know in my heart of hearts that my creative dreams do not die, any more than my romantic ideas do!

So, I urge myself never to abandon myself. For I know that to give up on myself is to shun myself! And then, of course, my Lover as my Universe would have to shun me too!

Instead, I am rejoicing in the script of my life. I am choosing to be a hero in my unique style. I am forging ahead so secure and steady in my knowingness. I am living in bliss with all the challenges that I am experiencing right now. I am focusing my antennae to my 'true north' – to be living and luxuriating in my abundance, success, love and bliss right now. And I know that my Universe, as me, will fill in the blanks and will take care of the details.

And as I do so, gosh, there goes the phone again (which had been mysteriously quiet while I got myself back into this truth again!!), with another booking for our Living the Lovers' Way course this weekend!

And so, I am responding to my Lovers' call by simply doing what I can that is in my passion and with all I am blessed: extraordinary energy, writing skills and desire to share my joy with my World, I just know that it will be enough to move Heaven and Earth.

Never have I felt so strong, so supported in my dreams, such wind behind my sails –
We are invincible My Universe and I!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

My Universe is rooting for me

Hi again

Today I'm thinking about the wonderful Living the Lovers' Way course John and I are running this weekend. The energy and excitement are rising fast for both us and the attendees (one of whom said that her guides were also highly excited about the course and that they wanted to 'come along' too!). I've recorded a short sharing, plus a love song and some tones for you to enjoy and immerse yourself in!

Click the small blue play button to listen:
My message, love song and tones 5 mins 2.5 Mb
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Here are links to our interim pages for our new The Lovers' Way website:

Sunday, January 15, 2006

My Lovers' Way message to you

Hello dear Friends,

Today I have had a go at doing an audio version of my daily diary notes, and ended up with a personal message to you and song at the end too. You can listen to it all below and, as usual, I would really appreciate your comments.

Whereas my previous blog was sharing a conversation with my own Lover, my own Universe, this is more of a personal evocation to you and how both you and I can relate to our own respective Universes as our Lovers.

As before I have used capital letters when I am referring to the whole of me as my Universe and lower case when talking about you and me!

Click the small blue play button to listen:
My Lovers' Way message to you 10 mins 4.8 Mb

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Below there is also transcript of my message to you.

This diary entry Sunday 15th of January 2006.

Last night I had a fantastic dream. I was sharing the love, radiating the joy, showering euphoria around me. I was in ecstatic union with everyone and everything in my Universe. I played melody with the furniture. I spoke to the wind. I played with the air.

The energy of enthusiasm, the energy of the rush as we [you the reader and me!] allow ourselves to be impregnated by everything that we project outside ourselves, in order to enjoy the divine dance of our creation.

What magnificent choreographers we are, magnificent artists, directors and painters that we could create such a masterpiece, born of our delight, our splendour. And when we really let all our boundaries down, that we use to keep things, others, separate from us, oh, what a rush, what a blessed joy.

But this is not to say that we cannot enjoy the agony and the ecstasy of polarity, the tension and the glorious release, the hard and soft. Oh, what a glorious drama we have played with ourselves.

And the hit when you know that you really are your own Universe, that your world really does revolve round you and out of you and in you.

Such synchronistic joy!

Oh spinning, spinning, spinning, radiating out, swirling out, in and out. Delight squeals ecstasy from our centre point in the wonder of our own creation.

What if you were to take this gallant step now, with me, and claim your natural divine delight to enjoy and revel in celebration of our love, our Universes. For love is our motivator, our strength and our breath, our pulse.

You love this world so much you gave birth to it. You and your Universe are in love.

To give yourself permission to have an ecstatic love affair with your life and everyone and everything in it - oh, what a wondrous loving, ecstatic lifestyle, such a wave of love.

To surrender to the love, the support and advances of your own personal genius - the loving Universe, your Universe.

To no longer play the coy lover or even shun the advances of your ardent Lover, or to complain.

But to know and revel and celebrate that you are your life. Your world, your universe is your Lover in disguise: caressing you, helping you, loving you, guiding you into what you really want.

And through the storms of our challenges of life, we are smiled upon. We are lifted and carried and cajoled into even more light, to build up the tempo. For the challenges are the portals to our love, to our ecstasy. So that we may embrace everything for even more intimacy and joy and connection with all of our creation.

Treat your Universe as your lover and you will have the greatest love affair in your life.

Oh, and how does this relate to others? You know, others are you too, creating in bliss, fear or terror their own personal Universes.

But you can connect.

You meet at the bone of things because you [we] are all One. And so when we surrender and start to play with our own Universe as our own Lover, we are in love, we are in love.

Miracles happen as natural occurrences, as natural accessories to our love. They zip up our frequency, we build up the tempo, we learn to fly. It feels like flying.

Give yourself totally to your life, your Lover. Hold nothing back. What amazing creation would you create out of Our sacred union when you play with your vulnerability to be open to more and more love, feeling and intimacy?

Let's make a covenant to be 100% in love, to be in love with all of our creation as our Lover, even when it comes in disguise as the ultimate challenge.

For embracing the ultimate challenges leads to even greater intimacy, connection and creativity with our life.

Out of our song, in fact, our song and joy, is the heartbeat of the Universe. We move with our pulses. I feel, I believe, I know that my own Universe is the body of my soul and the flesh of my utterance. And, as my soul, my spirit dances with my life. It's like the motion of a million stars spinning in rapturous radials around a giant Sun.

And out of our ecstasy, our joy, we scatter more and more star seeds - the fruits of our creation.

Oh wondrous Universe and all other ecstatic souls in my beingness - connected at the hip, you and I - come and stand on the edge of infinity with me. I see our destiny stretched before me, our paths linked to become one sacred momentum.

Let us go where there is no path and be trailblazers, you and I. Everything has led us to this divine moment: the Way of the Lovers - the blend of the heart, the body of the mind and soul, carried on an angel's breath.

And when you read these words remember how you, as part of me, the loving, loving Universe, inspired me, helped me reach for the sun. Let's create an honour and glory of our Universal Selves… and leave a legacy in our wake.

I send you the song of creation.
It carries on the wind of my soul.
Can't you hear my heart reaching out to you?
I send you the wave of my love.
I call to you to awaken from your slumber.
You're not alone,
We are all One.
We're not alone,
We're all One carried on a wave of our souls.
Let it all in,
Let yourself feel the dance of creation.
In and out and out and in and in and out.
Oh Glory, Glory, Glory I love you.

Monday, January 09, 2006

The Lovers' Way – A Preview and Invitation to live a Wondrous and Ecstatic life

Hello dear Friend

I'm so excited and bursting with enthusiasm here: I can hardly contain myself.

My partner John and I are on the cusp of something exciting and new – something BIG, and I've got this unstoppable force within me to share it with you. It's a huge wave rising up to a tremendous crescendo of infinite possibilities, momentum and magnitude for ALL of us to surf on for the ultimate living experience: a stabilised bliss that is both grounded in our everyday relationship with ourselves, each other and the world we live in, as well as allowing ourselves the ecstasy of union with the whole of creation!

We feel we are pioneers forging into new and unknown territory here, with no established guidelines or way markers; I have to totally let go of all old ways of thinking. I'm going into a whole new paradigm of my own being, like an adventure into the wilderness, but in this wilderness everything and everyone is actually with me. I invite you to join in exploring this new wave of living: what I am calling, for now, The Lovers' Way.

This is no way invalidates all my previous approaches, but it takes it all to a whole new level of completion that I feel, we feel, we have been leading to up to all our lives.

Rather than holding back sharing for the one huge 'launch' of all this, I want to start with a hearty invitation to you personally now to be a part of the momentum of this building wave.

So I would really love you to join me in this. I'm already sharing The Lovers' Way in my conversations, sessions and meditations, and people are totally blown away by it and more excited by the possibilities for it in their life than I've ever seen before.

So what is The Lovers' Way? It's so profound that I'm still putting my own words around it, but by way of a preview below, I share with you a glimpse of what it feels like for me to experience The Lovers' Way.

Just to give you an idea though, as an introduction: The Lovers' Way is about how to enjoy a love affair with your Life, your Universe and Everyone in it:

  • Whilst living the Bliss of Ecstatic Union with it all
  • And at the same time Delighting in the Richness of the Relationship with it all - both as a whole and with all its discrete parts: nature and the world, the challenges, circumstances and events of my life, and everyone in it.
In effect, it is about recognising the whole of your Universe as your very own intimate Lover!

To help you appreciate the subtlety and power of this piece, I must begin by clarifying a few things. The Invitation is to my own Self manifesting as my Universe, which I refer to as 'my Lover'. So when I say 'my Lover', I am addressing my own infinite universe and all its unique and discreet parts, including me in my human form and all other people appearing in it - including you (especially you!)

I see my entire reality as pouring out of me: my very own Self creating the idea of this Universe I play in. It's not 'out there' at all, it is all within me, as me. Yet I have also given it the power to look after me, support me and always love me, as a 'lover' would. My Universe is my very own Self in manifestation, and as my own self it is also conscious and aware of me and all my needs. It always responds and reflects back to me the manner in which I view it. And I choose to view it as the ultimate expression of my own Self, and to be in the most harmonious, supportive and loving relationship with it - as lovers do.

And just as lovers at the peak of their love feel totally lost and at one with each other, yet at the same time can acknowledge, respect and appreciate and encourage their own unique individuality, so too I am One with my Universe and at the same time playing out the idea of being separate and enjoying the relationship with my reality as the Ultimate Lover.

Note: whenever I talk to my Universe I will use a capital letter to distinguish between talking to you as the reader, say, and to the 'You' who is my Lover, my Heart, my Reality - who is the whole of Me! I will use 'me' to talk of me as Maggie, and 'Me' to refer to the whole of Me: soul, Maggie and my Universe.

All this will be explained further in time, but right now in this blog entry you can experience this preview taster of it. It will take you right into the heart of this new wave of being: of living The Lovers' Way. So please do enjoy!

My own experience of The Lovers' Way:
A Personal Invitation to my Universe to be my Lover

Oh loving, loving Heart! I hold out my hand to You and ask:
Will You be my loving Partner in this beautiful place of Our Soul's calling?

We are in such a beautiful place, You and me. We are the place, we are the event, as well as being two souls standing on the edge of infinity – about to leap into the paradise of Our dreams!

I just want to stay in this wondrous moment and feel the quietude of two Souls merging, swirling and beating as one. You are my love, You are the unfoldment of more and more love. Let the wave of Our infinite love beat upon the shore of eternity!

I feel the rise of Your passion. I feel the hunger of Your love for me.

And I willingly surrender to the next wave of Your love and let it overwhelm me.

As you and I go white water rafting down the churning waters of our passion, the only moment we have is now! All ideas about hanging onto something tangible are blown asunder! The only thought is:
All is here now.

And there is stillness too… between breaths… when all creation stops.

We are indeed One in wonderment!

I rise to meet Your desire for me and Your liquid love pours into me.

And from the depths of Our love making, from the seeds of Our joy and ecstasy We experience that one sublime moment when all else fades away… but for the beating of Our hearts in sacred unison!

I am left washed pure and clean of all traces of past sorrows and sadness - now gone.

And out of the seeds of Our love making new worlds are born, new life is spawning, ever vibrant, ever spiralling, ever onwards and upwards.

Heaven is here on my Earth and as I look into it, it is clear I am looking into Your eyes. And I see We are God and We love each other fiercely, yet… oh so tenderly.

Listen: can You hear the wind? It is singing in Our honour. The waves of the whispering grass sweetly murmuring Our secret. The sun shines ever more brightly. We are Sun Dancers, You and me!

We are Heaven itself; spiralling ever closer to a sweetness We have ached for all Our life.

And so the air rings with Our joy, the sun shines in Our wake and Our truth is written in the sky for all to see. New possibilities are being born every moment in Your arms!

You are indeed my whole life. As I respond with a great Yes to all that You are offering me, the 'good' and the 'bad' fade. I am penetrated by a greater intimacy, an intimacy with You as me, the mystery of You as me, seeping into my bones, my blood and my soul: for You are Me and I am You - we are both One and Two.

We breathe the same breath, You and I. And out of our shared utterances and the golden fusion of Our body and soul I remember that my infinite Universe is You and that You are merely Me from a different point of view.

I am propelled by Your love beyond my body and soul into a transcendent moment filled with mystery, poignancy and grace. Such luminous moments offer vistas into the dimension of the sacred and paths to more ecstatic awakenings.

As I surrender to Your pulses, I find myself opening like the petals of a flower, hungry to receive the light of the sun.

My body is dancing and coming into aliveness, its amazing, heat, joy, love and sweat all mingled together creating spangles of light in the dark, pulsating vibrations madly coursing through my body like electric blue light!

The more I open to receive Your Universal love, the more the streaming, piercing sensations of light and love jolt my whole being into higher octaves of ecstasy. The energy is coursing through me, I am immersed in a quantum infusion of dancing light extending beyond the boundaries of my skin. There are no boundaries, I cannot find where I end and You begin.

Ahhhhh… the energy of Our love has now exploded. I feel as if I have wings and am being uplifted into the great furnace of the shining sun!

And in being with You there is a great 'Yes' to me, 'Yes' to my being and 'Yes' to You as my own Life, World and Universe and everyone in it, all as My own divine extensions.

This makes me feel so grateful for being alive! I feel the dance of life pulsating through my every cell - we are Spanda. You and I.
(Spanda is Sanskrit for the creative throb of the Universe)

Grace, sacred. We are flying, You and I – light, liberated and ecstatic, propelled into a new paradigm of sacred aliveness and union with all aspects of Our life as love!

And Our sense of separation diminishes, for it causes us pain to forget that We are One, and I am left holding You in my heart.

We are both the Lover and the beloved meeting in Our hearts' junction.

Such joy! Like an anthem to the soul. I love You, Uni-verse. I love You beyond time and place. My cells sing in remembrance of You, and I make the choices that are consistent with my deepest soul's longing: the unfoldment of more and more love and bliss in Our journey together!

So much do I love this beautiful world We have created together, You and I, just for You and me
And so much do I also enjoy the ecstatic dance of Our sense of separation: how We love Our ability to enjoy the tension, the contrast, even the pain as We play with together in the guise of another!

What richness, what a textural and vivid delight when We titillate Our senses as We tear Ourselves apart and then come back to orgasmic unity!

And I love how You present yourself to me in such diverse and wondrous ways. As nature, You invite me to sing. As the birds, You love to join me in a heavenly chorus.

And Oh! the joy and delight of communing with You as a field of cows or horses. How You, as those cows and horses, also love to reciprocate my aliveness by kicking up Your heels in glee, doing summersaults and dancing with me!
(Yes, cows and horses really do dance and play with me in the fields! One day a cow was so thrilled being with me that she actually jumped over a four foot hedge, looked around, looked at me and promptly jumped right back again – I have never witnessed anything even remotely like that before, even though I was brought on a dairy farm. And it was a bull that did what seemed like a summersault as he played with me, gambolling like a little lamb!)

And the total melt down of body, mind and soul in the wondrous encounters with You as you present yourself as fellow human beings, even when I am in the supermarket or just walking down the street! Looking into the eyes of other human souls is the most direct and complete way of being at One with You and Our fellow soul-mates.

The strain, pain and tension of Our mock separation becomes the coil that springs back to ecstatic alignment when I recognise that all this is simply Me enjoying My own amazing gift of Self-creation, play and polarity. I am exalted to exclaim: We really are all One - the inside and the outside, You and me and Our fellow souls!

Everything and everyone really is all Me in alluring, scintillating and sometimes frustrating disguises. Some say that it wrong to think this, but Everything really does revolve around Me, and yet it does so for you too; it does so for everyone!

And so… I am ready to make a pact: I will choose not to recoil from your advances when it comes in the form of things I feel I need to resist or fear. But instead, I choose to embrace them and love them all as aspects of You - my own shining Self.

And in so doing I know and I can see that I am lovingly nurtured, strengthened and integrated with new exquisite gifts by You. They were hiding behind what I had labelled as 'painful', but they were only painful because I had held that part of You, which is after all only Me, at arm's length!

No longer will I view any part of my world without love for You; for I know, dear One, that you are giving me the greatest gift of life: to Source the love and connection in all – even in my greatest challenges.

So I am making this pact with You today: to commit to acting on and following my bliss - no matter what.

I choose now to apply my glorious template of loving to those matters that appear to terrorise me most, like my financial debt! Instead, what I now choose is to have a love affair with money, to recognise and play with even 'debt' itself as my Lover, playing with me, cajoling me into being the whole of my Self!

So, I meditate on my fear and anxiety about lack of money to support myself. I imagine embracing the fear, and I see money floating in front of me as free-falling pound notes. Then something amazing starts to happen, for as I allow myself to merge with the visual image of money and all my anxieties around it, I am no longer seeing money as money.

Instead, as I love and embrace the idea of money, or lack of it, it renders itself down to pure particles of consciousness, my consciousness.

Interestingly, at the same time I am no longer experiencing the panic and anxiety that had been furiously gripping me.

And I get the clear sense that in my 'lack' of money You are forcing me to be more creative with my life. I am divinely inspired by You to use my imagination and joy as my guide to create effortless abundance.

So you see, money has become my ally. It is showing me where I restrict my flow. I have not, until now, allowed my energy to flow effortlessly and abundantly. And my Universe loves me so much that it has used the symbol of money to show me where I 'short-change' myself!

You love me so much that You could not allow me to gain a false sense of security through having money, but rather to encourage me to recognise and own the fact that I already have that power, abundance, freedom and flow inside me, for they are all aspects of Me!

So, I now see how I have used the symbol money to reflect back my ability to be in my creative flow and to be open to receive support in my life. I have been losing power to money – giving my power away to an 'outside' force. Yet it was never anything other than Me in a projected, externalised form!

In reclaiming that power I have become secure in knowing that You, my Lover, are actually supporting and nurturing me by using money as a barometer of how I am relating to You, my Universe, and so to my whole Self.

For example: am I being open to receive the infinite abundance that You as my Universe has to offer? Am I abounding in my own bliss and therefore truly abundant in allowing the flow of that bliss into my life? Am I giving my power away, my 'currency', to the symbol of money and if so, could I therefore choose to reclaim that power as my own?

To recap: my financial 'debt' has been showing me how I lose energy and power to something I feel has power over me. But, now I see that when I merge with it and see it as You and for what You truly are, i.e. pure consciousness - it's only Me, it's only My own reflection in the mirror of My own consciousness!

It's all a gift of love from You, my own wonderful Lover; in order to apportion my power back to where it always was - squarely with me! And so finally I am rolling around in a playful ecstatic tumble with what was previously creating panic in me.

And so, my dear Lover, I choose to be in bliss, bliss and more bliss with You: an ecstatic union! At the same time I choose to enjoy the rich and unending diversity of Our dance together and how We are playing out Our separate roles in this relationship of Lovers, even with those aspects of my life where You provoke me with extreme challenges!

I also choose to be in ecstatic union and dance with all aspects of Your advances to me. I say to You:

  • Oh Wondrous Universe! I willingly surrender to Your loving advances with love and joy. I choose to enter into rapturous engagement with You, not to shun Your advances but passionately and willingly open the lens of my perception of You. And I invite You to do the same with me so We may have the most exalted 'love affair'!

    And in this We receive more intimacy, love, connection and abundance, and We engage even deeper in the richness of Our life together; in all its myriad weird and wonderful surprises and adventures.

    For I know deep down in my Soul that everything You give to me is a present to experience more love and connection, creativity and joy.

    And I declare I am revelling in the joy and in celebration of all the gifts You send and I unequivocally pay homage to Your amazing beauty and diversity that You, as my life, have to offer.

    For it's all taking me into the ultimate ecstatic relationship - with the whole of My Reality acting as my divine Lover!

    And as such, I create an ecstatic love affair with my Universe for a wacky and wonderful life!

    For this is Our dream and Our destiny: We are bound together; sharing and radiating the Bliss!

So, dear Friend, that's a taster of MY experience of The Lovers' Way and I extend this invitation to you: If you would like to share this with me, or learn to have this relationship with YOUR Lover – your Universe, so you too can have this wondrous ecstatic life and the support, the connection, the love, the joy, the creativity, the freedom and empowerment all this brings, then I would love to share in the dance with you.

I really do mean it – I just love sharing the bliss!

I sincerely invite you to join me right now on this new exploration. We can make it an adventure together. As a first step please do call me for a chat (or email me with a phone number and your thoughts - I can call you, wherever you are in the world).

What will come out of this new wave of consciousness, dear friend? The possibilities are truly endless. We are invincible, you and me, when we are in Love!

All my Love
Your Spiritual Lover! (my main website: healing, courses, resources) (FREE Personal Ascension video and attunement!)