Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Personal Ascension

Hello Everyone

I know your thoughts have been with me, as mine has been with you, in this amazing year of our lives. And I know that you may have gone through some pretty awesome challenges. And yet you are still standing!

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for being my muse and my audience for enabling me to share my passion and my deepest love; for without you I would feel only one dimensional.

Thank you for your thoughts and appreciation of my Blogs, etc. It really lights up my being to know and feel that you love what I love to share and do.

As a Christmas gift to you dear heart, I would love to offer you a free video course which represents where I am truly at now and, as such, may be a powerful catalyst to jumpstart you into more of who you really are and what you as the amazing being that you are have to offer this our beautiful world.

I have realised that what I really love to do is to help you, me and everyone shift into a higher dimension of themselves, energetically and creatively, here on our planet Earth right here, right now, and to offer the sublime ecstasy of being and living from this glorious place of outstanding light and love.

I realised that this is helping people with ‘Personal Ascension’.

And so I was impulsed to create a free online Personal Ascension video course to share this love, energy and light and you may watch it now. Simply go to my website http://keysofascension.com and click on the Free Personal Ascension Video offer to register and receive a link via email.

Filming this course ultimately then lead to the creation of my follow-on Keys of Ascension Program – a series of 7 Courses and 7 Attunements.

With each level of the seven courses it feels I am going up an octave in my own frequency. I just finished the last course the day before Christmas Eve, and I couldn't stop crying! The energy and the integration that comes with it is mind-blowing! It is an ecstasy of being that catalyses me to integrate everything that is not in alignment with this high level of ecstasy and love. It can be pretty intense at times, but the clearing, the opening in my being is worth it all!

So, now I am being truly all that I am in my Ascension courses and it feels glorious, wonderful and liberating.

I have already had much wonderful and very enthusiastic response, not just to the free course but also to my newly released Keys of Ascension Program, for example, "As a light worker facing enormous challenges, this has been the bridge I was looking for, and it is great to know that you care!” (Lisa from Denver Colorado just after completing the first course: level one.)

Thanks for being here with me dear reader. It is truly great to feel you next to me in our passion to create a world of our highest aspirations and light.

And I just want you to know how much I have appreciated your loving support and response. It really helped especially when I had lost my home and used up all my financial reserves.

But I just had to keep sharing the love! It felt the only thing that mattered and the space and energy and where I am at now is a far, far greater place than I have ever been!

It is amazing but, since I have gone absolutely wild, true and free into the true me, my Universe as my partner in creation is has begun supporting me to the degree I have always wanted but would not let myself have until I allowed myself to be the true me.

And thanks to the creation of The Omega Shift course which I co-created with John we both have been shifted into a new dimension of ourselves, which for me has been totally realised and liberated in my Ascension Program.

I think you will get a sense of that as you watch the free course and maybe just maybe, get a get a more profound sense of you, too.

Please let me know how you get on.

Please enjoy the free course,
much love to you. And thanks for being here with me.

Have a wonderful break and holiday
Lots of love,

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KeysofAscension.com (FREE Personal Ascension video and attunement!)
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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Love in remembrance of you

Hello dear friend

I just want to thank you for this opportunity to share some love with you.

I thought I'd do this love invocation as a video. It utterly fills my heart and gives tremendous meaning and light to my life to share these precious moments with you now, and in this new way.

I hope you enjoy this 'Remembrance Meditation' video; you are my inspiration and my delight. I'd love to know how well it all comes across for you on video.

And I love you

PS I love hearing from you too!


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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

An antidote to despair and path to joy, and Ascension!

Hi there!

I am sorry I haven't been in touch recently. However, I have been experiencing awesome shifts in my own energy and a remarkable new level of fantastic work with my clients.

I am now seeing my clients' huge challenges and health problems automatically resolving and disappearing; permanently, it seems!

My clients are, of course, simply amazed by these immediate and powerful results we are getting, not least because I don't really use any kind of process anymore to explore and resolve the origins and feelings behind their issues.

I have simply been helping them to recognise and shift into 'who they really'! I do this by raising their energy frequency to the highest level that can be sustained. What's happening is that they are, quite literality, experiencing 'shifting dimensions' while we work together!

And so, I have realised that what I am actually doing is helping people to Ascend. This is not a grand shift into some new realm, but simply to step up to being the fullest, most expansive, loving, light-filled version of themselves; and right here on Earth!

This includes recognising and allowing into their awareness and life what their own unique expression is - what they are 'here to do', as it were, for that is very much part of 'who we really are' too.

So, I too have been stepping up to who I really am and I have been discovering my own role and passion, and that is to help people to Ascend. For those people who really want to go the whole way and live in light and love unconditionally and to be in ecstasy no matter what, I will to be there for them.

For I have challenged myself to the nth degree so that I could know what it really feels like to experience all the human condition, even utmost despair, and still be able to turn it into joy. And so I am an Ascension guide for those who truly want to live in light and love and stay in their ecstasy, not matter what, in this, our beautiful world, right here, right now!

I have begun rewriting my website www.loveandinsight.com to reflect this new me and the amazing role I'm now playing. I have decided that the most appropriate title I can give myself in this profound work is 'Ascension Master'!

And here is some love from my heart to your heart, as we both explore our own Ascension:
When all is uncertain around you, the only place to go is fall and trust.

Fall and trust into the arms of your love; your most glorious expansive most vivid idea of pure love. Your imagination will provide guidance.

But primarily you must now have absolute knowingness and trust that you are being taken care of; that you are being guided into the arms of your love and the sharing of your joy.

And the most exciting, beautiful, abundant way forward for the fullest expression of you will unfold from your place of absolute and unconditional knowingness.

Just as when you go out for an adventure walk: First, you set the arrow of your intent to your attraction of where you want to go. And then you follow your flow, excitement, joy and gut feeling every step of the way without wavering from your heart's desire, and the perfect walk unfolds.

And in life, the prime thing is to set the arrow of your highest joy and then start moving in that direction with absolute trust and knowingness that not only will you create the greatest outcome, one step at a time, one moment at a time and one breath at a time, but also that you already ARE the greatest outcome, right here, right now!

Fall and trust, fall and trust, fall and trust into the arms of your love.

I can hear the soft thud of your feet as you walk in peace, love and trust. It reverberates through my soul; sending tingles through my heart's emotion.

All my love,

Loveandinsight.com (my main website: healing, courses, resources)
KeysofAscension.com (FREE Personal Ascension video and attunement!)

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Love Invocation: How to find your own Loving Benefactor

Hello lovely Being,

When we commit to living our highest joy, which for me, at the moment, requires me to love my financial situation for how it is right now (see previous Love Invocation: Let’s Love our Nemesis) we will certainly experience our greatest fears. Those fears may seem to be unrelated to what our highest joy is, but the very commitment to go for it will provoke whatever is in us that's holding us back from being all that we are to spring forth from our being to be faced, loved and integrated!

In my case, I have to confess that I was feeling so much fear earlier, as a result of my commitment to embrace my 'financial situation' that I could actually feel pain in my heart and numbness down my arms. I was so petrified that I could feel my very life-force draining from me.

How can I love my financial situation when I am in this much fear, so much that I feel I will literally pass out, if not actually pass away?

How do we deal with that?

Well, as my guidance pointed out to me yesterday, I realised that I was still fighting my fear; that I was trying to resist it. Yet, as I meditated on my fear I felt that, despite the intensely challenging circumstances I am creating in my life, in a way I love it!

For it gives me a sense of adventure, drive, an edge, excitement, richness and diversity in my life; I am embarking on an exciting expedition with great treasures awaiting discovery every step of the way.

And so, I was using this fear to propel me on my adventure, to hasten the quest and heighten the exhilaration.

I knew that if I could embrace this much fear, my capacity to experience ecstasy would also increase exponentially! I heard my guidance saying; "Love the fear, Leela, for it’s an opportunity to experience more of your joy in your everyday life and hence more ecstasy on this momentous journey of yours"

I tried walking on the beach, but I was experiencing so much more heart pain and dizziness that I felt I had to ask again for more help with my fear.

But then, as I turned to face the dazzling and scintillating crystal clear waters of our bay, it hit me: the light, the beauty was so intense that it made me want to cry ...I had thought it was so overwhelmingly beautiful the day before; but it had only got even more intensely beautiful that day!

I felt utterly entranced and in wonder of the light: the iridescent flashes of colours reflecting in the golden sands and clear sparkling water! I was utterly caught in a mesmerizing spotlight of wonder and love with it all. And in that moment of wonderment, of feeling in love, I slipped almost imperceptibly into the stunning recognition that all that I was perceiving was an ecstatic emanation of my own Being, it truly was 'all Me'!!

It felt I had waded into a bath of liquid love washing through me as waves of pulsating fractals of light were escalating out of my being and flooding everything 'around me' until I truly felt no difference between me, the beach, sky, sand and water! I fell to my knees and cried in this light; with tears of delight, tears of gratitude!

Now, here I am, in the throws of ecstasy and delight, and suddenly it occurs to me that I'm supposed to be terrified - what has happened to my fear?!?!?!

So, in that glorious moment, I tried, I tried as hard as I could, to connect with my fear by thinking about the situation that only moments ago had had me petrified.

Nothing happened!

I tried to envision all manner of possible dire consequences of my financial situation taking me to utmost extremes, but, here's the thing: I just couldn’t tap into the fear.

The light seemed to be expanding within me and outside me simultaneously, and so allowing all the situation that I had been so resisting and pushing away from me to be naturally brought back into me and so the fear was dissolving and being turned into light.

Being in that radiant light I couldn't even bring up the tiniest residue of fear; as I say, even trying to muster up any kind of response in me by conjuring up the worst scenario that I could imagine, had absolutely no effect on me whatsoever!!!

So, I concluded ecstatically: "By simply staying in this light and beauty and in love with all this as Me, my fear is all being brought into the light and vanishing, and I am a beacon of light...."

Then I heard the soft wisdom of my guides: "You know what you are doing: you are flipping dimensions at this very moment!"

"When you are experiencing fear you are experiencing your life in the normal human experience of 3d reality. When you go into your light, as you are now, you have shifted your life’s experience into a higher vibrational bandwidth.

"So, when you live your life through staying in the light, the joy and the beauty, your life’s details, such as your financial situation, will shift with you. For, when you are in this new dimension, you know you are the curator of your reality and you can see it turning back into the light it always was and that you are."

As I played with this new vibration of Being, I reflected again on my 'financial situation' and was musing about how nice it would be to, say, attract a loving benefactor, right away...

And then, blinding revelation: Wow! What if perhaps I could extend my previous idea of a loving relationship with my Nemesis- my intensely challenging financial situation - and to up the ante to treat the financial situation itself AS my loving benefactor! What a radical and uplifting thought!

And so, with that awesome idea I am now excited to live my life from that premise: I am choosing to allow my financial situation to be my loving benefactor, to support me in whatever way appears in my life!

And as I integrated this idea, I realised that my highest joy is to be that Beacon of Light, and that I saw that I was creating intensely challenging situations in my life, where there appeared to be no feasible way out, in order to use them to take me into this Light that I am.

I realised that I had this inherent wish to live my life everyday as an intensely spiritual experience, and that this has come to my attention through these challenges that keep coming to me, in so many ways!

And in that moment I realised that I had been using fear to deepen into more love and intimacy. I was using fear to break open my heart and connect into more intimacy and love with my reality.

And, as I savoured these exquisite ideas, just like sipping a fine wine, holding the glass close to my heart so not to break the spell of the moment (and these gorgeous ideas), I heard the soft voice of my guide: "This is your job, this IS your vocation. As you step into the light of yourself and live this idea, you will find many people will come to support you in many different ways.

"And do you remember when you thought you were going to die in the car crash (when I was 18!), and everything went into slow motion, as you felt yourself tumbling through the air? And you could hear every sound, particularly the tinkle of breaking glass as the windscreen hit a tree branch and then resounding thud of metal hitting undergrowth?! You felt and experienced everything then with an intensity that seemed to freeze-frame your life into a moment of breathtaking beauty; you were in awe of your creation.

"Today, when you have to make that call to your bank, go back into the wonder of that near-death experience. Know that this is how you wish you to live your life: as an intensely spiritual experience. Know that your financial situation, your whole life, truly IS your loving benefactor. And know your reality will support you in ways that will surprise you!"

So, as of that moment, my friends, I am choosing to live an intensely spiritual life - and for me, that's to be a 'Beacon Of Light' and let the details of my life, as my loving benefactor, take care of me!

And now I am astounded, for having made that decision, a whole catalogue of events immediately and synchronistically occur that day:

  • - In my call with my bank I was so overcome at the extraordinarily loving response I got from them - was this really a bank I was talking to? They seemed to so naturally believe in me and what I was doing, and before I knew it, my bank had indeed become my 'loving benefactor' and I had a line of credit opened for me - amazing!
  • - Then my beloved partner John had some wonderful response to a work contract idea he put out!
  • - Later, that day a friend offered us a brilliant possibility to draw in great abundance
  • - Then I had a client from a few years ago contact me wanting some more help from me regarding a crucial decision for a change in life path
  • - And when I went to my letterbox I found a hand written letter addressed:- "Fan Mail - Leela Jamieson", with some cash enclosed as an appreciation and a both a request for and offer of help!

So, I am in wonder and awe of our creation and what happens when I start to view my financial situation and even my whole life as my "loving benefactor"; especially when faced with what would appear to be an intensely negative experience, as this appears to get us to take notice and really check in with ourselves for what we really want and who we really are.

And I am in awe that the support arises in not just one way, but many ways, so quickly!

So, if you also apply this to your own Nemesis (whether it's your health, your relationship, your job, your physical circumstances, etc.) - that this Nemesis is actually your own Loving Benefactor, you too may create an entirely new relationship with your reality; even beginning to flip dimensions too and find yourself in a whole new wonderland, loving every step of the way!

Lots of love

PS Thank you John, my Partner, for all these incredible photos, and all his wonderful support!

PPS If you would like support, inspiration and love, help turning you Nemesis into your Loving Benefactor and allowing it to reflect perfection back to you, then it would be my joy and absolute passion to assist you. To take the next thrilling step to being more of yourself and living your dream, please do reply to this email, or call me on +44 (0)1736 798 081 and/or go to my website:
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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Love Invocation: Let's Love our Nemesis

Hi Lovely Being!

(I'm posting this, my latest Love Invocation, because I feel it's so profound and important!)

You know, it's absolutely incredible: everything in my reality and life is perfect and stunning (except just one thing, as you'll see). For example, yesterday I went for a walk on our beach. As always, I was overblown with the beauty, the light, the perfection of the vista; enthralling my senses tantalising my vision. It took my breath away!

I honestly couldn't imagine a more perfect scene. The beauty and light touched my senses in a way that I have never felt or seen before; each day, as the light, weather, tides, waves, etc. change here, it creates a new and unique totally immersive experience, a new and heightened upsurge of beauty and ecstasy.

My whole life, my reality has just taken another upwards surge of excellence!


I ask myself how I could possibly improve on the spectacle of the light dancing on the waves, the changing patterns in the sky (like a Micheal Angelo's painting of the Cistein Chapel) and the luminous sands! Everything looks like it has been gilded in gold light! Yet each day, somehow, miraculously outshines the day before.

As I mused on my creation, I felt the ultimate recognition that everything in my life and my reality is absolutely perfect! We live in paradise, the people we meet are awesome beings, our friends are incredibly inspirational and inspiring! Each day is truly mesmerising, as an adventure in its own right.

And to top it all, I have the most amazing clients; wanting to dance in the light with me too!


So, all is perfection in my reality and my life... except one area, an area that continues to niggle at me like a thorn in my side and challenges my sense of unconditional love and freedom..

that is that my financial situation continues to challenge me!

It's just such a pain, and I can't seem to shake it off.
And, as I'm walking next to the crystal clear, azure waters of our beach, I throw my arms to the listening sky and beseech, "How can I turn this around? What must I do?"

Then I heard what sounded like the voice God!

"It's very simple - You need to love it"

I was stunned by that invocation.

The voice continued, "The reason why everything else in your life is so perfect is because you love it so much; you're not resisting it, rejecting it, pushing it away. You are always embracing it all, in utter appreciation and wonderment - loving it all, and so this is why the reflection keeps on getting better. Nature, your environment, the rest of your reality is actually enjoying your love of it, and so responds to your joy in its own in glee and dazzlement!"

"When you love your financial situation in the same way, when you are no longer pushing it away from you, but embracing it in the same way, your financial situation will want to respond to you too, by showing its appreciation; showering you with its bounty."

It hit me like a thunderbolt.

Of course! It's the one thing left in my life that I try to distance myself from..., that I fight.

"Oh my God!"
I thought, "If I were to love my financial situation like I do the rest of my reality, what on Earth would it look like then? What a wonderful thought!"

Well this was huge for me: money has always, to be honest, been my Nemesis; and now I've got to love it?

Ooh err...

So, I played with this sensation of not trying to get away from my situation, of not being so driven to fix it because I find it so uncomfortable, of not trying to deny it by filling my head with sugar-coated positive affirmations.

Tentatively, I experimented with stopping pushing my financial situation away from me, even though the fear was still raging in me. I simply chose to just love it - just as it is now (NOT loving some future projection of how it could be).

And in that love I began to feel the connection. I could feel my own energy of abundance and wealth rise to meet me, as a part of me, as my own substance, my own consciousness. And then, incredibly, it smiled back at me and, as a reflection of my love and appreciation for it, it came surging back into my being and I am still basking in its feeling of infinite possibilities and expression!

So, now I can understand that when I am trying to get away from dealing with my finances, because I am finding it so uncomfortable, in that moment I am not loving a part of me, as my own creation.

And so that part of me will rebel and reflect back to me exactly where I am not embracing and loving all of me, and will therefore show up in my life like a thorn in my side; as a lack.

So, wow! I really am now choosing to love my financial situation, for what it is; for it is showing me how to be whole again.

Listen! I'm actually choosing to love my CURRENT financial situation.

I am loving it and enjoying all that I have right now.

I am loving my financial situation for all it's worth and for the value of its determination to take me into what I really want and who I really want to be. Yes! I love it! I am still falling deeply in love with it.

And at the same time I'm not rushing around trying to fix my situation because I feel it is uncomfortable. Instead I am allowing myself to be supported and taken care of by my Universe, knowing that I will simply act on my impulses, ideas and inspirations, and that this will automatically allow my financial situation to reflect back to me my love and appreciation for it!

Do you get what I'm saying here? I'm suggesting that you actually nurture a loving and appreciative relationship with your financial situation, and with the energy of abundance itself.

So, every time you feel the strain to remedy anything or any situation in your life, know that you are pushing your own creation away. Love it instead for what it is now and you will connect with it as your own ecstatic creation. And as you love it, ideas, inspirations and unfoldment will happen, quite naturally, from that love.

Come on you gorgeous Being, listening in on this love invocation.

Let's be crazy and love our financial situation, love whatever our Nemesis is!

Shine on, crazy diamond that you are.

I can't wait to hear how you get on!


PS I bet you can't wait to hear how I get on, too!

For how insight into how to love your Nemesis as your own (co)creation watch our free video:

PPS If you would like support, inspiration and love, in loving your Nemesis, and allowing it to reflect perfection back to you, then it would be my joy and absolute passion to assist you.
To take the next thrilling step to being more of yourself and living your dream, please do reply to this email and/or go to my website: www.LoveAndInsight.com

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Out of the light of our joy, anything is possible

Hello again, dear Friend

I am excited to share the outcome of my previous Love Invocation: out of the sparkling particles of unconditional joy and light that is our consciousness, anything is possible!

A symptomatic after effect of my previous day’s joy of revelling, enjoying and dancing in my light was that we manifested our dream place!

It is quite the most awesome, spectacular location that we could ever have dreamt of. In fact, it is beyond what we could have imagined! Our new home sits nestled on a cliff in a small sub-tropical paradise of a garden (they never get frost!).

It overlooks a mile of pristine golden sands, lapped by brilliant blue/turquoise waters. It is, in effect, like our own private beach, because no one seems to know about, yet it is so close to our new favourite place – St Ives.

We can walk straight down to the beach below us, and we can sit outside or inside overlooking this unique vista, sheltered by the cliff and hill above from the prevailing winds/storms.

We are regularly guaranteed pods of bottlenose dolphins visiting and playing in the clear waters below us.

The house itself is completely glass-fronted, so all this spectacle is there for us to drink in – whatever the weather.

We have truly landed on our piece of paradise, and it is also, incredibly, the cheapest place to rent that we had come across!!! How can that be? Well, it is a very small place, but full of light – basically a beautifully decorated old holiday chalet. Still, it manages two bedrooms, a sitting room, kitchen and shower/toilet. And the advantage is that it will force us into a truly minimalistic, streamlined lifestyle. Plus, it has so many outdoor sitting areas, we’re spoilt for choice – it even has its own gardener (the landlord!)

Wow! What an effortless and fun adventure, a spiralling of synchronicities tempered by the fire of our passion and focus of our pure intent that we would find somewhere that we loved and it would be our perfect place.

Now, I must share that we had very limited resources, but the joy of our point is that you can have what you really want, if it is aligned with your highest aspirations of yourself! Your soul wants you to expand and grow and have fun.

And, for me, the idea of being suspended in the light was of a far greater value, than even having a house to live in. I was so intoxicated by my own joy that out of that vibration a chain reaction of events was catalysed that resulted us in finding our dream place in what would appear to be very limited circumstances!

However, by just acting on our excitement, inspiration and instinctive pulls from that energy of joy and without entertaining the idea of ‘we can’t have it’ or that ‘it was not possible’, we were led easily and effortlessly face to face with our dream place.

This time, it was the ONLY house we looked at! We had been so drawn to go to St Ives that day, even though logically it was not the best day. While we were there we felt an incredible sense of belonging, of being at home and a deep, deep sadness and ache when it was time to leave.

We found it by simply ‘arriving’ in Tescos on our way home, a short while after a card for this most sought-after accommodation had been put up on the notice board. We were instantly excited, called and snapped it up – it really was everything we had dreamed of – and so much more!

Nothing is impossible, you can have what you really, really want, but you have to know who you really are and what would be your highest joy, or you may find you go down many cul-de-sacs, or worse, continually get stumped and lose faith in yourself!

There isn’t a mystery to manifestation, but there may be a mystery to the depths and heights you may take yourself to in order to find your true self, your true space and then you can easily manifest your dreams; but you have to be in frequency of your dreams before you will see it, because it is literally a manifestation of your own being.

You see, it is not down to ‘fate’ or ‘karma’, for you are the one that pulls the strings. But you have to find out who you really are first, and what you are wanting to truly do with your life before you can see the perfect way unfold for you!

Go on, be kind to yourself: allow yourself to be all that you are without limits, and you will witness ALL that you are!

And you will make my day too!

All in love,


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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Love Invocation: An Oasis Of Peace

Hello Friend,

Today I am feeling the desire to create an oasis of peace from myheart to your heart.

May you enjoy the ripples of peace spinning from my being to your being in love, as I sing you this song of Peace.

And rest, relax and bask in this space of our sanctuary.

you may listen to my song below:

An Oasis Of Peace 6 mins 2.7 Mb
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An Oasis Of Peace

I am creating an oasis of peace within my heart,
That I am sending out, spinning out from my being.
This oasis of peace,
Sending ripples out from my heart,
I feel you in my being.

I send you a cord of love.
I wrap my arms around your being.
Can you feel me in your heart?
I love this feeling, I love this feeling.

When times get tough create an oasis in my being
That extends out to the world in ripples,
That extends out to my world in ripples,
With this song of my soul, may you feel the peace in your being
Loving you is the nature of my creation,
Loving you is all I want to do.

May you carry an oasis of love and peace in your heart as you go about your day....


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KeysofAscension.com (FREE Personal Ascension video and attunement!)

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Into the Heart of the Sun

Hello dear friend,

Today I would like to share with you the most awesome experience of my life. It happened just a few minutes ago, and it is still reverberating through my being! In sharing this moment with you in openness and vulnerability, it is my heartfelt intent that the love that enthuses us just deepens and expands.

I awoke this morning feeling scared, feeling scared because we have to move home again in two weeks and that we don’t know where we are going, or even if we can find a place to live at all, given the circumstances we have created for ourselves. You see, I have literally just started working again since devoting a year and a half to producing The Omega Shift, and so our financial resources are non-existent at the moment; though I can see that this will change. Nevertheless, we do have to find another place in the next two weeks!

So, applying my Love Invocation from yesterday, I sat in my chair and started to meditate to get in touch with the feeling of being scared. I took a few deep breaths and started to allow my own guidance to come through.

Then I heard and felt the words, “Go into being scared, let it vibrate through you, let it pulsate through you like streams of energy; doesn’t it feel like the same energy as the energy of your excitement? Get exited about where you are going!”

I relaxed and contemplated on this idea for a moment. I realised how tired I felt, and then I heard the soft spiralling whispers of my soul again, “I know my love, that you are so very, very tired. Allow your Universe to support you now and take care of you. You have been fighting all your life: now is the time to relax and let your Universe as your partner and ‘lover’ in your creation take care of you. Surrender, surrender, surrender and fall into his/her arms and let go!”

Then out of the corner of my eye I saw this pure gold light like a blazing miniature sun. Then it proceeded to expand and expand to the point that it totally engulfed me.

I can’t stop crying, even now, I can still see this golden brilliant light coursing through my being, my entire reality, and I explode into tears of joy - it’s so intensely pure it cuts through me like a laser beam.

Why? Why am I crying, why is it that every time I look into this blazing light I cry? It’s so pure, it’s the intensity of its purity, the purity of its Love, unspeakably unconditional Love, that’s so completely overwhelming me...

And I hear the words: “This is where you are headed; it’s reminding you of your true Self: for you are yourself that ‘pure gold'.”

Gosh, it’s like I have fallen into the heart of God.

I have never experienced this degree of Love before, the light is so bright, the Love is so pure. I feel it cuts right through me to my core. I have never experienced this much Love that I am subsumed by its brilliance; I have stopped breathing!

Oh my God, I really don’t care if I were to die in the next moment, for I know I am experiencing enlightenment right now, in the midst of me and my challenges in life – in fact it’s the very challenges themselves that calling be back to my Self. I realise that in embracing being scared, I have become my sacred self (note how ‘scared’ and ‘scared’ are such close anagrams!)

Oh my God, I feel I am going into the heart of the Sun, God and our Universe. I truly have never experienced this much love....

And I feel so intensely overcome with gratitude for my life, for the challenges that have brought me to this pinnacle of my life. And I feel so much love and peace with where I am with myself and my life.

And I am no longer scared, for I feel the love and support of my Universe flowing through me as my sacred self, forging and moulding our next home into our physical lives.

I love you......

And may you too, never ‘get over’ being scared. Instead, allow yourself to ‘be’ scared and fall into your heart and feel the Sacred You, and you too may glimpse the Golden Light of Love that is our sacred Self.

May the Love be with you!


Loveandinsight.com (my main website: healing, courses, resources)
KeysofAscension.com (FREE Personal Ascension video and attunement!)

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Love Invocation: Loving You Was Always Easy

Hello beautiful Being,

This morning, I heard these notes and sounds spinning around inside me.

And here I am now, as they arise in me to be expressed
- I'm singing my heart out!
I'm shaking and vibrating in singing this song in homage of you.

Click the small blue play button to listen to: my Love Song
Loving You Was Always Easy 9 mins 4.3 Mb
Use Play/Stop buttons for instant play (the small check symbol 'tags' it for del.icio.us members)
Or Left Click to Play normally/ Right Click "Save Target As" to download and play later

Loving You Was Always Easy.

Loving you was always easy, even when you were away from me.
Loving you was always easy, even though you were far from me.
Because I felt you in my heart, I felt you in my heart.
There's no going back, for we are one, intertwined inside.

Loving you was always easy,
I have loved you with all my heart, with all my heart, with all...
Can't you feel my love... can't you feel my love...?

Loving you was always easy,
Because we are the same one being in our beingness.
We long to dance across the light, we long to dance...

Loving you was always easy,
Because I carry you in my heart, my heart, my heart.
Let us spin together, let us waltz together,

And create a new wave, a new wave, a new wave of being and living together.

Loving you was always easy,
Even I felt you in my heart, you are the Me, you are my motion.
Into my heart, into my heart...

Loving you was always easy,
Even when I felt you go from me...
Nothing could take us apart, take us apart.
Loving you was always easy,

I love you, I love you, so, so, so much...
Loving you...

Loving you was always easy,
Let us dance in sweet harmony...
I know who you are...

You are my song...
I know who you are, you are my love, you are my dream...
You are in my imagination...
That doesn't make you any less real, my friend...
It's all real, it's all real.
It's all real and in our imagination.

Loving you was always easy,
I could never pull myself away from you...
You are my wave, I send you out into my world,
My world is my extension; my world is my utterance.
My world is my creative impulse.

Loving you was always easy,
Loving you is my heart, heartfelt desire and impulse.
I want to wrap my arms around you,
and say I feel, I know, I taste, I love, I feel you, you are me,
Let's be heroes, just for this moment,
and let this moment extend...
Into the infinity of our Being, your Being, my Being.

Loving you was always, was always, easy...

With my love always,
For you dear Friend,

Maggie (Leela)

If you would like to deepen your immersion in this incredible space of joy, love and pure enlightenment, then follow your heart to my website http://LoveAndInsight.com and our free video: The Omega Shift: http://TheOmegaShift.com

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Daily Love: I love our world so much, I love you so much

Hello dear Friend ,

I love our world so much, I love you so much, and I just had to sing a song for you!

It is based on the notes and sounds that came through when I visited a crop circle and felt a very strong Sirian connection.

I hope you enjoy it just as much as I did singing and sharing it:

Click the small blue play button to listen:
I Love Our World So much 7 mins 3.5 Mb
Use Play/Stop buttons for instant play (the small check symbol 'tags' it for del.icio.us members)
Or Left Click to Play normally/ Right Click "Save Target As" to download and play later

We came here because we love this world so much
We came here because we love you so much
My heart is a womb
You feel me I feel you, and I Love You so much
My world is my body, my Heart is the lens of my Being, yea.
We are the Sirians, we are your imagination.
We come because we love this Earth so much.
We come here because we love you.
Your Heart is the centre of your creation.
Can you feel us in your being?
Like a mirror reflection.
The land is our bond
and my breath is the air of your Being.
We came here because we love this Earth so much.
We came here because we love you, we love you
so very, very, very much
This is the sound of creation, swirling around you,
like the vibration of your true note.
The wind is my breath and my heart is
my vehicle for expression, the expression.
We come here because we love this, our Earth so very much.
We love you, we love you. We are right in your Imagination.
Can you feel us, can you feel us?
We are you, we are you...from from another point of you,
we are you, we are you, we are you.
Go into your imagination, it is your vehicle for expression.
I want to wrap you in the arms of Love;
fall into your heart and you will feel us in your Being.

Let's stay in love,
Maggie (Leela)

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Spirit of Celebration (Love Invocation #3)

Hello again, you Wonderful Being,

Today, I felt such an overwhelming love building up inside me for our beautiful world accompanied by spiralling haunting notes reverberating through my being.

There is so much love to express inside me, that I think I could go mad if I didn’t express this energy into my joy!

I felt the urge to sing my love.

I hope you enjoy it just as much as I did singing it!!

Click the small blue play button to listen:
My Spirit of Celebration song 4 mins 1.9 Mb

Use Play/Stop buttons for instant play (the small check symbol 'tags' it for del.icio.us members)
Or Left Click to Play normally/ Right Click "Save Target As" to download and play later

"Let’s rise up and greet this day with a song in the spirit of celebration
I love your smile, it keeps me warm
Let’s rise up in the spirit of celebration
And give thanks to our brave new day; I’m in awe of my creation

"I love your smile, it keeps me warm
Let’s open our hearts up and fall into the arms of our world
I feel your love when I’m flying over, over in my joy
I love your smile, it keeps me warm

"Let us rise up and greet this day in celebration
I love your smile, it keeps me, it keeps me warm"

Lots of love to you in beauty and in truth,

Maggie (Leela)

Saturday, June 02, 2007

My new Daily Love Invocations

Hello dear friends,

I have so much love and joy bubbling up in my heart for you, and for me, and for our beautiful, beautiful world that it is too much to keep to myself! Indeed, the fountain of my being is overflowing with this Love!

And when you have something this good, there’s a bursting, an ache to share it with others, and to let it expand and to create a whole world that’s glowing and bathing in that joy.

So, today I have made commitment to share up a serving of this sweet love everyday, to joyfully take up pen and let my love shine through some words to you in your email box with each rising of the sun as a siren call to our Truth; that you may join me in feeling and tasting the love that is our hallmark, and that our souls may regularly reunite as we touch that place where we are all intertwined!

And so, dear friend, fellow lover, may I offer you a sample through some heartfelt words that are arising right now from my heart, urgently seeking their own expression? And here it comes: my first offering, my first Love Invocation, for you:

“I just want to burst out, “I love you,” to the listening wind and for us to be whipped up together in a frenzy of magic and light, and, like in a pair of whirling dervishes dancing together, as One, our souls ignite!

“And as we waltz in wonderment and dizzy delight, as we embrace, I whisper to you lovingly…. “Don’t you remember that this is how it was meant to be: you and me in this love with each other and our world!?”

“And, oh, what joy it would be to live and love life like this each and every day, as we spin ourselves into higher octaves of our being, exuding our vibrations of love and radiance to our world; leaving the air tingling with our joy!

“And maybe, just maybe, as we hit the peak of our ecstasy, we realise that in that exquisite moment when time stands still that the world that we thought previously as outside and separate to ourselves is actually none other than our own Selves in manifestation ----AND -our earth and heaven responds to our recognition, our remembrance and moves and dances with us in a celebratory and joyful, ‘Yes!’

“And so, as we move and play in love, our world, like a faithful lover, responds eagerly to our pulses!

“So dear friend, my love, I would love to invite you to join me in this love and celebration of our world, to also respond with an excited, “Yes”, and to fall into the open arms of our world, and each other, in sweet surrender.”

Thank you, dear Heart, for allowing me to share my first Love Invocation with you, and if you would love to receive these short Love Innovations daily, then I have set up a special email list for you, to automatically have them delivered to your email box every day, for as long as you wish to continue, and I will often be supplementing with my usual longer Blog entries, including more audio and video!
Lots of love
Maggie (Leela)

Monday, May 21, 2007

The Gift of True Love

Hello again dear friend,

The other night I couldn’t sleep; I felt we were on the edge of the biggest transformation of our lives; either into wealth and abundance of our dreams or bankruptcy!

I was also berating myself for not realising that I could have done other things to support us in the meantime so that I could have made it easier for us ….
But even as I contemplate this thought my heart takes a leap and my mind sparkles with insight. For I could not have tapped into the ecstasy and the joy that has been self-generating to the degree that I do now, if I had had the support and the security of a home or an income .

And then I had this dream. It came from the deepest part of my soul, but in the form of my first love, who died when I was 16. He often appears to me in times of great change in my life; as if to prompt me into taking the path of my destiny.

I heard this soft voice, such a soft compassionate voice;
“I know that it has been so hard for you to feel your anguish when you cry out at night, feeling totally alone and feeling the whole world on your shoulders.

“You see, I loved you so much that I wanted to give you the gift of what it really feels like to have true love and support: that is not disguised in the trappings of the illusion that you feel that the support and love comes from something other than yourself.

“I loved you so much that I left you to go into another dimension so that you would go for the stars and stretch yourself and thus tap into more of you. I wanted you to experience the core sweetness of what true love, support and loyalty are like, so that you would have no doubt whatsoever that you had awesome powers of creativity and manifestation.

“You will fulfil the dream that you have to share your joy with our world, in the most abundant, joyous and positively uplifting way for our humanity! You will create all of this from what would appear to be nothing, as you have yet to see visible signs in your life.

“And yet, from this apparent nothingness you will have everything.

“You will know that because it wasn’t already there in your life that it must come from you! And that if you had had everything handed to you on a plate, you would not be conscious of your own part in that manifestation

I loved you so much that I wanted you to feel and be fully conscious of what it is like to be truly supported and loved by our universe.”

Always our love,
Maggie (Leela)

At last, The Omega Shift is ready for viewing

Hello dear friends,

We are so happy, excited and proud to finally announce after a year and a half of production, frustration, joy, illumination and our own self-transformation the official launch of The Omega Shift! It is indeed the portal, the gateway, the Secret to Enlightenment itself and to a new dimension of yourself.

So, if you are truly ready for the ‘big one’, the ultimate shift, then go right along to
TheOmegaShift.com and register for The Omega Shift. It is the key, the pivot point, the fundamental basis for literally taking our self, our life and our world into the next dimension. Without the solid foundational basis of this shift of our ‘frame of reference’ for our reality, as revealed in The Omega Shift video presentation, all else is incomprehensible! This is why we are giving it away for free and why it is a feature length presentation in its own right (we have condensed down our previous 2 day workshop into just two hours)!

And for those that wish to complete their understanding and integration of The Omega Shift, we are also announcing and taking pre-orders (at 50% discount!) for our new Living The Omega Way Home-based DVD course: the ultimate key for living a totally creative, loving and self-empowered life in a wonderfully mutually enhancing upliftment for everyone in our world. This is all the culmination of what John and I have been creating and refining for the last 18 months, indeed, our whole lives!

Just go along to
TheOmegaShift.com and do enjoy! And feel free to write your comments here or on our new support forum! We would welcome them enormously.

And we will still be friends whether you like it or not!

Lots of love,
Maggie (and John)!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

The Phoenix returns ;-)

Hello dear Friends,

It’s been a long time since we have spoken and the ache to share my joy with you has now reached breaking point. I have so missed our sharing and love that I had to just pick up the laptop and start writing!

I have been on an epic journey since we last spoke and I needed to give my full attention and commitment to our dream with my beloved partner John: the creation and production of our unique, ground breaking free online video presentation: “The Omega Shift”.

In the next few blogs I will be making more reference to it, and also we would love to extend a warm heartfelt invitation to you to enjoy it too, as we will be launching it in the next couple of days!

However, to bring you up to speed with where I am at, I don’t think I could have done it any other way, which has been to give up everything, including my life guidance and healing work, in order to share our dream now.

Everything I have gone through has led me to this pivotal point of my life: the challenges, the difficulties have all fine-tuned me into the being I am now. I feel so much in love, I often feel I have lost all fear, I feel so alive, so vibrant and so full of joy. But most importantly of all, I have learnt to channel the ecstasy and unconditional love and joy without the need to be dependent upon the external circumstances of my life. And that includes most of the things many of us take for granted like having a home (we’re now living temporarily with a generous friend!), an income (haven’t had one for over a year!) and a clean, non–toxic environment (our previous home was emitting noxious fumes from all the old beams’ woodworm treatment!!)

So, I have been learning how to taste the ecstasy and the joy in the midst of severe challenges, and in effect we have both been testing to the limit the effectiveness of living the Omega Way.

I also wanted to do something truly amazing for our beautiful world, for I feel so much in love, awe and gratitude for my life and the beauty of our world that I actually find it intoxicating! So this totally revolutionary, heart and mind opening free video is our gift to our world.

We have gone full-pelt for our dream, and even if this was never to become a world-wide phenomenon, or even taken much notice of by the vast majority, it wouldn’t matter for I feel that in simply expressing and making it available, I have already fulfilled my life purpose and what I came here to do (though I suspect it’s just the beginning, of course!!!)

So, it is my joy and desire that in the forthcoming blogs that I inspire you too to go for your dream, and I will be routing for you all the way1

Thanks for your patience, for I know some of you have been waiting to hear from me for some time now. Trust me – it’s been worth it (some of the initial feedback from The Omega Shift has been phenomenal!)

All my love
Maggie (Leela)

Friday, April 20, 2007

last minute invite for this weekend now over!


So sorry , this opportunity has now expire.

Our new message The Omega Shift is all but ready to share, and we are filming a course based on it this weekend. The free video wil be avalible online very soon.

Thank you for your patience, and sorry for being quiet so long - al that will change again soon!

Will be back soon - watch this space!
Love Maggie