Saturday, December 20, 2008

Video Blog: Falling in Love

Hello dearest Friend,

In this video I am sharing about how to love, not how we may have been taught to love in limited and restrained ways and how to love conditionally, but rather, let's talk about wild love, let's talk about loving freely and unconditionally.

Did you know that that we don't need to try to love: it's more a relaxing into love, an unrestrained free-fall into love and that's why we call it "falling in love."

I invite you to let yourself love without limits and have a glorious love affair, not only with yourself and others but with our entire world; because it's our natural state to be in ecstasy and love!

And by allowing ourselves to love freely, unconditionally and wildly we will see our beautiful reflection in our world: we will see how our world loves with us.

Enjoy my video:

All in love,

Leela (my main website: healing, courses, resources) (FREE Personal Ascension video and attunement!)

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Following the footprints of our Soul

This blog came into life from a comment on my previous blog ("From victim hood to love") which was both a response of appreciation and a question that many people seem to be asking themselves at the moment, regarding how to know what they want for their future. And so I thought you may be interested in my reply!

Timewave2012 said... Hi Leela I love your Spirit Talk Radio and I love your blog as well I added it to my Google Feed. I have a lot of questions for you, but I'm sure you have many others who need your help before I do. I have a little problem deciding what I want for my future. I've been really practicing staying in the now moment but it's not helping me choose what I want in life. I gave up on video games and most of tv and some movies. I can let all that stuff go, but then I wouldn't know what to do or where to go. I have this strong urge to help people and one of my hobbies is computers and the internet. So I do have a blog that I have to help share knowledge and information, but I feel like I want to do more than that.
I still have my ego and it does get in the way a lot. Meditation is very difficult for me since being an empath, I have a hard time being still, I also shake sometimes it does get very annoying. I've been told I have a very unique and powerful gift, which I have to learn to access it and that my Life force energy is very strong. If you have time or a chance to respond to this I would be very grateful. I'm already very grateful for your help.

Hello my friend,

For you are, indeed, my friend, since your question: "How do I decide what I want for my Future," is also my own precious question and thus sparked a chord in me, like a quest back to our soul's calling and thus fertile and vibrating with infinite possibilities...

This quest to discover what we truly want can be started by sensing in your bones and in your heart what your greatest 'feeling' for yourself and your life would be. I say 'feeling' because our mind often comes with built in censors and programs that distort and even stop us from acknowledging that we may have a dream in the first place.

And so dear heart, dear fellow soul, feel in your being and in your imagination (which is the gate keeper to your creative genius) what is your greatest idea, dream and vision of yourself, beyond the constraints of your limited thinking... Let the wizard of your imagination guide you.

Feel your soul, your spirit; feel the impulse that brought you here into this incarnation; feel the urge, the desire in you to express your soul's calling.

Feel your greatest dream for you and humankind.

And as something arises, feel also what comes up for you in the next momentous moment; it may actually be your greatest resistance or censor to that idea...

Many of us censor, or completely press the delete button on our dream the moment we start to sniff it out, or even get a hint of it spiraling up from the depths of our imagination, as we start to ponder and muse on our magic..

However, that censor or diminishment will have left its treachery: an inconsolable ache like a thorn in your side, the poison of uncertainty to taint your dream, passion and what you truly want for your life.

Trace the pain to the bare bones of our soul... and let it fly!

I hold out my hand to you now and share with you my ache and my dream, to illustrate my point of view.

When I asked myself that question, "What is my ache, my dream, that I want for my future?" I feel a dream in me to be like the fairy goddess in the final Firebird scene of the film 'Fantasia 2000': ushering, awakening, enlivening, inspiring, exciting my world and my fellow souls into their aliveness of spirit and ecstasy, joy and love. You may watch and be inspired by this scene below:

Fantasia 2000 Firebird Suite:

And want to live this now... I feel the desire in me, to live it now in this moment...

If I am really honest with myself and examine my life and the things that I do, such as my spiritual Ascension work, in whatever form I do it, whether through my writing, courses, blogs, videos or my whole life healing sessions - all helping and supporting my fellow souls, I can feel that what I truly want is the feeling state that my work creates in me. It is a total dissolution of myself, a spiraling, a diving into, a meltdown into the pure orgasmic feeling of my purity of being. And so I lose control---- oh, such bliss, as I enter the rapturous regal realm of melting, ecstatic meltdown becoming transparent and amorphous, merging into myself and into my mirror reflection of my world and everyone in it... And so, willingly and wildly, I let myself fall into even more of the almost unbearable exquisite essence of the moment and then into absolute love. And so the tempo unfolds: I engage an exquisite infinity dance in ecstatic relationship with whatever (and whomever) I have melted with - a free-falling, a diving, a dieing - to and fro - in and out of saturated bliss and back, oscillating into the very deity we are -

And as we love we play, dancing and gliding in light; hovering, spiraling and surfing on waves of hypnotic splendour of delight. I awaken, inspire and breathe new life into our spirit lying dormant beneath the heavy snowfall of our limitations, beautifully cultivated over our years of pain, stunted from our true natural ecstatic beingness.

Joyfully born out of limitless love I ignite a fire in our weary lament to create a quickening in the body of our soul.

Like the fairy goddess in Fantasia, I want no other thing than to dive into more of myself, my world and everyone, including you! And so I allow myself to feel it.

And as I feel it, I am being it: I am being the fairy goddess sprite. And then my heart exalts me to live it. And so I am living it now, I am tapping into the feeling of my imagination and I feel myself dancing, tumbling and melting with you right now as I write these words born from my ache, my desire and my dream.

It feels like we are tumbling in the sky of our life, like Ecstasy Dancing - it feels so good...

And from our greatest feeling, idea and vision of our self, we must then begin being it and living it. Pay attention here, this is ultra-important: it's no good just keeping it in your head as a ''nice idea", or your ache, your mal content will rise up inside you like a discordant cord and point you acutely back to the longing of your soul. You must live it now, even if your life's outer appearances don't change. And you will know that you have got in touch with your highest, inspirational feeling when it would not matter whether your life's circumstances changed for you or not; for you are being and living your dream... You are literally lost (in rhapsody) with your Dream.

Encore! Encore... From this state of feeling, being and living out our greatest dream of ourselves, we cannot but create the opportunities, events and resources to synchronistically appear in our lives as a mirror effect of living our dream. We have thus entered the kingdom of our Imagination and are in wide-eyed wonder at our startling summation: We are in awe at our stunning realisation: we create our physical reality experience to live out our dreams.

Live how you truly want to feel, and be your dream unconditionally, i.e. do not put your life on hold until it gets better - it will not... until you allow yourself to be' 'better' and live 'better'

And so dear friend, in response to your question (the quest-I-on, the quest to get back to yourself)... Allow yourself to evoke your greatest imagination and dream of yourself, by asking yourself this sacred question: "What is the art that is wanting to be born out of my heart?" And it may well be that the computers and the internet are a part of your expression or a tool to assist you into a deepening and a widening of that dream.

You are the important part of the equation. Put yourself in the spotlight, let your imagination go wild, let yourself soar freely on the currents of your inspiration and you will feel your answer. Do not censor your fantasy, be it, live it and you will stun yourself by the amazing synchronicity of your life that will be revealed to you by the unfolding of what you have already set in motion by your state of being and living.

When we really don't let the circumstances in our life dictate our dream and we live it anyway (being it and living it out in each and every moment, no matter what), then our future comes to greet us with a wide open smile, our destiny morphs to meet us in our God's Glory. No more straining to peer into the future (that's like chasing our own tail or putting the cart before the horse), instead, let's dance and Be the future we want to be right now.

And the funny thing is that when we are living and enjoying being our dream, we find ourselves falling into the actions that are most supportive of the dream that we are being, without spending time agonising over how we would create it! It is an automatic process, a joy, our natural surge when we allow ourselves to be our dream, now - unconditionally.

As you read these words you may find the energy rising inside you at idea of meditating on this idea and maybe even feel you can't sit still. Just see what happens when you don't resist the flow of that pure raw essence of yourself... Just go with the flow, anything might can happen, like your energy rushing up your spine into a glorious image of your Absolute Ecstatic divinity.

And so dear heart, our question as to our quest gives us an amazing clue back to our glorious Self, and is akin to following the footprints of soul......

Leading us into our holy dream.

Thank you, for your amazing question for it reminds me of my own quest: to be and live my Ecstatic dream.

Joy to our World!

All my Love

Leela (my main website: healing, courses, resources) (FREE Personal Ascension video and attunement!)