Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Personal Ascension

Hello Everyone

I know your thoughts have been with me, as mine has been with you, in this amazing year of our lives. And I know that you may have gone through some pretty awesome challenges. And yet you are still standing!

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for being my muse and my audience for enabling me to share my passion and my deepest love; for without you I would feel only one dimensional.

Thank you for your thoughts and appreciation of my Blogs, etc. It really lights up my being to know and feel that you love what I love to share and do.

As a Christmas gift to you dear heart, I would love to offer you a free video course which represents where I am truly at now and, as such, may be a powerful catalyst to jumpstart you into more of who you really are and what you as the amazing being that you are have to offer this our beautiful world.

I have realised that what I really love to do is to help you, me and everyone shift into a higher dimension of themselves, energetically and creatively, here on our planet Earth right here, right now, and to offer the sublime ecstasy of being and living from this glorious place of outstanding light and love.

I realised that this is helping people with ‘Personal Ascension’.

And so I was impulsed to create a free online Personal Ascension video course to share this love, energy and light and you may watch it now. Simply go to my website http://keysofascension.com and click on the Free Personal Ascension Video offer to register and receive a link via email.

Filming this course ultimately then lead to the creation of my follow-on Keys of Ascension Program – a series of 7 Courses and 7 Attunements.

With each level of the seven courses it feels I am going up an octave in my own frequency. I just finished the last course the day before Christmas Eve, and I couldn't stop crying! The energy and the integration that comes with it is mind-blowing! It is an ecstasy of being that catalyses me to integrate everything that is not in alignment with this high level of ecstasy and love. It can be pretty intense at times, but the clearing, the opening in my being is worth it all!

So, now I am being truly all that I am in my Ascension courses and it feels glorious, wonderful and liberating.

I have already had much wonderful and very enthusiastic response, not just to the free course but also to my newly released Keys of Ascension Program, for example, "As a light worker facing enormous challenges, this has been the bridge I was looking for, and it is great to know that you care!” (Lisa from Denver Colorado just after completing the first course: level one.)

Thanks for being here with me dear reader. It is truly great to feel you next to me in our passion to create a world of our highest aspirations and light.

And I just want you to know how much I have appreciated your loving support and response. It really helped especially when I had lost my home and used up all my financial reserves.

But I just had to keep sharing the love! It felt the only thing that mattered and the space and energy and where I am at now is a far, far greater place than I have ever been!

It is amazing but, since I have gone absolutely wild, true and free into the true me, my Universe as my partner in creation is has begun supporting me to the degree I have always wanted but would not let myself have until I allowed myself to be the true me.

And thanks to the creation of The Omega Shift course which I co-created with John we both have been shifted into a new dimension of ourselves, which for me has been totally realised and liberated in my Ascension Program.

I think you will get a sense of that as you watch the free course and maybe just maybe, get a get a more profound sense of you, too.

Please let me know how you get on.

Please enjoy the free course,
much love to you. And thanks for being here with me.

Have a wonderful break and holiday
Lots of love,

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