Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Out of the light of our joy, anything is possible

Hello again, dear Friend

I am excited to share the outcome of my previous Love Invocation: out of the sparkling particles of unconditional joy and light that is our consciousness, anything is possible!

A symptomatic after effect of my previous day’s joy of revelling, enjoying and dancing in my light was that we manifested our dream place!

It is quite the most awesome, spectacular location that we could ever have dreamt of. In fact, it is beyond what we could have imagined! Our new home sits nestled on a cliff in a small sub-tropical paradise of a garden (they never get frost!).

It overlooks a mile of pristine golden sands, lapped by brilliant blue/turquoise waters. It is, in effect, like our own private beach, because no one seems to know about, yet it is so close to our new favourite place – St Ives.

We can walk straight down to the beach below us, and we can sit outside or inside overlooking this unique vista, sheltered by the cliff and hill above from the prevailing winds/storms.

We are regularly guaranteed pods of bottlenose dolphins visiting and playing in the clear waters below us.

The house itself is completely glass-fronted, so all this spectacle is there for us to drink in – whatever the weather.

We have truly landed on our piece of paradise, and it is also, incredibly, the cheapest place to rent that we had come across!!! How can that be? Well, it is a very small place, but full of light – basically a beautifully decorated old holiday chalet. Still, it manages two bedrooms, a sitting room, kitchen and shower/toilet. And the advantage is that it will force us into a truly minimalistic, streamlined lifestyle. Plus, it has so many outdoor sitting areas, we’re spoilt for choice – it even has its own gardener (the landlord!)

Wow! What an effortless and fun adventure, a spiralling of synchronicities tempered by the fire of our passion and focus of our pure intent that we would find somewhere that we loved and it would be our perfect place.

Now, I must share that we had very limited resources, but the joy of our point is that you can have what you really want, if it is aligned with your highest aspirations of yourself! Your soul wants you to expand and grow and have fun.

And, for me, the idea of being suspended in the light was of a far greater value, than even having a house to live in. I was so intoxicated by my own joy that out of that vibration a chain reaction of events was catalysed that resulted us in finding our dream place in what would appear to be very limited circumstances!

However, by just acting on our excitement, inspiration and instinctive pulls from that energy of joy and without entertaining the idea of ‘we can’t have it’ or that ‘it was not possible’, we were led easily and effortlessly face to face with our dream place.

This time, it was the ONLY house we looked at! We had been so drawn to go to St Ives that day, even though logically it was not the best day. While we were there we felt an incredible sense of belonging, of being at home and a deep, deep sadness and ache when it was time to leave.

We found it by simply ‘arriving’ in Tescos on our way home, a short while after a card for this most sought-after accommodation had been put up on the notice board. We were instantly excited, called and snapped it up – it really was everything we had dreamed of – and so much more!

Nothing is impossible, you can have what you really, really want, but you have to know who you really are and what would be your highest joy, or you may find you go down many cul-de-sacs, or worse, continually get stumped and lose faith in yourself!

There isn’t a mystery to manifestation, but there may be a mystery to the depths and heights you may take yourself to in order to find your true self, your true space and then you can easily manifest your dreams; but you have to be in frequency of your dreams before you will see it, because it is literally a manifestation of your own being.

You see, it is not down to ‘fate’ or ‘karma’, for you are the one that pulls the strings. But you have to find out who you really are first, and what you are wanting to truly do with your life before you can see the perfect way unfold for you!

Go on, be kind to yourself: allow yourself to be all that you are without limits, and you will witness ALL that you are!

And you will make my day too!

All in love,

Leela (my main website: healing, courses, resources) (FREE Personal Ascension video and attunement!)

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Love Invocation: An Oasis Of Peace

Hello Friend,

Today I am feeling the desire to create an oasis of peace from myheart to your heart.

May you enjoy the ripples of peace spinning from my being to your being in love, as I sing you this song of Peace.

And rest, relax and bask in this space of our sanctuary.

you may listen to my song below:

An Oasis Of Peace 6 mins 2.7 Mb
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An Oasis Of Peace

I am creating an oasis of peace within my heart,
That I am sending out, spinning out from my being.
This oasis of peace,
Sending ripples out from my heart,
I feel you in my being.

I send you a cord of love.
I wrap my arms around your being.
Can you feel me in your heart?
I love this feeling, I love this feeling.

When times get tough create an oasis in my being
That extends out to the world in ripples,
That extends out to my world in ripples,
With this song of my soul, may you feel the peace in your being
Loving you is the nature of my creation,
Loving you is all I want to do.

May you carry an oasis of love and peace in your heart as you go about your day....

Leela (my main website: healing, courses, resources) (FREE Personal Ascension video and attunement!)

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Into the Heart of the Sun

Hello dear friend,

Today I would like to share with you the most awesome experience of my life. It happened just a few minutes ago, and it is still reverberating through my being! In sharing this moment with you in openness and vulnerability, it is my heartfelt intent that the love that enthuses us just deepens and expands.

I awoke this morning feeling scared, feeling scared because we have to move home again in two weeks and that we don’t know where we are going, or even if we can find a place to live at all, given the circumstances we have created for ourselves. You see, I have literally just started working again since devoting a year and a half to producing The Omega Shift, and so our financial resources are non-existent at the moment; though I can see that this will change. Nevertheless, we do have to find another place in the next two weeks!

So, applying my Love Invocation from yesterday, I sat in my chair and started to meditate to get in touch with the feeling of being scared. I took a few deep breaths and started to allow my own guidance to come through.

Then I heard and felt the words, “Go into being scared, let it vibrate through you, let it pulsate through you like streams of energy; doesn’t it feel like the same energy as the energy of your excitement? Get exited about where you are going!”

I relaxed and contemplated on this idea for a moment. I realised how tired I felt, and then I heard the soft spiralling whispers of my soul again, “I know my love, that you are so very, very tired. Allow your Universe to support you now and take care of you. You have been fighting all your life: now is the time to relax and let your Universe as your partner and ‘lover’ in your creation take care of you. Surrender, surrender, surrender and fall into his/her arms and let go!”

Then out of the corner of my eye I saw this pure gold light like a blazing miniature sun. Then it proceeded to expand and expand to the point that it totally engulfed me.

I can’t stop crying, even now, I can still see this golden brilliant light coursing through my being, my entire reality, and I explode into tears of joy - it’s so intensely pure it cuts through me like a laser beam.

Why? Why am I crying, why is it that every time I look into this blazing light I cry? It’s so pure, it’s the intensity of its purity, the purity of its Love, unspeakably unconditional Love, that’s so completely overwhelming me...

And I hear the words: “This is where you are headed; it’s reminding you of your true Self: for you are yourself that ‘pure gold'.”

Gosh, it’s like I have fallen into the heart of God.

I have never experienced this degree of Love before, the light is so bright, the Love is so pure. I feel it cuts right through me to my core. I have never experienced this much Love that I am subsumed by its brilliance; I have stopped breathing!

Oh my God, I really don’t care if I were to die in the next moment, for I know I am experiencing enlightenment right now, in the midst of me and my challenges in life – in fact it’s the very challenges themselves that calling be back to my Self. I realise that in embracing being scared, I have become my sacred self (note how ‘scared’ and ‘scared’ are such close anagrams!)

Oh my God, I feel I am going into the heart of the Sun, God and our Universe. I truly have never experienced this much love....

And I feel so intensely overcome with gratitude for my life, for the challenges that have brought me to this pinnacle of my life. And I feel so much love and peace with where I am with myself and my life.

And I am no longer scared, for I feel the love and support of my Universe flowing through me as my sacred self, forging and moulding our next home into our physical lives.

I love you......

And may you too, never ‘get over’ being scared. Instead, allow yourself to ‘be’ scared and fall into your heart and feel the Sacred You, and you too may glimpse the Golden Light of Love that is our sacred Self.

May the Love be with you!

Leela (my main website: healing, courses, resources) (FREE Personal Ascension video and attunement!)

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Love Invocation: Loving You Was Always Easy

Hello beautiful Being,

This morning, I heard these notes and sounds spinning around inside me.

And here I am now, as they arise in me to be expressed
- I'm singing my heart out!
I'm shaking and vibrating in singing this song in homage of you.

Click the small blue play button to listen to: my Love Song
Loving You Was Always Easy 9 mins 4.3 Mb
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Loving You Was Always Easy.

Loving you was always easy, even when you were away from me.
Loving you was always easy, even though you were far from me.
Because I felt you in my heart, I felt you in my heart.
There's no going back, for we are one, intertwined inside.

Loving you was always easy,
I have loved you with all my heart, with all my heart, with all...
Can't you feel my love... can't you feel my love...?

Loving you was always easy,
Because we are the same one being in our beingness.
We long to dance across the light, we long to dance...

Loving you was always easy,
Because I carry you in my heart, my heart, my heart.
Let us spin together, let us waltz together,

And create a new wave, a new wave, a new wave of being and living together.

Loving you was always easy,
Even I felt you in my heart, you are the Me, you are my motion.
Into my heart, into my heart...

Loving you was always easy,
Even when I felt you go from me...
Nothing could take us apart, take us apart.
Loving you was always easy,

I love you, I love you, so, so, so much...
Loving you...

Loving you was always easy,
Let us dance in sweet harmony...
I know who you are...

You are my song...
I know who you are, you are my love, you are my dream...
You are in my imagination...
That doesn't make you any less real, my friend...
It's all real, it's all real.
It's all real and in our imagination.

Loving you was always easy,
I could never pull myself away from you...
You are my wave, I send you out into my world,
My world is my extension; my world is my utterance.
My world is my creative impulse.

Loving you was always easy,
Loving you is my heart, heartfelt desire and impulse.
I want to wrap my arms around you,
and say I feel, I know, I taste, I love, I feel you, you are me,
Let's be heroes, just for this moment,
and let this moment extend...
Into the infinity of our Being, your Being, my Being.

Loving you was always, was always, easy...

With my love always,
For you dear Friend,

Maggie (Leela)

If you would like to deepen your immersion in this incredible space of joy, love and pure enlightenment, then follow your heart to my website and our free video: The Omega Shift:

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Daily Love: I love our world so much, I love you so much

Hello dear Friend ,

I love our world so much, I love you so much, and I just had to sing a song for you!

It is based on the notes and sounds that came through when I visited a crop circle and felt a very strong Sirian connection.

I hope you enjoy it just as much as I did singing and sharing it:

Click the small blue play button to listen:
I Love Our World So much 7 mins 3.5 Mb
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We came here because we love this world so much
We came here because we love you so much
My heart is a womb
You feel me I feel you, and I Love You so much
My world is my body, my Heart is the lens of my Being, yea.
We are the Sirians, we are your imagination.
We come because we love this Earth so much.
We come here because we love you.
Your Heart is the centre of your creation.
Can you feel us in your being?
Like a mirror reflection.
The land is our bond
and my breath is the air of your Being.
We came here because we love this Earth so much.
We came here because we love you, we love you
so very, very, very much
This is the sound of creation, swirling around you,
like the vibration of your true note.
The wind is my breath and my heart is
my vehicle for expression, the expression.
We come here because we love this, our Earth so very much.
We love you, we love you. We are right in your Imagination.
Can you feel us, can you feel us?
We are you, we are you...from from another point of you,
we are you, we are you, we are you.
Go into your imagination, it is your vehicle for expression.
I want to wrap you in the arms of Love;
fall into your heart and you will feel us in your Being.

Let's stay in love,
Maggie (Leela)

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Spirit of Celebration (Love Invocation #3)

Hello again, you Wonderful Being,

Today, I felt such an overwhelming love building up inside me for our beautiful world accompanied by spiralling haunting notes reverberating through my being.

There is so much love to express inside me, that I think I could go mad if I didn’t express this energy into my joy!

I felt the urge to sing my love.

I hope you enjoy it just as much as I did singing it!!

Click the small blue play button to listen:
My Spirit of Celebration song 4 mins 1.9 Mb

Use Play/Stop buttons for instant play (the small check symbol 'tags' it for members)
Or Left Click to Play normally/ Right Click "Save Target As" to download and play later

"Let’s rise up and greet this day with a song in the spirit of celebration
I love your smile, it keeps me warm
Let’s rise up in the spirit of celebration
And give thanks to our brave new day; I’m in awe of my creation

"I love your smile, it keeps me warm
Let’s open our hearts up and fall into the arms of our world
I feel your love when I’m flying over, over in my joy
I love your smile, it keeps me warm

"Let us rise up and greet this day in celebration
I love your smile, it keeps me, it keeps me warm"

Lots of love to you in beauty and in truth,

Maggie (Leela)

Saturday, June 02, 2007

My new Daily Love Invocations

Hello dear friends,

I have so much love and joy bubbling up in my heart for you, and for me, and for our beautiful, beautiful world that it is too much to keep to myself! Indeed, the fountain of my being is overflowing with this Love!

And when you have something this good, there’s a bursting, an ache to share it with others, and to let it expand and to create a whole world that’s glowing and bathing in that joy.

So, today I have made commitment to share up a serving of this sweet love everyday, to joyfully take up pen and let my love shine through some words to you in your email box with each rising of the sun as a siren call to our Truth; that you may join me in feeling and tasting the love that is our hallmark, and that our souls may regularly reunite as we touch that place where we are all intertwined!

And so, dear friend, fellow lover, may I offer you a sample through some heartfelt words that are arising right now from my heart, urgently seeking their own expression? And here it comes: my first offering, my first Love Invocation, for you:

“I just want to burst out, “I love you,” to the listening wind and for us to be whipped up together in a frenzy of magic and light, and, like in a pair of whirling dervishes dancing together, as One, our souls ignite!

“And as we waltz in wonderment and dizzy delight, as we embrace, I whisper to you lovingly…. “Don’t you remember that this is how it was meant to be: you and me in this love with each other and our world!?”

“And, oh, what joy it would be to live and love life like this each and every day, as we spin ourselves into higher octaves of our being, exuding our vibrations of love and radiance to our world; leaving the air tingling with our joy!

“And maybe, just maybe, as we hit the peak of our ecstasy, we realise that in that exquisite moment when time stands still that the world that we thought previously as outside and separate to ourselves is actually none other than our own Selves in manifestation ----AND -our earth and heaven responds to our recognition, our remembrance and moves and dances with us in a celebratory and joyful, ‘Yes!’

“And so, as we move and play in love, our world, like a faithful lover, responds eagerly to our pulses!

“So dear friend, my love, I would love to invite you to join me in this love and celebration of our world, to also respond with an excited, “Yes”, and to fall into the open arms of our world, and each other, in sweet surrender.”

Thank you, dear Heart, for allowing me to share my first Love Invocation with you, and if you would love to receive these short Love Innovations daily, then I have set up a special email list for you, to automatically have them delivered to your email box every day, for as long as you wish to continue, and I will often be supplementing with my usual longer Blog entries, including more audio and video!
Lots of love
Maggie (Leela)