Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Sometimes we all Need a Little Puff of Encouragement

When we are feeling down we sometimes all need a little puff of encouragement blown our way.

I just want to remind you that we are all naturally creative beings. We have entered into our lives with a patent pending on our creative self-expression entirely unique to ourselves!

We are all born with a creative spark inside us, longing to be expressed. As we express our intrinsic nature which is glorious, spectacular and totally original to ourselves, we experience a miraculous healing transformation!

Like the sun coming out - you are coming out! No need to hide yourself in the closet of your imagined fears! It's time to come out and shine!

The good news is that we are not limited to ourselves as solitary sojourners trying to make something of ourselves in our world. Nor do we need to struggle in splendid isolation.

No, no, no !

As we express and share our creative passion it will miraculously extend and transform our entire relationship with our world.

When we express what we love, what we value, life gets better and better, and our world gets rosier too. For when we live out our truest expression we find that we are indeed the awesome artists, writers, poets, architects… and our world responds as an echo of our creative impulse!

This is because we are not separate from each other, though we play the game of separation in order to play out a wonderful scenario with ourselves in our lives.
Yes, we are literally connected as one being through our different perspectives and so joined inseparably through our hearts!!

The great creator that we are lies alive and kicking, pulsating with crazy desire to experience more of our Self through our lives.

We are each a divine creative spark, emanating as a whole and complete expression of the same one divine Being we all are: a creative candle you and me, intended to light our path and that of our fellow players.

We have intended to make great things of ourselves. When we deny our self-expression through invalidation, then, like a self-inflicted curse we condemn ourselves to a spiritual apathy!

For we are telling ourselves that our dreams don't matter, that we don't matter and so our life, our world silently weeps alongside us!

So, let's not stifle our creative desire, our love, your passion for we will snuff out the light that gives us a sense of aliveness and radiance.
When we give vent to our highest self-expression we re-kindle our connection with each other, we feel in love.

And love is what makes our world thrive.

Come! Let's gather up our pens, musical instruments and imagination, and channel our longings, aspirations and dreams into our living masterpiece with our unique signature in the bottom right corner.

Let's channel our wildly creative and crazy nature into our own form of art instead of driving ourselves crazy!

And just by doing so, not only will we be of service to ourselves, but we will be living the part we wanted to play. And our world, as our faithful extension, will love us for it! For our lives, our world is our playground, our script and our stage! And you, my love are my soul-partner in our beautiful co-authored world……

Go on! We were born to do and make great things of ourselves, together on the ecstatic wave of our self-same being!

Friday, August 18, 2006

The Path before Me Beckons

When I'm flummoxed by life I find my way by walking. All that I require is a sense of exploration, an open mind and a pair of walking shoes.

As I hit the path of my life I feel a rhythm accompany my footsteps and like a mantra I hear myself chant softly; We live as we move: one step at a time. And there is something in adventure walking that reminds me of how I must live if I am to be true to myself and to savour this life.

The wildness, the freedom, the sun caressing my skin and the wind tugging playfully with my hair. The anticipation of a glorious walk lies ahead and I am filled with a profound reverence in this ordinary day.

I have a clear idea of where I want to go, in the sense that I am wanting to hit and dance along the hills that lie between Glastonbury and home at Pecking Mill. I do not follow rigidly to a specific way but instead I allow my excitement and my intuition to be my expert guides along this breathtaking route. It feels like I am walking in the sky!

So, I have a clear idea of where I am heading and allow the route before me to tantalise me in unexpected twists and turns of direction.

And as I walk, I am reminded of how I wish to live: just head for your greatest vision and joy and let go of working out the way to get there, for it will slow you down and may even block your way, may even drive you insane. Instead, allow your excitement, joy and impulse to guide you in the most synchronistic, fabulously exciting and effortless way.

Savouring life becomes natural to me the minute I let go of trying too hard to get somewhere and the pressure to conform to an idea of what I feel I ought to be or be doing.
It is on my walks that my best ideas rise to meet me. It's while walking that all the baggage and my illusory responsibilities start to slip and melt away. I get a sense of wanting to giggle and laugh and I feel the love for all of my life and that blessed moment of connection with everything!

So, as my steps take up the tempo of my heartbeat the land around me dazzles and I am reminded of my true razzle-dazzle self!

Gosh! I feel all of this and everyone in my heart and I walk in awe and joyful prayer, for I feel my own heart in the world around me and the world around me in my own heart!

Oh, our Earth is so beautiful and so are we. I want to share just how incredibly beautiful you are, we all are, and the love, truth, freedom and awesomeness that is truly ourselves and is reflected in nature as our exquisite reminder of our amazing nature.

And through theses words it is my hope and joy that I touch the living pulse of our divine soul and as we share our joy with others we become like 'Sky Dancers'!

I love you beyond measure and through our re-cognition of the one Being that we are I know you can feel me as I can feel you and we come face to face with the beauty and power of our innate Self.
Listen, you are awesome as you are right now. The very fact that you exist is doing miraculous things in our world.
I want to share with you just how amazingly creative you are and that together in our joy we are creating a world of our highest aspirations and dreams.

Shhh! I can tell you a secret:

A brand new adventure is on its way to you post-scripted with your initials – it's creating a fantastic new World for us to share and co-create that by Living it by Loving Life To The Max together, we call it Reality Surfing!

We're going to share it with you through a fantastic, groundbreaking new video course available to view free on the internet. Keep in tune.

Lots of love,


Thursday, August 17, 2006

Gossamer strands of light weaving through our skies

Hello everybody

Hope you're feeling radiant today!

Sorry I haven't been blogging for a while – I have been busy preparing an exciting new course with John called "Reality Surfing - Living and Loving Life to The Max" – watch this space!!!

Often when I am out walking I will witness something that touches me in a way that is not obvious at the time but unmistakably touches me to the core and makes me so blindly happy.

It was one of those glorious hot summer afternoons and I was walking besides the laughing brooks near Stoney Stratton, a pretty Somerset village near me.

I was enjoying playing with the sun when all at once I saw this marvellous sight:

Hundreds and hundreds of thistledown dancing in the breeze like spangles of light moving as a one. And yet each so uniquely different, as they embarked upon their maiden voyage through time and space to float gently into the arms of mothering Earth.

It was such a glorious spectacle: gossamer strands of light weaving through our skies. I felt captivated and privileged to witness such a kaleidoscope of delight.

All were moving together as one, as a wave of dancing light to hit the shores of my awareness, and yet each so sublimely separate and perfect. They were like little spinning tops spiralling as they broke away from their mothers to fulfil their natural creative urge and also their spiritual vocation.

It was like a Fantasia movie of melting, spiralling, iridescent colours and patterns and I was reminded of the magic, the wonderment of our lives, and marvel of our beingness: our supreme gift to be able to create an extravaganza of creation.

And in the dazzling delight of this hot summer's afternoon I am reminded that, like each thistledown, we are alos each bursting spangles of light projected from the one light that we are - dancing on the wave of our creative delight, on the ecstatic wave of the one radiant being we are. Fiercely independent but inextribly bound as one.

And that we are each an entire universe unto ourselves. That I am an one entire soul amid many soul aspects of myself, one life amid a bouquet of other lives of infinite versions of myself – we are in each other's heartbeats – and I feel your urge to fly.

Listen, we are all in this place of creative impulse together, and our aspirations are beautiful, life is beautiful and so are you, so are we all.

For we are indeed the same one being, you and I, born from the excited imaginations of the one 'Me' that we are!

Fear not, fear not, loving, loving heart, for if you stay true to yourself you will be carried on the wave of your heart and that is such an energy it will take you to the far corners of your cosmos.

And in opening to the air that we breathe, to the glorious galaxies of our soul's delight and to the abundance that is all around us, you will know that your aspirations are our possibilities; they are not fantasies, for they are what makes you and moves you along your chosen path, together with all of us choosing to share your wavelength.

Fear not, fear not - you are not alone in your endeavours, for I hear and feel your cry as it flows through me, as I flow through you, in infinite, explosive delight.

And I enfold you in my heart and love us endlessly!

In the meantime, if you would like any help in living and loving your life to the max too, please do call – I'd love to hear from you!! Good times to call are noon to 7pm any day.