Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Surfing the wave of fear into our Ecstasy

Hello dear One,

Did you know that, like you, I sometimes feel caught in the crossfire of my emotions and begin to have thoughts that threaten to tear at the fabric of my sanctity and tug at my heart with icy fingers?

When I experience fear, such as a situation where there doesn't appear to be a way out, I sit down with it and invite it in with open arms. And without judging myself (this is utterly important) for having fear, or judging the situation as negative- I get curious.

So, I view it as a gift to open up and discover something I didn't know about myself.

Like a child opening up a birthday present I feel a washed in this golden moment of promise as I get down close and personal with beady eyes glistening with my present moment in the form of fear .

And so I feel this fear with open arms and open heart and ask my soul what I should do about this situation.

As I sink into my being and feel my response it is simply: "Do nothing, other than go into your joy!"

I feel the integrity of my answer; taste it, play with it, turn it around from all points of view to admire its fa├žade. - And yes, it feels so right, even if my logical mind is screaming to the contrary: "You are being irresponsible!"

But my Heart is singing: "Do nothing other than go into your joy and from that state of being you will know what to do, when you need to do it.

"Your action will be inspired and carrying the energy of your integrity and so be holistic and joyful in its effect."

So, dear friend, I exhort you to use your fear to break you open to unknown horizons and possibilities beckoning you. And when you feel the fear, raise yourself into the swell of your joy and surf the wave of your ecstasy.

Paddling out into the ocean of your fear, everything feels so tremulous and vast.

"Don't worry," I whisper, "We will surf the waves together; like dolphins."

Just take my hand and let me show you how.

Instantly, there is the joy and surprise of weightlessness, the foetal ease of an aquanaut, We may tumble and crash a little, maybe even get slammed by a big wave as we are left numb and battered, and so you feel out of your depth and possibly out of your mind.

Our fear can be a bit like that: the fear from the threat of full-on disaster, followed by the swell of euphoric bliss, and then back again, as we bounce between the two.

We are living in the moment; navigating our way across the waves enjoying the thrills and spills of our own energy masquerading as our fear and ecstasy.

As we surrender to our wave of fear, without resisting it, but instead going with its momentum, we find that our fear is morphing, incredibly, into an even more intense ecstasy.

And so we end up rolling onto the dazzling sand shrieking in delight, faces smiling widely in rapture.

I am so proud of us, dear heart, for we did not view our fear as negative, but grabbed it with both hands. We simply sat on its wave to ride into the foaming curl and furl of our greatest thrill.

And so, brave heart, we raise our eyes to the spirit of sun, to those who live and die for love; spearheading the star-bright crest to ride on, all the way to kiss the golden sands of our destiny.

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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Art of Living in Everyday Ecstasy and Love

Hello dear Friend,

Did you know that you can tap into your ecstasy, love and freedom, even if your life's situation is far from ideal?

Oh, dear friend - my love, we are meant to live in ecstasy, joy and love in each and every moment .We are naturally ecstatic beings.

Stay with me in your heart and we will awaken your spark and vibrate so high that we fly above the radar to avoid being affected by our lives' apparent trials and tribulations and yet we will deepen our connection to our beloved Earth and each other.

I am so grateful and I am so blessed to share this moment with you for I have been going through my greatest fears and turning them into my ecstasy, my passion and my very reason for being and sharing here with you now.

Let me hold your hand now and beginning sharing with you some of the tips I've learnt along my way for the art of living; not only in love, but amping up our experience into the realm of ecstasy, which is simply high vibrational love.

For in doing so, you give me the greatest gift of all: the opportunity to share my love and ecstasy with you.

And I do mean 'ecstasy'! And I do mean 'true love'! For, in this age of transformation, of 'ascension' even, I have discovered, as have many of the people I've been helping, that not only are these now possible from time to time, but they are quickly becoming the natural way of being for us, they are becoming the 'new normal'.

So, I'm just letting you know I am here with you now and champing at the bit to share with you some tasty morsels of my experience of how you too, can simply allow yourself now to live in love and your ecstasy, without feeling that you have to wait for your life to change first!

Let's start with the most basic approach - simply giving yourself permission:

Just for today: dream, meditate, muse and allow yourself to play with the idea of giving yourself permission to experience and feel what you truly want, i.e. the essence beyond its physical appearance in your life.

For example, you may feel you want or need more money in your life. But as you explore deeper you may feel that its essence is that you simply want to feel free and completely unrestricted and you think that money is the only means by which you can experience that.

And so now: joyfully amp up the ecstasy and love by allowing yourself to romp and dance in this essence, in your mind and your whole being; let your imagination run wild!

And then, from this essence, sink into your bones and feel in your heart what you truly are and how you wish to live your life.

And then just be that you now.....

You will probably surprise yourself!

Be wild, be you, be free.

Give yourself the gift of your own ecstasy and love.
Leela (my main website: healing, courses, resources) (FREE Personal Ascension video and attunement!)

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