Thursday, October 23, 2008

How to use Oct 14 'prediction' to catalyse us into Unconditional Love

Hello dear Friend,

In this video I invite you to join me in using the wave of energy catalysed by Blossom's October 14th prediction for going into more and love with ourselves, each other and our world.

All my love,
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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Love Invocation: A song for You, Blossom and our Humanity

Hello Dear Hearts,

I am so ecstatic and joyous to share with you below a video song I have created, born from the myriad emotions I am feeling in our world that have been catalysed by Blossom Goodchild's mass UFO sighting prediction that didn't come to pass. I feel so much sadness, disappointment and anger in our world and -I feel love and joy too.

Out this cauldron of negativity (and positivity) I feel there's a wave of love going through our world carrying more and more people on the momentum of breaking their hearts open into more light. I feel so much love and compassion for our humanity's commitment to be all that we can be.

And so I am spurred to uplift the energy: I have created a love song for you, Blossom and our humanity...

So, here is my response to Blossom Goodchild's October 16th updates video.

It comes from my heart to yours, and I feel your love too...

If you would like to leave share your own response to this wave of Love, please do either click on Comments on bottom of this blog or add to the many wonderful comments I've already received on the copy on YouTube !

I love you so much,

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Friday, October 17, 2008

A Love Invocation for our Humanity

The last few days of the whole October 14th UFO prediction event has become an unprecedented worldwide internet phenomenon. And the lack of appearance of any massive UFO for 3 days has provoked such extreme reactions and confusions in so many people that I've certainly not encountered before. I wanted to express my feelings about this:

As I connect with you right now, I feel such fragility, openness and purity within us all which has been catalysed over the last few days.

I want to enfold you in my arms and soothe the confusion.

I feel the rawness, openness and fragility of us - I feel your purity.

And as I feel these things, I feel bowed by an overwhelming love for our humanity and I feel struck by utter, utter compassion -- despite much anger 'out there'.

I find myself asking, "How can we best serve those who feel anger and disappointment?"

And I hear our soul whispering in the wind, "By allowing yourself to feel what our soul is guiding us into in this moment." I listen deeply, and for me it is the fragility, the purity, the openness of being and, most of all, the unconditional love compounded by waves of deep, deep compassion.

And so I breathe deeply and drink copiously of the streams of love and light that are betwixt us and between us.

And I find our soul returning and whispering on a wave of light, "As you allow yourself to feel our purity, our openness and our fragility, allow it to wash through you into deep, deep unconditional love and you will always find yourself automatically 'doing' and expressing what will best serve our humanity."

And I rejoice and feel without resistance the wave of our overwhelming emotions - breaking us, taking us, opening us into more and more love.

And on the next wave of ecstasy, I find myself crying with joy, "I love you utterly and profoundly."

I carry you in my heart always, as an emblem to our joy....

Leela... (my main website: healing, courses, resources) (FREE Personal Ascension video and attunement!)

Monday, October 13, 2008

October 14th and beyond - the next level from galactic

Hello again
Here is the second part of my video blog on Oct 14th UFO prediction and taking it to the next level (also on YouTube):

All my love
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Friday, October 10, 2008

Preparing for Oct 14th Contact - The Video!

Dear Friends,

In this video I both channel and share a deeper perspective on the how we are creating our October 14th reality as we go! Many people have expressed fear and uncertainty as they have read some sources about this, but really, there's nothing to fear when you appreciate the love and support we all have. It's so wonderful to share it (it's had 1,000 YouTube views in the first 12 hours!)...

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All my love

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Saturday, October 04, 2008

Preparing for Contact - October 14th

Hello dear One,

You may have heard a lot of chatter about the possible appearance of a mass UFO sighting over major cities around our world on October 14th.

I would love to take this opportunity to share with you what I feel in my heart about what is going on and you can then check within yourself and your own truth on the matter...

In summary, you will see what you truly want to see and feel it deeply conducive to your own personal growth and spiritual evolution right now.

Here is a message I channeled from The Founders (thought to be responsible for architecting our Galaxy!)

"There will be no one fixed event but a myriad of different reality experiences according to what each of you really want for yourselves and your world. This includes BOTH the possibilities (amongst many) of experiencing the version of you that believes that it is all a hoax and nothing happens, as well as the version of you that really DOES experience the effect of a mass UFO sighting. This, our loving guidance, is to help you into choosing the actual version of events that BEST suits you - and you alone.

"You are entering a portal to the next bandwidth of yourself where you will start to perceive for yourself that there is not one universe or scenario of events but literally an outpouring from your being of the version of your world that you wish to create and it will have your unique stamp on it!

"You are coming into your power and recognising that you are each your own saviour and that don't need someone else to come and save you! And we of the Galactic Federation certainly do not want to foster the idea that you need saving!

"For this reason, it could even be detrimental to your own self-empowerment and growth to have the overwhelming effects of a mass UFO sighting.

"Some of you have no need to experience this type of grand gesture and verification of the existence of other life forms and civilisations because you already know they exist, for some of you have been contacted personally and directly.

"Others have already made contact and had interactions with your space brothers and sisters in your dreams or deep meditative state when the barriers to perceiving and receiving information from other dimensional aspects of yourselves are down and you feel safe in this state.

"Many of you have even met your own counterparts or future selves in dreams and get the feeling of intense familiarity vibes of friends or family around you. And some of you have met up with your hybrid children too!

"To expand: the reason there has not been a mass sighting yet is because we would not want to impose such an overwhelming presence upon the whole of your world.

"As some of you may know, being in the presence of a high energy body will naturally cause you to resonate yourself with that frequency. And thus there would be an overwhelming effect energetically if one our 'City Of Light' star ships were to appear to you at such a close range, and so we have kept ourselves just outside your density of perception.

"And that is just seeing us in the sky! If you were to actually have physical face-to-face contact with us it would be like standing next to a furnace of light; the intensity of purity of beingness would reveal everything to you that you have held under wraps or concealed in your subconscious. It would provoke your shadow side (which you are integrating at your own pace) to come rising to the surface all at once in a rush and could cause you to go into psychotic breakdown. We would not want to impose that on you, just as you would not want that for yourself. We desire, as you desire, to be as equals to us before we make physical contact.

"So, it is not in our own interests, just as it is not in yours, to put such an imposition on you at this time. You are already preparing for such contact in a way that is empowering for each of you, so that you can meet us on equal terms...

"In addition, to be in such close proximity of a higher frequency modulation would for many of you generate a lot of fear, as you find yourself immersed in a higher frequency field of energy and that would cause a catalytic shock as all your primal fears lock on. You would feel you are losing your reality and control, and that could create nightmares in your being.

"And so this is why not everyone can or wants to 'see' a UFO at such close proximity and with the energetic implications of a 'City Of Light' coming so close into your density. To take it to a greater degree, not everyone would want to meet their extraterrestrial counterpart ... and so, you attract to you what you are wanting and ready to perceive at this time, for your OWN spiritual and human evolution.

"The safety valve is that we are here with you right now, but in a higher dimensional frequency bandwidth of experience. If you were to really see our craft the way they actually are, they would appear as a flash of light or ball of light.

"You created this safety valve inside you so that you would not perceive us until you are ready. And we know that many of you have already seen us in the skies as such because you have raised your frequency, your light to meet us half way.

"We have de-accelerated our frequency on occasion to make us more physical to your 3D reality density in order to make a point that we are here, as and when you have asked us individually and when it serves a group of people.

"We have decreased and de-accelerated our energy field to make a physical appearance to certain groups of individuals who were in agreement to such an occurrence.

"However, it is very uncomfortable for us to reduce our frequency too far towards your 3D density. More importantly, you have been wanting to raise your energy up to meet US. You wish to be and live as more of your true self including the beginning of integrating with your other-dimensional selves and experiences to enable you to ascend to being the most true, free, blazing spirit of yourself right here on your Earth, which is also ascending.

"As you shift and raise your frequency to meet us on equal terms you will know for sure that your Earth is intimately bonded to you and thus she shifts her frequency with you into the version of your world you have always wished to dream into being from the beginning.

"Many of you are preparing for contact; many of you have been in contact with us for years and in other timeframes of yourselves. And in your dreaming and meditative states we have been whispering to you, loving and supporting you to be and embrace all that you are in rhapsody and light.

"Just carry on being the true light of yourself, holding the joy, peace and love no matter the storms around you. For you are indeed ascending into being your true vibrant awesome radiant Selves, as you allow the shift into all that you are. By being in your light, joy, love, peace and the lightness of laughter your version of Earth will literally move with you.

"Because your Earth (as your extension) cannot but reflect the light that you already are. We and your higher aspects are taking an active part in your own evolution and Ascension as you allow yourself to be open to all aspects of yourselves and channel the influences of higher dimensional bandwidths of yourselves, integrating 4th, 5th and 6th dimensional frequencies, as well as, for example, the Sirian, Pleaidian and Arcturian aspects of yourselves that are coming to you now via 'Star gate Six' (NB. this is not a physical phenomenon but an energetic belt and portal in your own consciousness becoming accessible now that you are expanding at this time).

"And so you are saving and helping yourselves.

"And we are so very proud of you; you are on time!

"All dimensions are starting to blend.

"We love you -

"Exaltations Friends!"

he Founders

So, you see, I believe we are at a zero hour that opens the gateway to being our beingness, to radiating our infinity of expression in love, light and freedom.

What will actually happen is that we will each create the version of Earth that we wish to create: what we create is what we project from the totality of our being reflecting how we live and feel about ourselves and the quality of our relationship to ourselves.

Our essential being, the purity of our beingness, will be reflected in the Earth we create. We are literally each our own universes and yet intricately bonded to each other as the One being that we are - and so not alone.

Thus we will create a version of our Earth that we wish to live in, with the appearance of all those other aspects of ourselves who appear to have made a similar choice.

At the same time, other versions of ourselves create various other alternate parallel reality tracks, according to what they are wanting to perceive and experience, albeit hidden from our immediate awareness. In this way, we get to experience and enjoy our reality that we have created without distraction. Each one of us will get the version of our Earth literally of our own thoughts, beliefs and aspirations.

So, I am suggesting to you that all outcomes are possible for you... and for me, independently. What a paradox!

And we can go kicking and screaming and fighting our change, or we can surrender to our natural inclination to be all that we are in love, light and ecstasy, and so allow ourselves to be who we really are and live that version of ourselves right now.

We are our own governments, we are our own military. We are each healing and integrating not only on a personal level but also as reflected on our own global level.

We are literally our own world among worlds.

Leela (my main website: healing, courses, resources) (FREE Personal Ascension video and attunement!)
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