Friday, April 14, 2006

Dancing where the Earth Meets The Sky

Hi! I would love to share with you a wonderful metaphor that I have found so very powerful and invigorating as a tool for living an ecstatic life!

This amazing inspiration came from the TV programme Grand Designs. I walked into our sitting room and I saw our dream house on TV. It really was everything that I could possibly imagine - it sat on the edge of a lake beautifully poised between the earth and the sky. The structure was composed of so much glass so that the house seemed to act as a transparent medium for the infinite sky above and vast mirror-like water in front of it, and behind were the soft and undulating purples and greens of the nearby hills.

What reflections! What a chorus of delight!

So perfectly immersed in a landscape of rolling hills, sky, beauty and water; a kaleidoscope of colours, hues and light forever changing, moment by moment.

And I realised with a heart-bursting excitement and recognition that this is where I want to be right now, in the space and light of that house.

That night I dreamt I lived in that beautiful house situated between the earth and sky and the water. When morning came I had the beautiful realisation that this was the space and place that I wanted to live my life from. Let me explain: I have often been advised by my guides that the location and place we live is not separate from ourselves, but is a reflection of our thoughts, beliefs and our relationship to our life .

I have found this to be profoundly true, for since John and I have been together we haved moved four times in six years, each time because we have shifted and changed so much in our own beingness. The houses we have moved in to have become more and more light filed and expansive as we have expanded our own sense of freedom, space and joy.

So, this house is joyfully pointing to the new and next wave of my natural and ecstatic way of being. I would like also to point out to you that we did not have the money to buy the properties we have been so blessed to live in. As my guides have always lovingly reminded me, you simply have to be the vibration that you wish to see in your reality and that sets the stage, as it were, for it to appear.

In other words you just have to be it before you will see it.

It's about not getting caught up in the details of how you are going to get there, rather, enjoying the outcome now. For me, that is sharing my joy, my delight and playing with light of being in that space here now.

To me, the house is a living metaphor for the space and the light of how I want to move in my life; moving freely, dancing in the light and soaking in the sunshine. And like the house, I love to be transparent, in that I choose to exert no effort or to resist my impulses to expand and delight!

This to me is dancing where the Earth meets the Sky, and I am loving this place so much that the house itself is really incidental!

However, what I have discovered in my life is that my reality will shift to reflect the changes in me. I will let you know where we end up. But to be honest the things that are happening in my life right now are so fantastic that it feels like I am already in the that house, and so it doesn't matter if and when it 'happens': such is the amazing power of imagination, vibration and love.

For more on this house, see Channel 4 website: Killearn House

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Introducing the Essence of Existence

I'm overjoyed to share with you that The Lovers' Way, that I've shared earlier, has flowered into a new level of expression which is now urging to be called the Essence of Existence – Wow!!

So, let us venture down together into the very essence of Existence itself, into the sparkling Light that We are. For we are dancing sunbeams you and I, spinning out from the centre of our Heart; the giant Sun of our Beingness.

We are jointly a joy born from the core of our consciousness. Come and dance in harmony with me into the heart of creation, and enjoy the ecstatic pulse of our life-force.

The purpose of Essence of Existence is to get intimate with the sparkling strata of our lives' Dream. You will bear exquisite witness to the breathtaking scenario, the divine and direct experience of exactly how we create an entire Universe unto ourselves out of our beloved Oneness.

Wow! To play and waltz with the spangles of light that we are. To make glorious works of art out of our lives, carved and fashioned out of our consciousness in perfect synchronisation with each other - what a feat!

And we do all this from the depths of our love and the desire to experience more and more of ourselves.

What a fantastic fiesta, a sacred finale, as we recognise and acknowledge the awesome truth of ourselves: namely that we are all gods in creation, creating our entire lives, our entire realities – actually our own Universes!

This awareness is indeed the next great adventure for humanity as we venture into the exploration of the Essence of our Existence, and so access the panoramic viewpoint of reality: a stunning new and awesome life-perspective that will leave you fundamentally touched to the core.

And so, once you have experienced the glittering radiance and awesomeness of what you really are, you would not want to live with any less energy, light, brilliance creativity, freedom and love.

I'm so excited to share with you that we (John and I) really can take you into this Essence of Existence, and that we are preparing a free video introduction to the Essence of Existence that you will be able to watch online! Watch this space for your invitation, coming soon to the big Screen of your life!

Friday, April 07, 2006

Will you meet me in the restaurant at the other side of our Universe?

Hello wonderful beings; just checking in with you as I haven't been in contact with you for some time, but I have been having such a fantastic time living my dream 'inside out'.

And today, dear reader (you being part of my joy), I would like to take this opportunity to share some love and happy, happy vibes with you, and perhaps some quicksilver of exquisite ecstasy!

So, fasten your seatbelts and allow my words to caress your soul.

And here we go….

Let me take you, guide you into the centre of your Universe, where all things are possible and all self-imposed barriers to experiencing life to its limits are dissolved, down here in the infinite depths of your cosmic consciousness.

Do you harbour secret dreams you don't think you have a right to bring into your world?

Did you know that you they are a reflection of your greatness?

And I bet that deep down in your gut that you are wanting to play a bigger game than you are right now!

We all have an exciting mission in front of us. We just need to get really clear about what we believe in, what's our highest excitement and dream and then be courageous about 'being ' that belief, that dream. Then we can walk in our world with the full knowledge that we are imbued with greatness and that we have our 'God' inside us. And that as such we have the divine right, our love in our heart and capability to know what we need to do each and every moment to fulfil our destiny.

Once you own that perspective, it is very difficult to go back to being a victim, being apathetic or embarking on any of the other distractions and strategies we adopt when we let the power of ourselves leak out to some 'external ' symbol that we feel has power over us.

Hey, but I've have great news for you. Let me remind you: seeing you are the whole of your reality, then you must also be all your circumstances, events and opportunities of your 'external' life. You may like to meditate on that for a minute. Hold it to your heart, try it out in your imagination and you will find that it is your gateway to freedom.

And you, dear friend, will find that your energy will be so high that you will love where you are and that you simply wouldn't want to choose any less energy, happiness or love than this natural state of being.

Did you know that this secret of your radiance is always with you? And that you can either remain tight in the bud of your unfoldment or burst forth and join me in serving our beautiful planet. By owning your highest dream and living it now in this way will find yourself on the most exhilarating ride of your life!

This is because your heart is the portal to your power and love is the most powerful energy in your Universe. It is the zest and essence of who you are and steers you unerringly into the horizon of your vision when you embrace your love and live it out.

Listen my friend, I've just got to remind you are truly a unique, awesomely beautiful and vibrant being, even when you play the idea that you're not! You don't need to confirm your worth by the approval from people around you. When you recognise that you are indeed your own world you will shift and therefore no longer need approval from others because so will you will know they are all you. For you know who you are, open up to it, feel it and ride yourself home on the 'Harley of your dreams.'

You came into this incarnation with your unique stamp of perspective. To devalue yourself is the ultimate act of self-sabotage. Your glorious being came imbued with certain talents, gifts and quirks that are your spiritual DNA. They are your unique and secret code to unlock your mission here, if you are courageous enough to go for it.

Come, come and join me in the experience of living your highest dream and so loving yourself, and, as your extension, your world will be birthed into a new dimension of yourself.

Don't wait another moment to being the person you know that you are on the inside, and let that you shine on the outside.

Actualizing the authentic you and your dream-self lifts the veil that you have cast over your life and takes you to a place you can never look back from, for you will know too much, feel too much and be having such a paradisiacal time here on our Earth.

I know you can do this, for I am doing it and I feel that at our core I am you too. So if you tune into that core too, you'll be able to get back on the saddle, go into full throttle and take off into infinite speed with your life.

And let me know how it goes; I can't wait to hear your story for I know that it will be a great one!

Perhaps one day we will meet in a restaurant at the other side of our Universe, have coffee, a chat and reminisce over that golden moment when we choose to be our awesome selves and created a spiritual revolution on our planet Earth.