Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Enchanted encounters with fairies - and dancing that spirit into my life

Hello dear friend,

I’m just so blown away by the magic that’s been happening to me since I’ve been expressing my deepest passion through the writing of my book (my ultimate expression of Spirit Dancing!), especially more so now as I am galloping toward its culmination.

Today, I would like to share with you a recent experience of this - so magical that I gasped in wonder!

Evening on our beach  Click to enlarge

I had set off to visit to one of my favourite nature spots, just up the main valley here – a mossy, fern-clad dell, watched over tenderly by kind and benevolent trees: statuesque ashes, wizened oaks and several silver birches, as well as a special friend of mine – a dainty hazel that’s been my constant companion and confidante.

Heading up a side valley, known as The Ribbons, along an old mining track, I was following the course of a laughing stream, its water gleaming like a burnished mirror.

I suddenly stopped just on the edge of my destination, astounded – for the area was teeming with fairies: scintillating sparks of blue, green and pink floated and danced around me in swirls, like sparkling, floaty bridal trains, all converging into one stream twirling around me. It was as though they were gathering together, busily chattering and telling each other some great news: ‘She’s here,’ they seemed to be whispering excitedly. I felt so welcomed and embraced; I felt I was truly their friend. I could feel this rising warmth in my heart, filling me to the brim and making me feel so joyous – bubbling over with happiness.

As I stood there transfixed in my shady nook, tickled by the native grasses swaying around my legs, the streaming fairies seemed to dissolve into the background to allow me to focus on a one tiny, luminous being, no bigger than the top of my thumb – a beautiful green fairy reclining in a crook in the main trunk of my fairy hazel tree. Her bright emerald eyes were staring back at me, unblinking; she looked so peaceful as she rested there in the knobbly elbow of the tree – so divine, so pure and so open. This purity and fragility of being, resonated with my heart so much that I felt I actually became her - resting and reclining in the torso of that beloved tree myself. 

My little friend - the hazel tree with my depiction of the Green Fairy!Click to enlarge
It was, indeed, a tender moment.

Gently, I morphed back into my more physical self, and as I proceeded on my meditative walk, carrying that flitting, floating, fairy feeling in my gleeful gait and lightness of being, I gasped in awe; for out of the corner of my eye, I spied a blue being in a clearly human form and glowing with blue ethereal light, not unlike a blue gas flame. I was completely at my ease in its presence, for it felt so clear to me that I was looking at another version of my own Self, and it was so wonderful, comforting and reassuring to have that esteemed someone join ‘me’ on ‘my’ meanderings, walking beside me gracefully, in silence and peace.

I felt overcome with joy and excitement, for I have experienced such encounters in my dream times and meditations, but never before in my physical life like this! Such exaltations!

Gradually, we strolled closer and closer until that other, lighter, ethereal version of myself actually dissolved into me; and so there I was, now carrying that sense of my higher self with me, in my heart, as well – it felt so majestic and powerful, yet light, elegant and soft at the same time. I felt taller and whole, and more intimate with everything around me, as though it were all my own clothing draped about me on the frame of my own being.

As I wandered on, my heart leapt in joy – ten-fold higher – as I spotted twenty or thirty water sprites laughing and dancing in the sparkling foam of the frothy stream as it raced over its polished, agate-like pebbles. I could and hear them singing too, like a celestial choir – their voices hauntingly beautiful. Their music in my heart I bore, bewitching me long after it was to be heard no more – dissipating into my being, misting into my core and becoming my own sweet signature vibration: a mystical madrigal of my own spirit.

Leaving the sanctuary of that magic valley, I felt strongly that this experience was as result of me having always succumbed to the promptings of my passion and divine guidance within myself, and having acted that guidance out faithfully, particular through writing my book (‘Lelania’s Dream’) – musing and dreaming up a magical tale as a means to help me into acknowledging and living my life as my fairy, dream-self, and to bring that dream life into existence here on Earth. In being so true to my vision, I’ve been truly Spirit Dancing!

I have been carrying the essence of my experience that day with me and this has been convincing me that this way of living is surely one that ushers the most exquisite joy and exaltations possible in this dazzling vividness of existence.

Evening on our beach
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And so dear friend, that was a little soupcon of my own Spirit Dancing. I believe we each have our own unique expression of dancing our spirit into life, maybe very different from mine, but potentially no less potent for you. And so this is why I offer Spirit Dancing lessons – helping you clear the way and be open to the steps that will lead you, faithfully and assuredly, into more of the true and quintessential you.

If you would like to have a taster of this true you, and a quick insight into what may be holding you back from making the first steps towards this waltz with life, I would love you to take up my offer to you of a free introductory Spirit Dancing session together – just to share a little of this spirited freedom of being with you, for no other reason than it gives us such joy, and, of course, with no obligation implied to take it further together (though many do choose to!!)


Come dance with me – let’s play together!


My depiction of the Green Fairy!
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