Tuesday, October 03, 2006

City of Light

Hello again!

This is long post today, but it expresses some of my most significant revelations and important realisations for our time, here on our Earth today.

Please do let me know what parts of your being it touches!

By the way, this is a picture of me with my son, Daniel - another glorious being and star child!

Gosh, I had such another fantastic day yesterday, even although I was absolutely shattered!

From this wonderful space of knowing that my entire reality, both internal and external, is all you and me and is my faithful reflection, I can now see how wonderful and glorious my tiredness is serving me; for am forcing myself to stay in the moment!

What a gift!

For when I think about achieving something now in my life, like a goal, it truly exhausts me, for I feel myself creating time, space, effort and distance between my goal and where I am at in this present moment.

And so I create the great divide between me and my reality, and it hurts!

So, I am losing my need to be so driven and I feel free! WEEeeeeee!

I am freewheeling down the highway of my life instead of forcing things to happen for I know that you and I are both our entire world, including all the people and events that, between us, we choose to experience:

Even though my world is my own private projection and creation and your world is your own world too, together, we enjoy the sharing of the same one idea of this world. It really is all us, the same one being we are: emanating from and all contained within the same one Consciousness we are.

I experience my entire universe in my heart. I feel your entire Universe in your heart, and I know that your heart and my heart are our One Heart. We simply have to allow our heart’s desire to express itself and happen naturally, rather than forcing the issue.

You see, our exquisite process of creation is so clever that your will is automatically aligned with my desire, so we can both enjoy complete freedom of choice and expression without ever imposing on each other or being imposed upon by the 'other’.

This is because, of all the infinite versions of ‘you’, the one that appears with me in my reality, and holds my hand in our exploration to share this Experience, is always the one that is making coinciding choices.

The effect is that not only do I own my reality and you own yours, but, exquisitely, we own and support each other’s realities too so that we can both enjoy this one idea of our world from our two independent, yet corresponding Points Of View, without ever being in conflict!

Oh my God, it’s such an amazing creative explosion of Consciousness to share, thank you for being with me, and being me, in this, our Cosmic Drama!

For why do I need to force things to happen when I can simply allow it to happen? It's like this ground-breaking course I have been working on with John, the more I have tried to work on it the more I seemed to block the progress, whereas when I festooned myself with the joy that it's all happening now, we see the miracle of the effortless unfolding of our course.

I am learning that my truest, highest joy is to share my love of our world, of our beautiful co-creation. And to share the joy, the love of the exquisite process of creation itself: the glamour, the buzz as I share the ecstasy of our true vibrant selves!

Wow, it just fills me up with high octane jus, just taking about it with you here, now!
I just keep seeing a picture of myself in my imagination: sharing, singing and dancing the exquisite beauty and love of what we are and of this, our beautiful world. And through my passion, shared through the beat, tempo and rhythm of these words and my work, I am rapturously guided to dance with others and help them see and feel that within themselves!

And so we love each other up to higher and higher octaves of our vibrational frequency. It feels like waltzing, and I hear music: strains of music, the music of the spheres the beat of creation, the Fibonacci sequence. We are the musical notes, the pitches, the sounds jumping off the pages of the screen of our lives; we underscore and write our creation.

We are tapping into the music and sound of creation, and we create a rhapsody with the fabric of creation itself, spun out from the depths of our Selves, our same one Self! Our lives are the mode and the vehicle of that expression.

Can't you feel the pulse of our Heartbeat as we quicken our lives together into images that dance before our eyes in mesmerising reflections, each and every moment a new moment pregnant with possibilities? In our synchronised heartbeats we feel the one being that we are and yet at the same time, we can go off with joyful abandonment and explore ourselves through our individual and unique, yet intricately interwoven, lives.

So, I was reeling with joy and ecstasy after sharing my love with you the other day in our song of love! And I want to take this moment to give you a big hug and to thank you for listening – for this love I feel inside is getting stronger every day and it's too vast to keep to myself!

And so the love is extrapolating into every part of my life. I am totally awed by my life at the moment, everybody is so amazing, so kind and loving to me and I swear life is getting more and more beautiful. For example, I just had my MOT done on the car and had such a wonderful experience with the mechanics at the garage, which I shall describe later. It was like melting into another and at the same time it was a joyful, playful, mutually uplifting dance of distinct individuals.

And I’ve just got to mention the skies! Have you noticed the light? There is such a vibrant light bathing glorious Somerset! The skies remind me of the colours and hues of Michangelo's famous painting of heaven, in the Sistine chapel.

So, with this joy in my heart I was off driving in my red Ford Fiesta recently in the direction of Sherborne in Dorset, when all at once I beheld a truly miraculous sight: a UFO hovering directly over me.

Now, I’m used to seeing all manner of UFOs, but I’ve never seen one like this before! It was huge, like the massive mother ship in the movie 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind’. However, this one was different in that it appeared to be gleaming like gold, sparkling and vibrant; suspended above me like a heavenly vision.

The phrase 'City of Light' floated into my mind.

This vision appeared before my eyes in broad daylight, as though to impress something upon my consciousness. It hovered silently for about ten seconds, about 100 foot above me, then as quickly as it had appeared, it just disappeared and I knew I would know the significance later.

And so I did, that night, in that magical time for me in the early hours. I was wide awake and the vision of the 'City of Light' came into my awareness. I felt the presence of the beings inside the ship and I had a strong feeling that we have been in contact and very close for sometime now, particularly in my dreams. And whenever I sense their incredible compassionate nature it always strikes such a cord in me, for it reminds me of what I value and how I love to live my life.
And my heart opens like a flower. Their love reminds me of myself and how I now love to hug another freely without fear of being misunderstood or rejected. And the absolute joy I experience now whenever I meet another, for I find myself naturally, spontaneously drawn to psychically hugging them! Furthermore, this has extended into even psychically hugging other passing drivers as I am driving my car, and we share an ecstatic moment of connection as our eyes lock in recognition and love.

Whenever I sense the presence of these beings from the star ship, my heart leaps and sings! For they have kept a close eye on my progress and experiences here on our Earth. Whenever I have felt desperate and lost they were always there for me, to hold me in love! I have now become aware that this City of Light is the very ship that I have been conscious of taking trips to at night. It seems like I have regularly been invited to attend 'board meetings' of galactic, as well as Earth, business!

In these meetings we enjoy discussing the events, openings and progress of our Earth and other star systems such as the Pleiades, Sirius, Arcturus and the Andromeda influences to mention a few, as they and we on Earth co-create together our new expanded awareness and opening to the truth of our true connections and multi-dimensional reality!

And, so I found myself this time asking the beings on the ship about the progress of our course for I was concerned about the length of time it was taking for it to be
ready to share with others.

And simultaneously they answered; “No need to worry, you are doing well. You are perfectly on track and in timing. Everything in your life is falling into alignment into its place to facilitate the sharing of your joy and by extension your world's joy! The most important thing of all is to remain in the Love Vibration, to carry on loving and living your love and life to the full, here on Earth. The Energy of that love will change everything".

I can really see this now. For sometimes I feel I should be sitting here ‘slogging’ out the details of our course. But now I know that my joy in the moment is the getting done of the course! Like just getting up to sing and dance in front of the camera is the getting done of my course done! Going for a walk in nature, picking up gorgeous silks and fabulously vibrantly coloured materials, and draping them around me as my dress of the day; this is all getting our course ‘done’!

And what I have now learnt from them, is that by being and doing our joy, we are putting our self in' perfect tune.' Because we are coming from that note, frequency, pitch and vibe of extordinary joy which allows all the things that need to happen to assist us in our joy effortlessly and synchronistically. And as our unique, exquisite joy is our link to all of our Self, as extended into our world, we find that we have all the resources of our world, our reality, at our glorious beck and call!

I just don't want to ‘work it out’ anymore. I just want to come from the exquisite joy and buzz of creation itself. I am buzzing with it now!

From this space, this energy, each day is an incredible day! Every single encounter I have with another is so intimately connected to every other detail of my life and relevant to our course. This is because I am experiencing the joy and connection with another without needing to validate myself. I feel I am standing in my pride and in love with myself as another and my life is truly filled with wonder! But more importantly, I feel I am living and radiating the truth of what I am sharing with you here!

Let me share with you another story.

I went walking in the water meadows near Batcombe. There I bumped into my friend Nick, a fellow artist. And he simply asked me what I did!

Now, this question used to catalyse a gasp of complete wonder in me, but also an inner deep mystification as to what I actually ‘am’ or ‘do’!
For I do so many things: I am a healer, a therapist, a singer, a dancer, a writer, an artist.. But I have always shied away from sharing with people the core of what I actually do and love to share, because I just don't think they would understand, or that they would be totally blown away or shun me in fear! Or the big one: what we have to share is so revolutionary to the human experience that it just might be too far reaching for this time.

So there then came the turnaround…

Nick put me on the spot and I am really grateful to him for asking the big question, "What is it that you do?"

And I was so compelled to come out with the truth at last, especially since it was such a perfect setting for my expression as we were both immersed in the deep lush meadows, lovely blue sky overhead and the sun was smiling upon us both.

And do you know what? I just let it all gush out, without restraint. And what a relief it was! This is more or less what I said:

“Nick, I am bursting with the joy and love that I have for our beautiful world and that you and I, Nick, are creating all of this around us out of the core of our being!

''I love to take you into the ‘heart of our creation,' the magical melting pot of creation itself.

“I love to guide you into the awareness of how we fashion our reality out of the glorious intricacies of the swirling vortex of sound, colour, love and light projected out of our beingness in an ecstatic pulse.

“To remind you how you and I, as apparently discreet and separate individuals, are creating our entire individual universes out of this glorious substance of our own consciousness.

“And the joy and liberation of how we are not literally sharing what we see as this one world ‘out there’. Rather how we enjoy the freedom and splendour of our unlimited creativity, each in our own ‘private’ universe, and the reason yours synchronises with mine, is that we are the same one being, wanting to share this moment right and this idea of our ‘world’ now!

''Nick, did you know, that we are not just ‘creating our reality’ but actually creating our entire world, our own private universe, completely out of our joy and crafted out of our consciousness? That we are not two beings sharing this one world, but we are indeed one being living in two separate and distinct universes, one for each of us!

“And the reason yours coincides with mine: why I can appear in your reality and you appear in mine, is, again, because we really, really ARE the same one being wishing to explore this experience.

“We are sharing this idea of our world, our interaction here and we love it! We are giving it solidity, structure, colour and form out of our singular consciousness, divided into two – yours and mine - out of our glorious imagination!

“In my language ‘universe’ means one verse, one tune we are both resonating to. We bring our worlds into existence by the pitch, tone, and colour of our beliefs and thoughts. My highest desire is to share the magic, the wonder, the beauty of creation itself and how you are and I are integral to creation itself and to our entire universe, because we ARE creation itself!

“Nick, you are so much more than you think you are and I want to share with you the glory, the magnitude, the awesomeness of how you and I create the idea of this beautiful word within our one being. This will automatically reveal to you and will be your own revelation of what I see when I look into your eyes; that we are both looking into the eyes of God, and we are that God!

“Can you feel it Nick, right here, right now? How we are amazing, you and me?

“What glorious acts we can create together, knowing that we are responsible for this our entire universe and world. For indeed, we each have an entire universe at our disposal to create and play with.

“And the miracle is that my Universe is yours and yours is mine. Yet, no longer do we need to lament and moan over what we can't do and what we are victim to: what we see is all our own and our shared creation, and we can joyfully own it and create with it, together!

“Yes, we are so amazing, you and I, that we are doing this all the time, can't you feel it? The joy, the wonder, the quickening as we usher our world into existence, into an appearance of a world of such depth, colour, textural detail - all from our core of pure love and radiance?!”

Naturally, he was somewhat taken aback. Yet, to my surprise and joy, he seemed to resonate with and understand what I had said; like a distant memory coming back into focus. There was a relaxing of the furrow on his forehead as the magnitude of what we do dawned upon his awareness and he smiled openly in recognition! And as we parted there was the rekindling of a bond that kept us warm in love and simmered quietly in our eternal truth: that he and I were one being, enjoying our creation from different points of view within our own Consciousness!

And so I revelled in the glow of realisation that, indeed, I really could speak and be my truth without fear, without restraint.

Then, on another day I was again put on the spot when I visited that garage to have new tyres put on my car. Brian welcomed me, he is such bubbly, happy character, always so happy to help and be of service. Again there was this lovely banter between us and laughter echoed in that busy little car repair place!

Again, I was put on the spot, Brian asked: “So, what do you do"?

And, I thought to myself, Oh my God, he will never understand!

But something inside me told me that it was time not to side-step the issue anymore, for my true vocation is to express and share our exquisite secret about you, me and our reality.

I said, “I love to share the awesomeness of this beautiful world and the love I feel for it! I love to' love you up' into the exquisite process of creation itself, to give you the ultimate tour guide so that you too, can experience for yourself, that we are creating all of this around us in such cosmic splendour!''

And not only was Brian nodding in sincere appreciation, but the other mecahnics had gathered around and were also beaming in rapt attention.

You see, for a long time I felt I had to create such a complicated process or explanation to share my truth and I wanted to do. I felt I had to justify what I am. But now I realise that as I come from that place of just allowing ‘me’ to shine through, not worrying whether others will get it, they DO get it!

I simply speak my truth and exude my passion!

I also realise now that I am in total resonance and alignment with our truth, so I don’t feel the need to justify or explain it. Instead both John and I are just being it and just expressing it, and to our joy and surprise, people are just getting it!

And the crowning realisation for me is that our purpose in life, our mission, if we chose to boldly go for it, is often staring us right in our face and is longing to be shared with others!

We often invalidate it because we do not think we could support ourselves and our families, just by doing that, or we invalidate ourselves because we don’t think we are good enough or talented enough or as in my case and John's, it seemed almost too revolutionary for our time (or so we thought!)

Let me tell you that if it's your passion, your highest joy and is the highest value of yourself then that is your 'mission from God', from the true you. When we withhold our little self from our whole Self, we withhold ourselves from our life, our family, our friends and our world. And then we withhold the divine gem and abundance that we are.

Go on, be yourself in glorious, unrestrained extravaganza!

You are magnificent! If you want reassurance, then have it from me! Not only can we share this truth right here, right now, but I have friends in high places (and so do you) that also confirm it!

Go for it, cosmic wanderer!

And heaven will be our rejoicing and laughter will be our friend here on our Earth!

Deepest Love

In this moment here, I'm in Love

Hello again,

Here is another song of tour Heart to share with you.
Please excuse the slight buzz on this recording, which is not so noticeable if you turn it down a little :-)


Lots of Love

Saturday, September 23, 2006

I was Thinking of You, when I wrote this song

Hello again!

I was thinking of You when I wrote this song for you.

So I hope you enjoy it!

Thank you again for all your fabulous feedback, it really does feed my soul.

Thanks for tuning in!

Lots of Love

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Into the Starburst of Creation

Hello again, lovely beings!

I am excited to share with you an experience I had recently as a celebration and a testament to the fact that we are so much more than we think we are. We are in fact all "multi-dimensional beings". Before you switch off in disbelief, I just ask that you take my hand and follow the flow and the contours of my story. You can always let go if it gets too bumpy for you, if you want to!

Through theses words and sharing it is my hope and dream that I may awaken and excite in you these memories and connections that can add to the richness and diversity of your already amazing life!

Often between the hours of 3am and 4am I get the most amazing guidance from other aspects of myself in the form of my extra-terrestrial or other-dimensional friends.

Now, it doesn’t matter whether you believe in their existence or not; it matters more whether you find the information they share inspiring and invigorating and whether you can use it to live your life more authentically.

My own personal belief is that I am simply tapping into another aspect of me on another expanded frequency, or wave length. For I have found it extraordinarily illuminating to tune into those frequencies of myself and incorporate them into my life with extraordinary results: the biggest one for me being the wonderful and ever deepening ecstatic connection I am experiencing with other people, and the animal and bird kingdom and, indeed, with the whole of creation.

It still takes me completely by surprise, because I was always a little afraid of other people and now I am getting complete strangers bounding up to me in the street wanting to embrace me and talk. And the interactions we have are amazing - so energising and uplifting for the both of us. It's like in just a simple conversation we make an extraordinary journey together, and thus we part with a smile on our faces!

And then, the connection with the animals just continually takes my breath away. For example, I went into this field today, passing in front of a bull who looked particularly disgruntled! I remember reading some advice in a country walking magazine that one should not look directly in their eyes as it can piss them off! Anyway I felt compelled to look deep into his eyes and I melted. I felt the love between us wash through us both and as I walked away he looked incredibly peaceful, and I swear that bull was smiling too!

Remembering that we are all the same one Being, simply experiencing our different 'Reality Perspectives', all that is happening with these connections to other people, the bull and the extra-terrestrial beings is that I am simply tuning into another viewpoint of me!

Anyway, it all started about 3am when as I was woken up by thumps below my bed and knocks in my bedroom. I was wide awake, wondering what was going on, when I began to see intense orange lights glowing and moving like spinning discs all around the room. Then all at once I felt my body expanding and rising into an upright position, as if I were standing, but in a kind of out-of-body way. I felt was suspended in a star formation (like Leonard da Vinci's famous picture of man), spinning and vibrating in the centre of it. I was weaving light from myself, sending glowing tendrils to the far reaches of my awareness, filling up the entire room.

I had the strong impression that my extra-dimensional friends were teaching me how to spin up the frequency of my own light and consciousness. I noticed that the spin and the frequency seemed to increase with my own intent and ecstasy. I could see myself conjuring and spinning and weaving up a star-shaped formation of light, directly from my consciousness. I sensed that this energy state would allow me to go anywhere or do anything!

All this reminded me of a direct daytime experience I had had with these same extra-terrestrial friends. I was walking across the marshy fields at sunset, near the White Horse Hill at Uffington in Wiltshire. I was enjoying this beautiful winter's afternoon, for evething seemed to be bathed in a rosy glow of the dying winter Sun! When all at once I witnessed this moving, vibrating body or vehicle of light, appearing in size about five times the width of the sun, coming rapidly towards me! I was absolutely fascinated because it was moving so fast and yet at the same time could alter its direction in a instant, and even change its shape! Funnily enough, I was not scared in the least - just transfixed to the spot!!

Then to my joy it swooped towards me playfully and I knew it was friends. I thought; It's my brothers! And my heart lifted in joy!

As I watched in absolute rapture and fascination they started to play with me by changing their ship into different shapes: first a bird, then a serpent, then a moving cloud of sparkling, effervescent light particles which then coalesced back to a vehicle shape again.

I felt so privileged to witness such an air show put on for my spectacle and joy alone!

Then I felt their loving pulses as they telepathically told me that this is how they moved from one point to another through the idea of time and space: Our vehicles are made of our consciousness and as such, we are our ship. And just to make the point they flew right through the hill and out the other side!

Furthermore, they said: Your body is not outside yourself. All the features and constructs of your physical reality are not outside you or separate from you – though you give it that appearance in order to play with yourself. Your body is in your consciousness as is our ship in ours.

I remembered resonating with the truth of what they shared with me, but now I know the significance. For, of course, it's our joy now to share this realisation with you in our new video course (still coming soon!) and the infinite possibilities for your life that can open up when you totally get it: the absolute joy, wonder and love of knowing and feeling in your heart that you and I are creating this beautiful world right now in this moment. And we do this, not by living in some actual 'world' 'out there', but by living out our idea of this world from our own unique perspectives, entirely projected within our own individual consciousness!

Isn't that amazing? Isn't that awesome?

I just want to sing about this incredible act that we do! I just want to write songs, tell a story all about the magic and myth of: me, you and all of our glorious creation! I want to throw caution to the wind and shout out our love from the highest roof tops - I am in love with me! I am in love with you! I am in love with all of this! For all of this is Me, the whole of Me, and paradoxically, you too!!

And so they went on to explain to me that their space ships weren’t actually metallic but spun from their consciousness, like an extended body. Their ships are a personal, expanded extension of themselves, forged from their will and intent, and piloted simply by their thoughts. Just like your arm or your body is a part of you, so their ship is part of them!

Just like them, I was remembering and becoming conscious of being able to play, manipulate and mould my own realty into crystallised forms of myself. And that I am made of living light, as indeed you are. As we uplift our vibration and frequency to higher levels through our love, our joy, we become more fluid and flexible within ourselves, and so our physical lives, as extensions of ourselves, become more malleable and receptive to our touch.

Back to my bedroom…

I kept hearing strange noises in my head, like high pitched notes, some deep throbbing whirrings and also some distant hauntingly beautiful music! I was vibrating so hard with joy and high, high energy pulsating through me that I just couldn't think about going back to sleep!

I saw all theses streams of light coming out of me, flashing through me in a spiralling starlight fashion. It reminded me of Neo in Matrix Revolutions, when he was completely surrounded and enmeshed in light!

All night long I had these flashes of light before my eyes. I sensed deeply that my friends were teaching me to tap into the energy matrix of my own consciousness - to raise my frequency and vibration to awesome levels!

I remember practicing something like this in my meditation hut several years ago using a similar approach called the 'Merkaba'. I had raised my energy to such a level: pulsating vibrations coursing through my body, building up from the base of my spine. So strong was the energy I thought that I was going to blast off into another dimension!
I got scared, so I cut it off.

But now I felt my other-dimensional friends helping me to build up my energy field and to be able to use it safely, without scaring myself with its awesome power. It's like tapping into a nuclear reactor core in my own Self!!

A flash of a 12 pointed star came into my mind and I had a deep recognition that this was the gateway to the 'higher levels' of existence. However, I have this intense desire, like a calling, to live my life in that same degree of light, freedom and ecstasy, right here and now in my experience of being on Earth. It feels like I am waltzing and dancing with everyone and everything in my life. This is my highest joy and truth and the platform from where I am choosing to live my life each and every moment. Everything else in my life is an expression of that calling, everything else is secondary.

The overall feeling of the star symbol was of a spinning, vibratory, energy body of my light, and that I could draw upon and reclaim this power that was already there. Through the filaments and tendrils spiralling from the centre of me I was drawing on the depths of myself, the stuff of me to create my reality, my entire universe out of me in spasms of ecstasy and light. I was experiencing that the very act of creation itself was me. I could see that as I spin from the centre of myself I project my dreams and ideas out, simultaneously creating from the essence of me the unfolding of my universal and galactic self.

I was simply zooming into the awareness that we are all one and the same Being. I could feel that I truly am my 'oversoul', and from that vantage point, I realised that my star was actually a symbol for how I, as my oversoul, create the reality for each of its soul fragments (like you an me!) We each manifest on these filaments of light, as it were, extending from the centre like a star; each tendril becoming another one of us, and all of them really are aspects of Us in crystallized expression.

Ah ha! The centre of our joy, our power house is the prime template of creation and we can use that symbol of the magnificent star that We are: spinning, revolving, radiating light, as our seat of power and joy to create the reality and world of our dreams.

From this seat of mesmerising and spinning light and ecstasy it was so easy to tap into the real tangible feeling of both John and I manifesting our destiny and our success. I could already see our future as a mutually assured success already being fashioned into existence.

But the most exciting part is being in that loving, revolving, radiating, living, breathing star of myself, radiating reality into existence from the core of our being on orgasmic pulses. And how we are bursting our worlds into an infinite web of our fractal selves, yet supremely and uniquely complete as we are, each as a world unto our Self!

We are indeed each the light and the reflections of our own private Universe, the essence of existence is our logo - a world of light unto ourselves so that we can explore it, and play with it in wild abandon. And yet lovingly we synchronise our individual realities as the one Being that we are, in order we may share the experience and so give full weight and depth to our personal view of our Universe. And thus, we create everything we need to nourish, sustain and foster our greatest imaginations into existence, weaved as our lives like an exquisite tapestry.

Oh, what joy to know we are such supreme artists and architects of our lives and yet we are never conscious of our ability!

Our world, our universe, our galaxy is indeed our oyster in a more personal and intimate way than we have ever imagined! Let's fashion it with love and our highest aspirations. Let's affirm never to live another moment out of resonance or respect to all of our creation and to always see the beauty in apparent destruction …. For it's there, just open your eyes and feel it. It's all coming from you. Gosh, you are so amazing and I love you! Let's pay homage to each other as the one Being that we are in magnificent diversity! Let that vision shine from our eyes and paint our world with laughter!
And from this fabulous space of our intimate and intertwined connection we invoke each day with incredible possibilities.

May I finish of by sharing a little of how this has been affecting my everyday life?

I take a deep breath, as I am astonished at the changes in myself! But you know, the most amazing one, is that I really love myself now! I always found it easy and natural to love others but it was like I didn't exist for me, but only to help and assist others. So extreme was this in my past that that I nearly died as a teenager suffering from the disease of anorexia nervosa. I believe this stemmed from my belief that I was innately worthless, unless I did something amazing for another, or validated my existence through super achievement at whatever I turned to. This belief was both a curse, as it has plagued me most of my life with insecurity and low self-worth, but also a gift because it has helped me, driven me, to find the true me and the true place of love!

But what a turn around, because I am totally in love with me now, and by extension the everyday encounters I have with my reality and other people are so wondrous and heart meltingly awesome! This has culminated in regular but also startling experiences of strangers running up to me wanting to embrace me and exclaim in wonder at my

But to me this would be sterile, empty, if I didn't allow myself to share with them the wonder, the beauty, the radiance I see streaming from them. Sometimes I feel a little tremulous as I affirm the glory and the love I see in them too, for it breaks down so dramatically the huge barriers we have all created between us, and sometimes I cry, as they cry, when we feel and realise our bond in each other! Gosh, I see so much beauty and light in them and I rejoice with them in celebration, reminding them of that radiance in them too! And sometimes it comes out as a mutually heart-melting embrace, but most often our eyes lock in recognition of each other, to whoops and cheers of delight and encouragement in our shared experience!

And now, because I know the whole of my world is you and me, and I feel it my heart, I can naturally love all of it including myself. I feel like Cinderella in that the beauty of this world, of nature has always taken my breath away. Now I can embrace the beauty in me and in you too, because I am no longer afraid of invalidation or critism or disapproval, because I know now that it was all coming from me as a mirror!

And so I have always loved to love and, furthermore, each day I am sure our world is getting more and more beautiful. Sometimes when I am out walking in the fields I will drop to my knees in gratitude and joy and I will shout to the sky, I love you! Tears roll down my face, for I am so grateful for all the anguish, hardship and pain I have put myself through. For I have turned myself back into the pure gold of me, as I also realise it was always there all the time, just cloaked by my amazing deception of myself. And now, I am in love and I feel so much love for you and this entire beautiful world that we have created.

Thank you for reading this, thank you for touching my heart and being with me right now in this tender moment!

Love Maggie
PS Thank you for all your lovely comments!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

A Love Song...

Hi There Lovely Beings

Just thought I'd share this love song with you asap: I couldn't even wait to write the words down - it was just pouring out of me and I couldn't stop it!!!

This is my Love Song - to you....

PS Dearest Sharon from Canada, I just want to let you know how much I appreciate your love and support. You are the only one that I know of that reads my blogs that I don't know personally , yet I feel I do in my heart! Thanks to you for your comments, and everyone else's too. It really means a lot to me when you put your felings down on the comments!!!!

Friday, September 08, 2006

The Spirit of the Wave

Hi, Lovely Reader,

Today I wish to share with you from the same place of deepest love and knowing that we will be sharing with you on our Free Video Course when it's available. What I'm about to share will make sense once you have taken the course, but in the meantime, please don't try to understand this too much, simply let it flow through you, knowing that there's a deeper part of you that does understand. Allow that recognition and energy to flood through you and simply surf my words with me. Enjoy!

I had the most amazing dream last night: I dreamt about you and me and all of our world bathed in love and light; like our own self-created Aurora Borealis. And in my dream I can feel you, all of you, in my heart; tears of joy are streaming down my face. I remember our pact bound in an oath of our sacred Heart, when we made a promise to ourselves before we entered this life. We pledged to uphold our code of honour: to be true to ourselves by living out our highest dream embroidered into our lives! For we are to be in this heroic journey together, you and I, and our sacred quest is to be our joy shared!

And so, in my dream I am awaking and remembering that I am glorious and that you are glorious and together we can venture forth with our banner emblazed with our ideals: truth, beauty, love and liberty to all in the diversity that is our One Soul .

I dreamt that I sent out this heartfelt invitation knowing you would feel my desire and my rally call to remember how outrageously beautiful and perfect you are as you are – right now! And to join me triumphantly in our sacred crusade to create a wave of light, love, honesty and laugher; sending our world into a spin on our soaring delight.

Oh, amazing warriors of the Heart, it's time to gather up our dreams, our values, our passions and play them out in our lives up to the hilt!

It's time to honour and respect ourselves and all of our creation by standing up for ourselves, celebrating and revelling in our majestic finery.

Indeed, we are wondrous beyond measure and it's time to get real with reality. Let us sally forth and come out of the closet where we hide our greatness in the dark, and turn the spotlight of the truth upon ourselves.

Come on, Trailblazers!!

This is our wake up call!!!

Just like Sleeping Beauty, we are awaking to the perfect jewel that we are: perfection incarnate, glittering radiance, potent with possibilities, rich and lustrous with our every turn, and that we and our reality are intricately bound for greatness. We have an amazing secret about ourselves that we have kept under the lock and key of forgetfulness…

And I am whispering and urging you to remember…..

Listen, did you know that this beautiful world that you perceive 'outside' you isn't actually 'out there'? Rather, it is alive and pulsating inside your consciousness, awaiting your unique signature to project your own reality on an orgasmic wave of our Being ! …

Whoa, what a rush, what an explosion of creative delight and genius! That our entire reality is crafted, forged and gilded out of our essence and fervent desire to experience our immense creative handiwork! We fervently sculpt, paint and colour our entire reality out of and within our own self. As the One Being that we are, we splash out boldly with the artistic flair of a master on an unlimited number of canvases: I have my canvas, you have yours. We do this so that we can admire, enjoy and reflect on the myriad possibilities of ourselves from every possible angle! What a show stopper! And yet we each do this with such sleight of hand, we don't even know it's happening: how awesome is that?!?

Then there arose a profound realisation: that we are each the 'Prime Directive', not just of our own lives… but also of our own worlds.

Come, brave beings, it's time to embody our highest truth and joy, like a living and breathing emblem emblazoned on our Hearts and enacted in our lives.

Let this day be the day of our reckoning, that festival day when we commit to no longer temper our greatness in false modesty, but to honour, respect and carry ourselves with pride, and to acknowledge the same in others in a gutsy, full hearted salute to all of our incredible creation.

Gosh! I am breathless with excitement with the impending infinite possibilities we open up for ourselves when step into our true God-like relationship with all of our creation, and start being so much more creative, responsible and playful with our lives.

And to remember that you and I were never alone in our endeavours; feigning separation and sometimes excruciating limitations in order to replay back what we discover about ourselves to the One Being that we are, in resplendent rhapsody!

And through the tones and vibrations of these words, just like the soaring guitar, I joyfully unravel the cords that have tightly bound us in limitation, and I invite you to unravel as well, to usher us all into higher and higher echelons of ourselves.

And my dream transpires magically as I triumphantly perform some sort of obstacle course when, all at once, I arrive in the middle of a heavenly, beautiful azure blue bay, rippling playfully to kiss the shores of perfect white sands. I realise I need to get back to the shore to get my belongings!

To my surprise I notice that someone has parked my car with great care on the safe ground above the sand on the rough grass. And they have placed my belongings carefully and with love just beside my car, including my motor cycle helmet!
I am touched by this act of kindness and tears began to flow.

For I realise in this moment we are not meant to battle through life and do it alone. But that you and I care deeply for each other and we long to be both passionate and tender, and to help each other…

Then, as I ponder on how on earth I am going to get back to the car, thinking I could swim but that it will require some stamina, I see a female surfer and her partner on a surfboard together. She extends her hand to me and says, Hold on to my hand, we can ride on the energy of this wave together. It will carry us to where we all want to go!

And I hold her hand, and feel the rush as the wave lifts us up and propels us forwards with such velocity.

And I feel that I AM the lady surfer, and I am actually simultaneously experiencing her own reality as me, and then I flip into being the boy surfer too: I, as the one me, am experiencing being all three of us and our respective reality Experiences all at the same time. This is both awesome and totally natural – this feels like the truth of who we really are and how reality works.

And as I am carried and supported by the wave of water and wave of this multiplexed-me, I too wish to reciprocate this loving gesture and extend this multi-expanded awareness, so I put a call out to you and the winds of change carry my call of awakening and I await your reply!

And to my absolute astonishment and wonderment one of you responds – a solitary surfer appears next to me on our wave in a black shiny wetsuit. And as I welcome you, I become aware of your experience too, and as you I can see me on the board with my two surfer aids! And then another appears, then another: I was overwhelmed by the response! And as I become all of you, and you are me, you all sweep me up like a hero and together as one we create this wave of absolute conscious clarity and love, and the momentum of that wave carries us far! Just like an ecstatic supreme surfer we are coursing through our lives, screaming joy!

And as we arrive shrieking, breathless and ecstatic we tumble onto the shore of the most dazzling white sand, giggling and spluttering, and we are joined by a crescendo of fellow surfers applauding our daring in ecstatic delight!

The wind suddenly hushes as I hear the voice of Our One Soul lovingly whisper: You are my beloved in me, as I am your beloved in you. And then I realise that we are the same 'On We', the same 'One Me'. And then the voice says: You are a "Thunder Dreamer", which I feel to mean that that I am, as indeed you are, the force, energy and power of creation pulsing our reality into multiplex experiences with lightning precision, as we fork ourselves off into faithful replication of many crystalline patterns of the 'One We' that we are. That we also have the awesome power of the storm element of rebirthing our entire reality, our entire world each and every moment, both individually and collectively, which I now see are both actually the same event!

Then I woke up!

What is so surprising to me from this dream we appeared to share together, is that I had the profound realisation that my life was no longer limited to the person I related to as Maggie, but I appeared to extend my identity to include everyone in my dream – and so, by extension now, I feel identified with everyone in the whole of our world, particularly with you!!!!

It appears that my joy is extended to our joy, to the whole of my reality, including all other people. It's like I could literally count on and ask for support and help in the fulfilment of my dream from others as extensions of me.

What does this mean?

Simply that when we desire to create something we can indeed count on our universe, our world to support us in that dream simply because our world and everybody in it is not 'out there', separate from us. Rather, it is contained within us, in the magical realms of our fertile imagination that reside in our Consciousness. Our bodies and our creations are beautifully self-contained and orchestrated in the One Being, the One Consciousness that we are! And, just like an excited child, we like to upload the content of our imaginings onto the screen of consciousness, where it crystallises into the splendour of our Universe.

But even more exciting is the fact that we don't need to play 'solitaire' - that we enjoy, indeed it's our highest intention and delight, to conjure up our new world together.

So it's John's and my delight and highest joy to invite you to join in with us in the creation of a new wave of superconcious awareness, love and light to flood our planet!

Join us on this wave of our delight, by embracing this truth of who we are!

And this wave will sweep through our entire world; making a quantum leap for all of mankind as together we birth our brave new world.


Loveandinsight.com (my main website: healing, courses, resources)
KeysofAscension.com (FREE Personal Ascension video and attunement!)

Saturday, September 02, 2006

I Dreamt Of You Last Night

Hello again,

Here's some more playing and experimentation with Video....

I normally sing spontaneous songs, but as I thought of you this morning I remembered a dream I had last night and I found myself writing down the words, and with a tune floating through my mind and heart. So I just had to record it.

How well does this work for you as a song, and on video? I certainly enjoyed singing it immensely!!

What do you think? Please let me know

Lots of Love, as always

My First Video Blog

Hello One and All

Today I'm playing, playing with my first video Blog

Hope you enjoy!!

(you may have to press Play twice)

Please do let me know what you think...

Love and Hugs

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Sometimes we all Need a Little Puff of Encouragement

When we are feeling down we sometimes all need a little puff of encouragement blown our way.

I just want to remind you that we are all naturally creative beings. We have entered into our lives with a patent pending on our creative self-expression entirely unique to ourselves!

We are all born with a creative spark inside us, longing to be expressed. As we express our intrinsic nature which is glorious, spectacular and totally original to ourselves, we experience a miraculous healing transformation!

Like the sun coming out - you are coming out! No need to hide yourself in the closet of your imagined fears! It's time to come out and shine!

The good news is that we are not limited to ourselves as solitary sojourners trying to make something of ourselves in our world. Nor do we need to struggle in splendid isolation.

No, no, no !

As we express and share our creative passion it will miraculously extend and transform our entire relationship with our world.

When we express what we love, what we value, life gets better and better, and our world gets rosier too. For when we live out our truest expression we find that we are indeed the awesome artists, writers, poets, architects… and our world responds as an echo of our creative impulse!

This is because we are not separate from each other, though we play the game of separation in order to play out a wonderful scenario with ourselves in our lives.
Yes, we are literally connected as one being through our different perspectives and so joined inseparably through our hearts!!

The great creator that we are lies alive and kicking, pulsating with crazy desire to experience more of our Self through our lives.

We are each a divine creative spark, emanating as a whole and complete expression of the same one divine Being we all are: a creative candle you and me, intended to light our path and that of our fellow players.

We have intended to make great things of ourselves. When we deny our self-expression through invalidation, then, like a self-inflicted curse we condemn ourselves to a spiritual apathy!

For we are telling ourselves that our dreams don't matter, that we don't matter and so our life, our world silently weeps alongside us!

So, let's not stifle our creative desire, our love, your passion for we will snuff out the light that gives us a sense of aliveness and radiance.
When we give vent to our highest self-expression we re-kindle our connection with each other, we feel in love.

And love is what makes our world thrive.

Come! Let's gather up our pens, musical instruments and imagination, and channel our longings, aspirations and dreams into our living masterpiece with our unique signature in the bottom right corner.

Let's channel our wildly creative and crazy nature into our own form of art instead of driving ourselves crazy!

And just by doing so, not only will we be of service to ourselves, but we will be living the part we wanted to play. And our world, as our faithful extension, will love us for it! For our lives, our world is our playground, our script and our stage! And you, my love are my soul-partner in our beautiful co-authored world……

Go on! We were born to do and make great things of ourselves, together on the ecstatic wave of our self-same being!

Friday, August 18, 2006

The Path before Me Beckons

When I'm flummoxed by life I find my way by walking. All that I require is a sense of exploration, an open mind and a pair of walking shoes.

As I hit the path of my life I feel a rhythm accompany my footsteps and like a mantra I hear myself chant softly; We live as we move: one step at a time. And there is something in adventure walking that reminds me of how I must live if I am to be true to myself and to savour this life.

The wildness, the freedom, the sun caressing my skin and the wind tugging playfully with my hair. The anticipation of a glorious walk lies ahead and I am filled with a profound reverence in this ordinary day.

I have a clear idea of where I want to go, in the sense that I am wanting to hit and dance along the hills that lie between Glastonbury and home at Pecking Mill. I do not follow rigidly to a specific way but instead I allow my excitement and my intuition to be my expert guides along this breathtaking route. It feels like I am walking in the sky!

So, I have a clear idea of where I am heading and allow the route before me to tantalise me in unexpected twists and turns of direction.

And as I walk, I am reminded of how I wish to live: just head for your greatest vision and joy and let go of working out the way to get there, for it will slow you down and may even block your way, may even drive you insane. Instead, allow your excitement, joy and impulse to guide you in the most synchronistic, fabulously exciting and effortless way.

Savouring life becomes natural to me the minute I let go of trying too hard to get somewhere and the pressure to conform to an idea of what I feel I ought to be or be doing.
It is on my walks that my best ideas rise to meet me. It's while walking that all the baggage and my illusory responsibilities start to slip and melt away. I get a sense of wanting to giggle and laugh and I feel the love for all of my life and that blessed moment of connection with everything!

So, as my steps take up the tempo of my heartbeat the land around me dazzles and I am reminded of my true razzle-dazzle self!

Gosh! I feel all of this and everyone in my heart and I walk in awe and joyful prayer, for I feel my own heart in the world around me and the world around me in my own heart!

Oh, our Earth is so beautiful and so are we. I want to share just how incredibly beautiful you are, we all are, and the love, truth, freedom and awesomeness that is truly ourselves and is reflected in nature as our exquisite reminder of our amazing nature.

And through theses words it is my hope and joy that I touch the living pulse of our divine soul and as we share our joy with others we become like 'Sky Dancers'!

I love you beyond measure and through our re-cognition of the one Being that we are I know you can feel me as I can feel you and we come face to face with the beauty and power of our innate Self.
Listen, you are awesome as you are right now. The very fact that you exist is doing miraculous things in our world.
I want to share with you just how amazingly creative you are and that together in our joy we are creating a world of our highest aspirations and dreams.

Shhh! I can tell you a secret:

A brand new adventure is on its way to you post-scripted with your initials – it's creating a fantastic new World for us to share and co-create that by Living it by Loving Life To The Max together, we call it Reality Surfing!

We're going to share it with you through a fantastic, groundbreaking new video course available to view free on the internet. Keep in tune.

Lots of love,


Thursday, August 17, 2006

Gossamer strands of light weaving through our skies

Hello everybody

Hope you're feeling radiant today!

Sorry I haven't been blogging for a while – I have been busy preparing an exciting new course with John called "Reality Surfing - Living and Loving Life to The Max" – watch this space!!!

Often when I am out walking I will witness something that touches me in a way that is not obvious at the time but unmistakably touches me to the core and makes me so blindly happy.

It was one of those glorious hot summer afternoons and I was walking besides the laughing brooks near Stoney Stratton, a pretty Somerset village near me.

I was enjoying playing with the sun when all at once I saw this marvellous sight:

Hundreds and hundreds of thistledown dancing in the breeze like spangles of light moving as a one. And yet each so uniquely different, as they embarked upon their maiden voyage through time and space to float gently into the arms of mothering Earth.

It was such a glorious spectacle: gossamer strands of light weaving through our skies. I felt captivated and privileged to witness such a kaleidoscope of delight.

All were moving together as one, as a wave of dancing light to hit the shores of my awareness, and yet each so sublimely separate and perfect. They were like little spinning tops spiralling as they broke away from their mothers to fulfil their natural creative urge and also their spiritual vocation.

It was like a Fantasia movie of melting, spiralling, iridescent colours and patterns and I was reminded of the magic, the wonderment of our lives, and marvel of our beingness: our supreme gift to be able to create an extravaganza of creation.

And in the dazzling delight of this hot summer's afternoon I am reminded that, like each thistledown, we are alos each bursting spangles of light projected from the one light that we are - dancing on the wave of our creative delight, on the ecstatic wave of the one radiant being we are. Fiercely independent but inextribly bound as one.

And that we are each an entire universe unto ourselves. That I am an one entire soul amid many soul aspects of myself, one life amid a bouquet of other lives of infinite versions of myself – we are in each other's heartbeats – and I feel your urge to fly.

Listen, we are all in this place of creative impulse together, and our aspirations are beautiful, life is beautiful and so are you, so are we all.

For we are indeed the same one being, you and I, born from the excited imaginations of the one 'Me' that we are!

Fear not, fear not, loving, loving heart, for if you stay true to yourself you will be carried on the wave of your heart and that is such an energy it will take you to the far corners of your cosmos.

And in opening to the air that we breathe, to the glorious galaxies of our soul's delight and to the abundance that is all around us, you will know that your aspirations are our possibilities; they are not fantasies, for they are what makes you and moves you along your chosen path, together with all of us choosing to share your wavelength.

Fear not, fear not - you are not alone in your endeavours, for I hear and feel your cry as it flows through me, as I flow through you, in infinite, explosive delight.

And I enfold you in my heart and love us endlessly!

In the meantime, if you would like any help in living and loving your life to the max too, please do call – I'd love to hear from you!! Good times to call are noon to 7pm any day.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Dancing where the Earth Meets The Sky

Hi! I would love to share with you a wonderful metaphor that I have found so very powerful and invigorating as a tool for living an ecstatic life!

This amazing inspiration came from the TV programme Grand Designs. I walked into our sitting room and I saw our dream house on TV. It really was everything that I could possibly imagine - it sat on the edge of a lake beautifully poised between the earth and the sky. The structure was composed of so much glass so that the house seemed to act as a transparent medium for the infinite sky above and vast mirror-like water in front of it, and behind were the soft and undulating purples and greens of the nearby hills.

What reflections! What a chorus of delight!

So perfectly immersed in a landscape of rolling hills, sky, beauty and water; a kaleidoscope of colours, hues and light forever changing, moment by moment.

And I realised with a heart-bursting excitement and recognition that this is where I want to be right now, in the space and light of that house.

That night I dreamt I lived in that beautiful house situated between the earth and sky and the water. When morning came I had the beautiful realisation that this was the space and place that I wanted to live my life from. Let me explain: I have often been advised by my guides that the location and place we live is not separate from ourselves, but is a reflection of our thoughts, beliefs and our relationship to our life .

I have found this to be profoundly true, for since John and I have been together we haved moved four times in six years, each time because we have shifted and changed so much in our own beingness. The houses we have moved in to have become more and more light filed and expansive as we have expanded our own sense of freedom, space and joy.

So, this house is joyfully pointing to the new and next wave of my natural and ecstatic way of being. I would like also to point out to you that we did not have the money to buy the properties we have been so blessed to live in. As my guides have always lovingly reminded me, you simply have to be the vibration that you wish to see in your reality and that sets the stage, as it were, for it to appear.

In other words you just have to be it before you will see it.

It's about not getting caught up in the details of how you are going to get there, rather, enjoying the outcome now. For me, that is sharing my joy, my delight and playing with light of being in that space here now.

To me, the house is a living metaphor for the space and the light of how I want to move in my life; moving freely, dancing in the light and soaking in the sunshine. And like the house, I love to be transparent, in that I choose to exert no effort or to resist my impulses to expand and delight!

This to me is dancing where the Earth meets the Sky, and I am loving this place so much that the house itself is really incidental!

However, what I have discovered in my life is that my reality will shift to reflect the changes in me. I will let you know where we end up. But to be honest the things that are happening in my life right now are so fantastic that it feels like I am already in the that house, and so it doesn't matter if and when it 'happens': such is the amazing power of imagination, vibration and love.

For more on this house, see Channel 4 website: Killearn House

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Introducing the Essence of Existence

I'm overjoyed to share with you that The Lovers' Way, that I've shared earlier, has flowered into a new level of expression which is now urging to be called the Essence of Existence – Wow!!

So, let us venture down together into the very essence of Existence itself, into the sparkling Light that We are. For we are dancing sunbeams you and I, spinning out from the centre of our Heart; the giant Sun of our Beingness.

We are jointly a joy born from the core of our consciousness. Come and dance in harmony with me into the heart of creation, and enjoy the ecstatic pulse of our life-force.

The purpose of Essence of Existence is to get intimate with the sparkling strata of our lives' Dream. You will bear exquisite witness to the breathtaking scenario, the divine and direct experience of exactly how we create an entire Universe unto ourselves out of our beloved Oneness.

Wow! To play and waltz with the spangles of light that we are. To make glorious works of art out of our lives, carved and fashioned out of our consciousness in perfect synchronisation with each other - what a feat!

And we do all this from the depths of our love and the desire to experience more and more of ourselves.

What a fantastic fiesta, a sacred finale, as we recognise and acknowledge the awesome truth of ourselves: namely that we are all gods in creation, creating our entire lives, our entire realities – actually our own Universes!

This awareness is indeed the next great adventure for humanity as we venture into the exploration of the Essence of our Existence, and so access the panoramic viewpoint of reality: a stunning new and awesome life-perspective that will leave you fundamentally touched to the core.

And so, once you have experienced the glittering radiance and awesomeness of what you really are, you would not want to live with any less energy, light, brilliance creativity, freedom and love.

I'm so excited to share with you that we (John and I) really can take you into this Essence of Existence, and that we are preparing a free video introduction to the Essence of Existence that you will be able to watch online! Watch this space for your invitation, coming soon to the big Screen of your life!

Friday, April 07, 2006

Will you meet me in the restaurant at the other side of our Universe?

Hello wonderful beings; just checking in with you as I haven't been in contact with you for some time, but I have been having such a fantastic time living my dream 'inside out'.

And today, dear reader (you being part of my joy), I would like to take this opportunity to share some love and happy, happy vibes with you, and perhaps some quicksilver of exquisite ecstasy!

So, fasten your seatbelts and allow my words to caress your soul.

And here we go….

Let me take you, guide you into the centre of your Universe, where all things are possible and all self-imposed barriers to experiencing life to its limits are dissolved, down here in the infinite depths of your cosmic consciousness.

Do you harbour secret dreams you don't think you have a right to bring into your world?

Did you know that you they are a reflection of your greatness?

And I bet that deep down in your gut that you are wanting to play a bigger game than you are right now!

We all have an exciting mission in front of us. We just need to get really clear about what we believe in, what's our highest excitement and dream and then be courageous about 'being ' that belief, that dream. Then we can walk in our world with the full knowledge that we are imbued with greatness and that we have our 'God' inside us. And that as such we have the divine right, our love in our heart and capability to know what we need to do each and every moment to fulfil our destiny.

Once you own that perspective, it is very difficult to go back to being a victim, being apathetic or embarking on any of the other distractions and strategies we adopt when we let the power of ourselves leak out to some 'external ' symbol that we feel has power over us.

Hey, but I've have great news for you. Let me remind you: seeing you are the whole of your reality, then you must also be all your circumstances, events and opportunities of your 'external' life. You may like to meditate on that for a minute. Hold it to your heart, try it out in your imagination and you will find that it is your gateway to freedom.

And you, dear friend, will find that your energy will be so high that you will love where you are and that you simply wouldn't want to choose any less energy, happiness or love than this natural state of being.

Did you know that this secret of your radiance is always with you? And that you can either remain tight in the bud of your unfoldment or burst forth and join me in serving our beautiful planet. By owning your highest dream and living it now in this way will find yourself on the most exhilarating ride of your life!

This is because your heart is the portal to your power and love is the most powerful energy in your Universe. It is the zest and essence of who you are and steers you unerringly into the horizon of your vision when you embrace your love and live it out.

Listen my friend, I've just got to remind you are truly a unique, awesomely beautiful and vibrant being, even when you play the idea that you're not! You don't need to confirm your worth by the approval from people around you. When you recognise that you are indeed your own world you will shift and therefore no longer need approval from others because so will you will know they are all you. For you know who you are, open up to it, feel it and ride yourself home on the 'Harley of your dreams.'

You came into this incarnation with your unique stamp of perspective. To devalue yourself is the ultimate act of self-sabotage. Your glorious being came imbued with certain talents, gifts and quirks that are your spiritual DNA. They are your unique and secret code to unlock your mission here, if you are courageous enough to go for it.

Come, come and join me in the experience of living your highest dream and so loving yourself, and, as your extension, your world will be birthed into a new dimension of yourself.

Don't wait another moment to being the person you know that you are on the inside, and let that you shine on the outside.

Actualizing the authentic you and your dream-self lifts the veil that you have cast over your life and takes you to a place you can never look back from, for you will know too much, feel too much and be having such a paradisiacal time here on our Earth.

I know you can do this, for I am doing it and I feel that at our core I am you too. So if you tune into that core too, you'll be able to get back on the saddle, go into full throttle and take off into infinite speed with your life.

And let me know how it goes; I can't wait to hear your story for I know that it will be a great one!

Perhaps one day we will meet in a restaurant at the other side of our Universe, have coffee, a chat and reminisce over that golden moment when we choose to be our awesome selves and created a spiritual revolution on our planet Earth.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

An Odyssey of Pure Love

There is a soft aching sadness to my personae; namely that I am not sharing my love with my world to my fullness. I long to share my song of jubilation, my writings emblazed with passion and sorrow; entwined like two sides of the same coin.

Then I hear the voice of my soul coming on the wind, "Then write your heart out, sing that song. There is such a richness, such a narrative to share in the bones of your soul and the utterances of your voice. You are your own creative artist, director and author. Fall into your softness today and give it an expression. Go walking in the mists of Avalon, delve deep into the mystery and magic of you and come back and write your tale.

"Plant the seeds, the bulbs of your own flowering. Whatever fear you have is your sacred message, it's telling you that you give your power away to your own circumstances.

''What does this tell you?''

It tells me I am driven to create a day of softness, of the sweet love of connection, honesty, freedom and joy.

And from that place of my inner ache I shall awaken the great sharing, the muse that I desire to share in my world, encoded with the secrets of the Wise ones!

And as I get to grips with the core of my soul I hear this sad lament whirling around in my mind, whispering tendrils of my tragic past, a dream lost, an untimely death: What purpose do I serve here if I can't share my love with my world?

But what is this arising in me? Slowly the mists of my forgetting dissipate – "The answer you seek is in your question. Your quest is to share your love in all the amazingly diverse ways of your creative imagination. Take up the gauntlet of your passion, seize this moment out of prime creation to create an Odyssey of Pure Love, that will oscillate and vibrate through your world like a whistling wind!

"Have no care for a response to your love, for the love you are and the love you share has so much fullness and depths to its character, that there is no room for anything else to fulfil it. Instead, ask yourself the golden question:
'What can I be and share that would make this day my finest moment? And so set the tempo for the rest of my life as an Embodiment of The Great Shining Ones who reside in us, as us.'

"And your lost dream, that was never really lost, will reveal itself and come into celebratory fruition!"

And so my tale unfolds and I see that I am in service to the greatest Light of my Self, which is no other than your Self, and all our Selves!

What is your dream that begs for remembrance and to be birthed into expression in your own life? Call me, let me know, share it, rejoice in it with me.

We await your response with bated breath.
All in the love, Maggie

Friday, February 10, 2006

Depression is my Saviour!!!

Amazing realisations seem to be occurring since we ran our Living The Lovers' Way course.

This how they have come about: I had a bout of depression yesterday, like a dark cloud hanging over my natural sunny disposition. But this was amazing for it caused something to snap inside me; it shifted my perspective about living my life!

Depression became my saviour, for out of it came the knowledge that I was subduing myself, my joy, my spirit to exterior events that I wanted to happen, but were not!

I also had the profound realisation that my mind is so rich with ideas, a whole plethora of creative genius, solutions and scenarios, but that just I wasn't utilising.

But more importantly, I have been creating the idea that my mind is separate from my physical reality! Furthermore, that I believed that I could not live out these amazing ideas that I have stored in the safe house of my mind. Whoa, my own personal blockade! The implications being that I have only allowed a certain filtered portion of the richness, the imaginative genius and creative input that are me, to project onto my physical reality!

But I know too much now; my physical reality is not separate from my mind. We create the sense of separation in order to learn and to experience our lives according to our projected beliefs. But when you let the barrier between mind and physical reality go, you can create a much more brilliant, verdant and colourful life!

For I can see that my life is a canvas awaing my input to bring it alive with fresh brush strokes of my innate divine inspiration, to paint my life with passion! To use my fertile imagination to create a real living dream.

Oh, wonderful, wonderful depression you have showed me the way of my joy! You have illuminated for me where I short-circuit the flow of the wealth of my rich imagination and widest dreams through limiting beliefs, such as awaiting for opportunities to share my joy to magically appear!

To hell with these limiting beliefs - I am just going to do it: sing the love songs wanting to be sung, write my rampant ramblings of my mind and dance the light fandango in the way I move through my life. I will take up my paintbrush and paint my life boldly rather than hiding in a corner waiting to be discovered!

So, the powerhouse of my mind is not separate from my reality and creating the separation limits the expression on the canvas of my life. I choose to drop the barrier and let my life reflect the vibrancy, the richness and the beauty of my ecstatic mind!

And I do that by just doing what's 'on my mind'!

What's on my mind? Well, writing the contents of this piece and sharing it with you and then getting the video camera out and shooting a film with a potent message that will be enthralling and liberating to those who wish to hear it!

Like the Nike ad, my own message is to myself is:
Just Do It!

Doing it creates the bridge between imagination, mind and physical life!

What will you be imagining and doing today?

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I feel such huge outpourings of love for you all!

Hello Wonderful Lovers!

I feel such huge outpourings of love for you all! This is my first entry since John and I ran our new Living The Lovers Way course last weekend. Oh my, what an awesome event.

All the honest and wonderful sharing on the private forum we've set up since then has made my heart sing - to feel everyone enjoying the mad, crazy and ecstatic adventure that is our lives and our creation!

May we all carry on sharing and let the love continue to spiral and expand from within ourselves to the myriad and beautiful reflections which is our physical world.

I love you all with a love that is beyond time or space!

In the meantime I would like to share with you all more of what I have been experiencing, such as huge energetic shifts.

It feels like I have had a massive 'Reiki' attunement atthe Living The Lovers' Way course! In fact, I did experience something similar a few years back when I spent a few hours in the Ribbon crop circle at Stonehenge.

I have been experiencing quite a bit of nausea and my body is vibrating so fast that I feel I could dematerialise, but also my heart is becoming so huge - feeling it truly is the centre of my Universe. I am noticing more and more how distances seem to becoming less, e.g. when I am travelling, whether walking or driving, I observe a point and I am there with no awareness of the in-between journey! It's astonishing: time, distance, space are all collapsing into me!

And then the most amazing thing of all: I am starting to see objects that I normally see as quite solid become almost liquid. They take on a luminous quality and appear to float towards me !
Now, there are some amazing implications here: as we speed up our vibrational frequency, we can play with our reality even more. We have enormous capability to create more and more love and beauty in our lives! I can see that my physical life is like a musical composition created in brilliant partnership with my Universe and me.

And that my life is teaching me to listen to my cues, act on my creative urges and play my life like a song with a full heart. I am experiencing just how literally my own creations, including my physical life, take such a beautiful form and I know and understand the meaning of the Primary WISDOM: What I See Dreams Out of Me!

As I am shifting my vibrational frequency, my creations are much easier and my physical universe is becoming much more malleable and in tune with me. I know for myself that the nausea I have been experiencing dissipates every time I share my love and channel it into whatever is my highest and greatest joy in the moment!

I love my life, I love the fact that I can go walking and exude supreme joy without the defences or fear, for I have nothing to defend or hide about myself – it's so great to feel this free!

And with these huge energy surges that are that were activated by Living The Lovers' Way, it is more important than ever is that I stay true to my truth, passion, path and glorious self-expression, or I can experience burn out! As my energy is soaring, it needs a creative outlet, it needs a freeway, an open road; namely to share this love!

I think of myself as a highly-tuned instrument and, as such, any beliefs that I have about my reality that are incompatible to the Me I have chosen to be are enough to seize up my entire system. So, I am using this time of transformation to be even more in touch with the Dream of myself, for I am experiencing my dreams becoming more real and my physical reality becoming more dream-like. I am seeing that they are blending into one!

Stay honest and courageous, and stay in love!


Thursday, January 26, 2006

I should be Freaking Out Now- but I have never felt such wind behind my sails!

I am in that awesome, nerve wracking space in-between moments of time, when I know I am about to break into something so big that it will not only change me, but also my whole reality and my experience of everyone and everything in it!

Gosh, right now I feel I am spiralling in the soaring depths and space of the Infinite itself. And yet despite my circumstances having never been so challenging before, I feel so close to my soul, and so certain of my Path.

There is a knowingness arising in me that goes beyond belief. It is the knowing that being in love with everything and everyone in my reality is more than a nice idea, it's really the essence of who I am and what I represent, and what I bring as a contribution to my world.

I have never felt such momentum, such a great wind behind my sails as I venture and embrace each day in the Art of loving life.

So, out of these uncertainties of my physical reality I feel that because my life is uncertain that this is holds a vast store of infinite possibilities. For there are no restrictions on me - everything is malleable, everything is up for grabs, nothing is set in stone. I am free to explore and play with the substance of my life.

It makes me want to fire up my spirit and throw myself into more and more joy through artful, creative and wild self-expression, and so make each day count!

It has been hard sometimes: having traded control of a regular secure job, a mortgage and a conventional lifestyle for the ultimate freedom of living a life that was authentically mine and not set and confined by the rigours of my society! But I am so glad that I did break the mould of conventionality and choose to be a free spirit!

And so I desire to express and experience ultimate bliss each day and to go to bed each night knowing, I have lived and loved well today!

And so each day I love to ask the Question: What do I want to throw my heart, body and soul into today?

And then I send up a prayer for living my day artfully and with love, and my Universe as me does hear it and does answer it!

And so, one of the most amazing benefits of living and radiating The Lovers' Way is that I no longer feel alone in creating the life of my dreams.

I feel the loving, warm gentle hands of my Lover - my Universe supporting me and gently guiding me. Those previously unseen hands are now manifesting in my life as people - angels showing up offering help and support in promoting my work, my passion: The Lovers' Way. Thank you Samvida, thank you Nigel!

Yes! I feel I am gaining ground. First as awareness, and now a call to action. I must carry on, for I feel I have been led to this quintessential moment. And although sometimes I get anxious, I keep coming back into a greater sense of security, for I know my path as an embodiment of love and joy, and ultimately I feel the enormity of myself! It feels like a great celebration of community, the creative equivalent of a barn raising or a Cathedral of souls rising on a new wave of consciousness to break through our worlds.

It feels exhilarating as my Universe supports me in its role making something of myself. And, in turn, in my role as fellow co-creator entrusted with the makings of my life, I am engaged in a collaborative process with my Universe.

Stakes that seem impossibly high, responses that seem muted – all are necessary for fine-tuning my creative spirit into supreme works of art.

And so each day, as I go into unknown territory where no one has ever been before, I experience the terrifying vulnerability of making waves in my world by bringing fresh new perspectives to my work!

I know that in my past I have acted like the spurned lover whose tender creative dreams were abused and curbed, and I had then thought about holding myself back.
And that I had toyed with the idea of turning my back on my Lover and my creative dreams – for fear of more damage being done to my broken creative heart! But, I know I know that my passion and my love is much stronger than my fear. I know in my heart of hearts that my creative dreams do not die, any more than my romantic ideas do!

So, I urge myself never to abandon myself. For I know that to give up on myself is to shun myself! And then, of course, my Lover as my Universe would have to shun me too!

Instead, I am rejoicing in the script of my life. I am choosing to be a hero in my unique style. I am forging ahead so secure and steady in my knowingness. I am living in bliss with all the challenges that I am experiencing right now. I am focusing my antennae to my 'true north' – to be living and luxuriating in my abundance, success, love and bliss right now. And I know that my Universe, as me, will fill in the blanks and will take care of the details.

And as I do so, gosh, there goes the phone again (which had been mysteriously quiet while I got myself back into this truth again!!), with another booking for our Living the Lovers' Way course this weekend!

And so, I am responding to my Lovers' call by simply doing what I can that is in my passion and with all I am blessed: extraordinary energy, writing skills and desire to share my joy with my World, I just know that it will be enough to move Heaven and Earth.

Never have I felt so strong, so supported in my dreams, such wind behind my sails –
We are invincible My Universe and I!