Sunday, September 17, 2006

Into the Starburst of Creation

Hello again, lovely beings!

I am excited to share with you an experience I had recently as a celebration and a testament to the fact that we are so much more than we think we are. We are in fact all "multi-dimensional beings". Before you switch off in disbelief, I just ask that you take my hand and follow the flow and the contours of my story. You can always let go if it gets too bumpy for you, if you want to!

Through theses words and sharing it is my hope and dream that I may awaken and excite in you these memories and connections that can add to the richness and diversity of your already amazing life!

Often between the hours of 3am and 4am I get the most amazing guidance from other aspects of myself in the form of my extra-terrestrial or other-dimensional friends.

Now, it doesn’t matter whether you believe in their existence or not; it matters more whether you find the information they share inspiring and invigorating and whether you can use it to live your life more authentically.

My own personal belief is that I am simply tapping into another aspect of me on another expanded frequency, or wave length. For I have found it extraordinarily illuminating to tune into those frequencies of myself and incorporate them into my life with extraordinary results: the biggest one for me being the wonderful and ever deepening ecstatic connection I am experiencing with other people, and the animal and bird kingdom and, indeed, with the whole of creation.

It still takes me completely by surprise, because I was always a little afraid of other people and now I am getting complete strangers bounding up to me in the street wanting to embrace me and talk. And the interactions we have are amazing - so energising and uplifting for the both of us. It's like in just a simple conversation we make an extraordinary journey together, and thus we part with a smile on our faces!

And then, the connection with the animals just continually takes my breath away. For example, I went into this field today, passing in front of a bull who looked particularly disgruntled! I remember reading some advice in a country walking magazine that one should not look directly in their eyes as it can piss them off! Anyway I felt compelled to look deep into his eyes and I melted. I felt the love between us wash through us both and as I walked away he looked incredibly peaceful, and I swear that bull was smiling too!

Remembering that we are all the same one Being, simply experiencing our different 'Reality Perspectives', all that is happening with these connections to other people, the bull and the extra-terrestrial beings is that I am simply tuning into another viewpoint of me!

Anyway, it all started about 3am when as I was woken up by thumps below my bed and knocks in my bedroom. I was wide awake, wondering what was going on, when I began to see intense orange lights glowing and moving like spinning discs all around the room. Then all at once I felt my body expanding and rising into an upright position, as if I were standing, but in a kind of out-of-body way. I felt was suspended in a star formation (like Leonard da Vinci's famous picture of man), spinning and vibrating in the centre of it. I was weaving light from myself, sending glowing tendrils to the far reaches of my awareness, filling up the entire room.

I had the strong impression that my extra-dimensional friends were teaching me how to spin up the frequency of my own light and consciousness. I noticed that the spin and the frequency seemed to increase with my own intent and ecstasy. I could see myself conjuring and spinning and weaving up a star-shaped formation of light, directly from my consciousness. I sensed that this energy state would allow me to go anywhere or do anything!

All this reminded me of a direct daytime experience I had had with these same extra-terrestrial friends. I was walking across the marshy fields at sunset, near the White Horse Hill at Uffington in Wiltshire. I was enjoying this beautiful winter's afternoon, for evething seemed to be bathed in a rosy glow of the dying winter Sun! When all at once I witnessed this moving, vibrating body or vehicle of light, appearing in size about five times the width of the sun, coming rapidly towards me! I was absolutely fascinated because it was moving so fast and yet at the same time could alter its direction in a instant, and even change its shape! Funnily enough, I was not scared in the least - just transfixed to the spot!!

Then to my joy it swooped towards me playfully and I knew it was friends. I thought; It's my brothers! And my heart lifted in joy!

As I watched in absolute rapture and fascination they started to play with me by changing their ship into different shapes: first a bird, then a serpent, then a moving cloud of sparkling, effervescent light particles which then coalesced back to a vehicle shape again.

I felt so privileged to witness such an air show put on for my spectacle and joy alone!

Then I felt their loving pulses as they telepathically told me that this is how they moved from one point to another through the idea of time and space: Our vehicles are made of our consciousness and as such, we are our ship. And just to make the point they flew right through the hill and out the other side!

Furthermore, they said: Your body is not outside yourself. All the features and constructs of your physical reality are not outside you or separate from you – though you give it that appearance in order to play with yourself. Your body is in your consciousness as is our ship in ours.

I remembered resonating with the truth of what they shared with me, but now I know the significance. For, of course, it's our joy now to share this realisation with you in our new video course (still coming soon!) and the infinite possibilities for your life that can open up when you totally get it: the absolute joy, wonder and love of knowing and feeling in your heart that you and I are creating this beautiful world right now in this moment. And we do this, not by living in some actual 'world' 'out there', but by living out our idea of this world from our own unique perspectives, entirely projected within our own individual consciousness!

Isn't that amazing? Isn't that awesome?

I just want to sing about this incredible act that we do! I just want to write songs, tell a story all about the magic and myth of: me, you and all of our glorious creation! I want to throw caution to the wind and shout out our love from the highest roof tops - I am in love with me! I am in love with you! I am in love with all of this! For all of this is Me, the whole of Me, and paradoxically, you too!!

And so they went on to explain to me that their space ships weren’t actually metallic but spun from their consciousness, like an extended body. Their ships are a personal, expanded extension of themselves, forged from their will and intent, and piloted simply by their thoughts. Just like your arm or your body is a part of you, so their ship is part of them!

Just like them, I was remembering and becoming conscious of being able to play, manipulate and mould my own realty into crystallised forms of myself. And that I am made of living light, as indeed you are. As we uplift our vibration and frequency to higher levels through our love, our joy, we become more fluid and flexible within ourselves, and so our physical lives, as extensions of ourselves, become more malleable and receptive to our touch.

Back to my bedroom…

I kept hearing strange noises in my head, like high pitched notes, some deep throbbing whirrings and also some distant hauntingly beautiful music! I was vibrating so hard with joy and high, high energy pulsating through me that I just couldn't think about going back to sleep!

I saw all theses streams of light coming out of me, flashing through me in a spiralling starlight fashion. It reminded me of Neo in Matrix Revolutions, when he was completely surrounded and enmeshed in light!

All night long I had these flashes of light before my eyes. I sensed deeply that my friends were teaching me to tap into the energy matrix of my own consciousness - to raise my frequency and vibration to awesome levels!

I remember practicing something like this in my meditation hut several years ago using a similar approach called the 'Merkaba'. I had raised my energy to such a level: pulsating vibrations coursing through my body, building up from the base of my spine. So strong was the energy I thought that I was going to blast off into another dimension!
I got scared, so I cut it off.

But now I felt my other-dimensional friends helping me to build up my energy field and to be able to use it safely, without scaring myself with its awesome power. It's like tapping into a nuclear reactor core in my own Self!!

A flash of a 12 pointed star came into my mind and I had a deep recognition that this was the gateway to the 'higher levels' of existence. However, I have this intense desire, like a calling, to live my life in that same degree of light, freedom and ecstasy, right here and now in my experience of being on Earth. It feels like I am waltzing and dancing with everyone and everything in my life. This is my highest joy and truth and the platform from where I am choosing to live my life each and every moment. Everything else in my life is an expression of that calling, everything else is secondary.

The overall feeling of the star symbol was of a spinning, vibratory, energy body of my light, and that I could draw upon and reclaim this power that was already there. Through the filaments and tendrils spiralling from the centre of me I was drawing on the depths of myself, the stuff of me to create my reality, my entire universe out of me in spasms of ecstasy and light. I was experiencing that the very act of creation itself was me. I could see that as I spin from the centre of myself I project my dreams and ideas out, simultaneously creating from the essence of me the unfolding of my universal and galactic self.

I was simply zooming into the awareness that we are all one and the same Being. I could feel that I truly am my 'oversoul', and from that vantage point, I realised that my star was actually a symbol for how I, as my oversoul, create the reality for each of its soul fragments (like you an me!) We each manifest on these filaments of light, as it were, extending from the centre like a star; each tendril becoming another one of us, and all of them really are aspects of Us in crystallized expression.

Ah ha! The centre of our joy, our power house is the prime template of creation and we can use that symbol of the magnificent star that We are: spinning, revolving, radiating light, as our seat of power and joy to create the reality and world of our dreams.

From this seat of mesmerising and spinning light and ecstasy it was so easy to tap into the real tangible feeling of both John and I manifesting our destiny and our success. I could already see our future as a mutually assured success already being fashioned into existence.

But the most exciting part is being in that loving, revolving, radiating, living, breathing star of myself, radiating reality into existence from the core of our being on orgasmic pulses. And how we are bursting our worlds into an infinite web of our fractal selves, yet supremely and uniquely complete as we are, each as a world unto our Self!

We are indeed each the light and the reflections of our own private Universe, the essence of existence is our logo - a world of light unto ourselves so that we can explore it, and play with it in wild abandon. And yet lovingly we synchronise our individual realities as the one Being that we are, in order we may share the experience and so give full weight and depth to our personal view of our Universe. And thus, we create everything we need to nourish, sustain and foster our greatest imaginations into existence, weaved as our lives like an exquisite tapestry.

Oh, what joy to know we are such supreme artists and architects of our lives and yet we are never conscious of our ability!

Our world, our universe, our galaxy is indeed our oyster in a more personal and intimate way than we have ever imagined! Let's fashion it with love and our highest aspirations. Let's affirm never to live another moment out of resonance or respect to all of our creation and to always see the beauty in apparent destruction …. For it's there, just open your eyes and feel it. It's all coming from you. Gosh, you are so amazing and I love you! Let's pay homage to each other as the one Being that we are in magnificent diversity! Let that vision shine from our eyes and paint our world with laughter!
And from this fabulous space of our intimate and intertwined connection we invoke each day with incredible possibilities.

May I finish of by sharing a little of how this has been affecting my everyday life?

I take a deep breath, as I am astonished at the changes in myself! But you know, the most amazing one, is that I really love myself now! I always found it easy and natural to love others but it was like I didn't exist for me, but only to help and assist others. So extreme was this in my past that that I nearly died as a teenager suffering from the disease of anorexia nervosa. I believe this stemmed from my belief that I was innately worthless, unless I did something amazing for another, or validated my existence through super achievement at whatever I turned to. This belief was both a curse, as it has plagued me most of my life with insecurity and low self-worth, but also a gift because it has helped me, driven me, to find the true me and the true place of love!

But what a turn around, because I am totally in love with me now, and by extension the everyday encounters I have with my reality and other people are so wondrous and heart meltingly awesome! This has culminated in regular but also startling experiences of strangers running up to me wanting to embrace me and exclaim in wonder at my

But to me this would be sterile, empty, if I didn't allow myself to share with them the wonder, the beauty, the radiance I see streaming from them. Sometimes I feel a little tremulous as I affirm the glory and the love I see in them too, for it breaks down so dramatically the huge barriers we have all created between us, and sometimes I cry, as they cry, when we feel and realise our bond in each other! Gosh, I see so much beauty and light in them and I rejoice with them in celebration, reminding them of that radiance in them too! And sometimes it comes out as a mutually heart-melting embrace, but most often our eyes lock in recognition of each other, to whoops and cheers of delight and encouragement in our shared experience!

And now, because I know the whole of my world is you and me, and I feel it my heart, I can naturally love all of it including myself. I feel like Cinderella in that the beauty of this world, of nature has always taken my breath away. Now I can embrace the beauty in me and in you too, because I am no longer afraid of invalidation or critism or disapproval, because I know now that it was all coming from me as a mirror!

And so I have always loved to love and, furthermore, each day I am sure our world is getting more and more beautiful. Sometimes when I am out walking in the fields I will drop to my knees in gratitude and joy and I will shout to the sky, I love you! Tears roll down my face, for I am so grateful for all the anguish, hardship and pain I have put myself through. For I have turned myself back into the pure gold of me, as I also realise it was always there all the time, just cloaked by my amazing deception of myself. And now, I am in love and I feel so much love for you and this entire beautiful world that we have created.

Thank you for reading this, thank you for touching my heart and being with me right now in this tender moment!

Love Maggie
PS Thank you for all your lovely comments!


Anonymous said...

Wow Maggie this was Awesome!! As I was reading I felt this knowing of what you say ans am aware of this feeling of the web. As I read on and finished I felt myself wanting to cry and be this way but still questioning whether I could. Its like inside I know and there is this small part of me that questions that knowing and I want to let that part go. Thank you for sharing this
All Love
Teresa xxxxxxxx

you are amazing said...

Random acts of kindness are what life is all about.

Spreading the love and joy to others and Filling ones own life with loving-kindness and showering oneself with blissful, joyous, kindness are the lessons of life.
All else is illusion of mind and thought. Love to you - reading this now.