Thursday, February 23, 2006

An Odyssey of Pure Love

There is a soft aching sadness to my personae; namely that I am not sharing my love with my world to my fullness. I long to share my song of jubilation, my writings emblazed with passion and sorrow; entwined like two sides of the same coin.

Then I hear the voice of my soul coming on the wind, "Then write your heart out, sing that song. There is such a richness, such a narrative to share in the bones of your soul and the utterances of your voice. You are your own creative artist, director and author. Fall into your softness today and give it an expression. Go walking in the mists of Avalon, delve deep into the mystery and magic of you and come back and write your tale.

"Plant the seeds, the bulbs of your own flowering. Whatever fear you have is your sacred message, it's telling you that you give your power away to your own circumstances.

''What does this tell you?''

It tells me I am driven to create a day of softness, of the sweet love of connection, honesty, freedom and joy.

And from that place of my inner ache I shall awaken the great sharing, the muse that I desire to share in my world, encoded with the secrets of the Wise ones!

And as I get to grips with the core of my soul I hear this sad lament whirling around in my mind, whispering tendrils of my tragic past, a dream lost, an untimely death: What purpose do I serve here if I can't share my love with my world?

But what is this arising in me? Slowly the mists of my forgetting dissipate – "The answer you seek is in your question. Your quest is to share your love in all the amazingly diverse ways of your creative imagination. Take up the gauntlet of your passion, seize this moment out of prime creation to create an Odyssey of Pure Love, that will oscillate and vibrate through your world like a whistling wind!

"Have no care for a response to your love, for the love you are and the love you share has so much fullness and depths to its character, that there is no room for anything else to fulfil it. Instead, ask yourself the golden question:
'What can I be and share that would make this day my finest moment? And so set the tempo for the rest of my life as an Embodiment of The Great Shining Ones who reside in us, as us.'

"And your lost dream, that was never really lost, will reveal itself and come into celebratory fruition!"

And so my tale unfolds and I see that I am in service to the greatest Light of my Self, which is no other than your Self, and all our Selves!

What is your dream that begs for remembrance and to be birthed into expression in your own life? Call me, let me know, share it, rejoice in it with me.

We await your response with bated breath.
All in the love, Maggie

Friday, February 10, 2006

Depression is my Saviour!!!

Amazing realisations seem to be occurring since we ran our Living The Lovers' Way course.

This how they have come about: I had a bout of depression yesterday, like a dark cloud hanging over my natural sunny disposition. But this was amazing for it caused something to snap inside me; it shifted my perspective about living my life!

Depression became my saviour, for out of it came the knowledge that I was subduing myself, my joy, my spirit to exterior events that I wanted to happen, but were not!

I also had the profound realisation that my mind is so rich with ideas, a whole plethora of creative genius, solutions and scenarios, but that just I wasn't utilising.

But more importantly, I have been creating the idea that my mind is separate from my physical reality! Furthermore, that I believed that I could not live out these amazing ideas that I have stored in the safe house of my mind. Whoa, my own personal blockade! The implications being that I have only allowed a certain filtered portion of the richness, the imaginative genius and creative input that are me, to project onto my physical reality!

But I know too much now; my physical reality is not separate from my mind. We create the sense of separation in order to learn and to experience our lives according to our projected beliefs. But when you let the barrier between mind and physical reality go, you can create a much more brilliant, verdant and colourful life!

For I can see that my life is a canvas awaing my input to bring it alive with fresh brush strokes of my innate divine inspiration, to paint my life with passion! To use my fertile imagination to create a real living dream.

Oh, wonderful, wonderful depression you have showed me the way of my joy! You have illuminated for me where I short-circuit the flow of the wealth of my rich imagination and widest dreams through limiting beliefs, such as awaiting for opportunities to share my joy to magically appear!

To hell with these limiting beliefs - I am just going to do it: sing the love songs wanting to be sung, write my rampant ramblings of my mind and dance the light fandango in the way I move through my life. I will take up my paintbrush and paint my life boldly rather than hiding in a corner waiting to be discovered!

So, the powerhouse of my mind is not separate from my reality and creating the separation limits the expression on the canvas of my life. I choose to drop the barrier and let my life reflect the vibrancy, the richness and the beauty of my ecstatic mind!

And I do that by just doing what's 'on my mind'!

What's on my mind? Well, writing the contents of this piece and sharing it with you and then getting the video camera out and shooting a film with a potent message that will be enthralling and liberating to those who wish to hear it!

Like the Nike ad, my own message is to myself is:
Just Do It!

Doing it creates the bridge between imagination, mind and physical life!

What will you be imagining and doing today?

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I feel such huge outpourings of love for you all!

Hello Wonderful Lovers!

I feel such huge outpourings of love for you all! This is my first entry since John and I ran our new Living The Lovers Way course last weekend. Oh my, what an awesome event.

All the honest and wonderful sharing on the private forum we've set up since then has made my heart sing - to feel everyone enjoying the mad, crazy and ecstatic adventure that is our lives and our creation!

May we all carry on sharing and let the love continue to spiral and expand from within ourselves to the myriad and beautiful reflections which is our physical world.

I love you all with a love that is beyond time or space!

In the meantime I would like to share with you all more of what I have been experiencing, such as huge energetic shifts.

It feels like I have had a massive 'Reiki' attunement atthe Living The Lovers' Way course! In fact, I did experience something similar a few years back when I spent a few hours in the Ribbon crop circle at Stonehenge.

I have been experiencing quite a bit of nausea and my body is vibrating so fast that I feel I could dematerialise, but also my heart is becoming so huge - feeling it truly is the centre of my Universe. I am noticing more and more how distances seem to becoming less, e.g. when I am travelling, whether walking or driving, I observe a point and I am there with no awareness of the in-between journey! It's astonishing: time, distance, space are all collapsing into me!

And then the most amazing thing of all: I am starting to see objects that I normally see as quite solid become almost liquid. They take on a luminous quality and appear to float towards me !
Now, there are some amazing implications here: as we speed up our vibrational frequency, we can play with our reality even more. We have enormous capability to create more and more love and beauty in our lives! I can see that my physical life is like a musical composition created in brilliant partnership with my Universe and me.

And that my life is teaching me to listen to my cues, act on my creative urges and play my life like a song with a full heart. I am experiencing just how literally my own creations, including my physical life, take such a beautiful form and I know and understand the meaning of the Primary WISDOM: What I See Dreams Out of Me!

As I am shifting my vibrational frequency, my creations are much easier and my physical universe is becoming much more malleable and in tune with me. I know for myself that the nausea I have been experiencing dissipates every time I share my love and channel it into whatever is my highest and greatest joy in the moment!

I love my life, I love the fact that I can go walking and exude supreme joy without the defences or fear, for I have nothing to defend or hide about myself – it's so great to feel this free!

And with these huge energy surges that are that were activated by Living The Lovers' Way, it is more important than ever is that I stay true to my truth, passion, path and glorious self-expression, or I can experience burn out! As my energy is soaring, it needs a creative outlet, it needs a freeway, an open road; namely to share this love!

I think of myself as a highly-tuned instrument and, as such, any beliefs that I have about my reality that are incompatible to the Me I have chosen to be are enough to seize up my entire system. So, I am using this time of transformation to be even more in touch with the Dream of myself, for I am experiencing my dreams becoming more real and my physical reality becoming more dream-like. I am seeing that they are blending into one!

Stay honest and courageous, and stay in love!