Monday, April 13, 2009

Let's run like wild horses

Hello Dear One

Do you believe in magic, dreams and miracles?

Do you long to gallop free on the golden sands, roll in the earth, kiss the cornflower blue sky and hug the silvery moon?

Well, giddy-up! Come with me down to the lonely sea and sky where our sprits fly and surf on ecstatic waves of our love, waves that roll and lap to the thunders of our hearts; washing us clean like Atlantic rollers ready for the next wave, the next beat of our pulse to guide us in the wind.

Let's make a scared pact at midnight; (a magical time when the boundaries between our dimensional experiences are thinner) to bind our hearts in love.

And pledge to give our soul to the wind of our freedom and say goodbye to the prison bars of mediocrity, restriction and cup-half-empty

Let's go to the leading edge of our soul's lament and venture into the wild, open wilderness of our heart' plains and gallop free; our mane and tail flying like a banner in the in the wind!

Let's kick up our heels and fly as we say goodbye to our fears and trade them for the excitement, the joy and the rush of simply feeling fully alive.

Let's stand together heart-to-heart and hand-in-hand; foreheads gently touching as we pledge our hearts to the Sun and our souls to the Moon.

Let's dissolve into our dream of ourselves as we ride on the quickening that’s our heart's salvation. We cannot hold onto control or stability anymore; the change, the quickening, the speeding up in our world is at hand.

To resist our momentum as we gather up speed is to resist our quickening, our metamorphosis into our light; we will become whole as we let go our attachment to normality and embrace the unpredictable, the wild unknown landscape of our infinite depths .. Chaos is our friend as we go through our purification and our fine tuning into purity of beingness: our freedoms to run and move like wild horses.

And so, I excitedly ask that you join me in this exciting idea and let's run like wild horses as we ride the quickening, as we venture into our ecstasy, the joy of riding the wind and the thrill of the pace as we sky dive into heaven's infinite spaces; allowing all the nooks and crannies in our being to be infused with love.

I feel that many of us Light workers are all going through our own personal crucifixations and resurrections right now in the form of our own personal greatest challenges. Some of us are very aware of this, some of us are not.

Our greatest fears, our deepest scares, are 'scars' on our being (or 'samskaras' - Sanskrit for the fundamental impressions left on the heart of an individual from previous experiences/lives). They are our own personal 'crucifixions' there to help us to embrace our true selves, and to be transmuted into our light: to help us become our own resurrection.

Resistance to this natural process will hurt us and cause us to lose much vital energy if we succumb to this habitual knee jerk reaction of holding back. For example, when we try to control our reality in a vain attempt to maintain some semblance of 'stability' we slip, we stumble, we falter, we feel pain and our evolutionary leap is disrupted. But our souls are champing at the bit now, telling us it's time to sacrifice our fears and limitations and go into the light of our Sun

By heeding our soul's calling and following the scent of our excitement we gallop into the wind, heads held high in pride, like warriors of the Heart, flying our emblem of Freedom, Beauty and Truth for all to see. We carry the badge of courage, love and honour on our chests : we are hearts of fire, pulsing our world into a new dimension.

Oh! Brave Hearts join me in the call of our Wild Spirits: our Freedom to live and love openly and limitlessly, and run like wild horses as we ride the waves of change into a new reality: a new world, a new way of being...

Fear is the great tyrant of ourselves laughing in the wind; we can ride and surf on fear or we can shrink back into half of ourselves, like cowering to ghosts in the dark when, truly, we are Knights of the Sun.

Come: let's ride the Wave into the Heart of the Sun!

Now, I believe there are signs of this dramatic shift all around us. For example, have you heard a strange sound in the air, like a great humming?

Listen carefully and you may hear it too - our Earth is awakening and sounds like this great humming are whirling and whooshing through our ears as we open ourselves to our higher, ecstatic frequencies. We will feel the humming intensify as we feel our world cracking out of its tight-fisted grip into holy 'wizzledom' (my own new word for a hybrid cross between: wizardry, wisdom and kingdom!)

And then it will shift into a great thunderous roar of rapturous freedom - our light bodies igniting, quenching like nectar our spiritual thirst.

Oh Yes! We love the great Roar of the Wave, calling us to open up and run with it, as we hear our thunderous hearts pounding.

We are reaching critical mass as we approach the marker of 2012. And by moving through the photon belt of our resistances to this or that (by embracing this and that within ourselves) we are becoming like liquid sun as we merge our past, future and now as one... We are remembering all the separated parts of us now, fusing together into one.

So, do not resist your momentum, your dream. Integrate polarity, your personal fears, crosses and separation from your Whole Self (Holy Self) by allowing yourself to be carried on the wave of your dream into the Heart's centre: our Sun, Our Unity!

Be wild and free my heart, my love, living as our ecstatic communion in our divine pulse: we are our next Dimension; welcome to the Fifth World.

In Waves of Love and Light
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