Tuesday, October 03, 2006

City of Light

Hello again!

This is long post today, but it expresses some of my most significant revelations and important realisations for our time, here on our Earth today.

Please do let me know what parts of your being it touches!

By the way, this is a picture of me with my son, Daniel - another glorious being and star child!

Gosh, I had such another fantastic day yesterday, even although I was absolutely shattered!

From this wonderful space of knowing that my entire reality, both internal and external, is all you and me and is my faithful reflection, I can now see how wonderful and glorious my tiredness is serving me; for am forcing myself to stay in the moment!

What a gift!

For when I think about achieving something now in my life, like a goal, it truly exhausts me, for I feel myself creating time, space, effort and distance between my goal and where I am at in this present moment.

And so I create the great divide between me and my reality, and it hurts!

So, I am losing my need to be so driven and I feel free! WEEeeeeee!

I am freewheeling down the highway of my life instead of forcing things to happen for I know that you and I are both our entire world, including all the people and events that, between us, we choose to experience:

Even though my world is my own private projection and creation and your world is your own world too, together, we enjoy the sharing of the same one idea of this world. It really is all us, the same one being we are: emanating from and all contained within the same one Consciousness we are.

I experience my entire universe in my heart. I feel your entire Universe in your heart, and I know that your heart and my heart are our One Heart. We simply have to allow our heart’s desire to express itself and happen naturally, rather than forcing the issue.

You see, our exquisite process of creation is so clever that your will is automatically aligned with my desire, so we can both enjoy complete freedom of choice and expression without ever imposing on each other or being imposed upon by the 'other’.

This is because, of all the infinite versions of ‘you’, the one that appears with me in my reality, and holds my hand in our exploration to share this Experience, is always the one that is making coinciding choices.

The effect is that not only do I own my reality and you own yours, but, exquisitely, we own and support each other’s realities too so that we can both enjoy this one idea of our world from our two independent, yet corresponding Points Of View, without ever being in conflict!

Oh my God, it’s such an amazing creative explosion of Consciousness to share, thank you for being with me, and being me, in this, our Cosmic Drama!

For why do I need to force things to happen when I can simply allow it to happen? It's like this ground-breaking course I have been working on with John, the more I have tried to work on it the more I seemed to block the progress, whereas when I festooned myself with the joy that it's all happening now, we see the miracle of the effortless unfolding of our course.

I am learning that my truest, highest joy is to share my love of our world, of our beautiful co-creation. And to share the joy, the love of the exquisite process of creation itself: the glamour, the buzz as I share the ecstasy of our true vibrant selves!

Wow, it just fills me up with high octane jus, just taking about it with you here, now!
I just keep seeing a picture of myself in my imagination: sharing, singing and dancing the exquisite beauty and love of what we are and of this, our beautiful world. And through my passion, shared through the beat, tempo and rhythm of these words and my work, I am rapturously guided to dance with others and help them see and feel that within themselves!

And so we love each other up to higher and higher octaves of our vibrational frequency. It feels like waltzing, and I hear music: strains of music, the music of the spheres the beat of creation, the Fibonacci sequence. We are the musical notes, the pitches, the sounds jumping off the pages of the screen of our lives; we underscore and write our creation.

We are tapping into the music and sound of creation, and we create a rhapsody with the fabric of creation itself, spun out from the depths of our Selves, our same one Self! Our lives are the mode and the vehicle of that expression.

Can't you feel the pulse of our Heartbeat as we quicken our lives together into images that dance before our eyes in mesmerising reflections, each and every moment a new moment pregnant with possibilities? In our synchronised heartbeats we feel the one being that we are and yet at the same time, we can go off with joyful abandonment and explore ourselves through our individual and unique, yet intricately interwoven, lives.

So, I was reeling with joy and ecstasy after sharing my love with you the other day in our song of love! And I want to take this moment to give you a big hug and to thank you for listening – for this love I feel inside is getting stronger every day and it's too vast to keep to myself!

And so the love is extrapolating into every part of my life. I am totally awed by my life at the moment, everybody is so amazing, so kind and loving to me and I swear life is getting more and more beautiful. For example, I just had my MOT done on the car and had such a wonderful experience with the mechanics at the garage, which I shall describe later. It was like melting into another and at the same time it was a joyful, playful, mutually uplifting dance of distinct individuals.

And I’ve just got to mention the skies! Have you noticed the light? There is such a vibrant light bathing glorious Somerset! The skies remind me of the colours and hues of Michangelo's famous painting of heaven, in the Sistine chapel.

So, with this joy in my heart I was off driving in my red Ford Fiesta recently in the direction of Sherborne in Dorset, when all at once I beheld a truly miraculous sight: a UFO hovering directly over me.

Now, I’m used to seeing all manner of UFOs, but I’ve never seen one like this before! It was huge, like the massive mother ship in the movie 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind’. However, this one was different in that it appeared to be gleaming like gold, sparkling and vibrant; suspended above me like a heavenly vision.

The phrase 'City of Light' floated into my mind.

This vision appeared before my eyes in broad daylight, as though to impress something upon my consciousness. It hovered silently for about ten seconds, about 100 foot above me, then as quickly as it had appeared, it just disappeared and I knew I would know the significance later.

And so I did, that night, in that magical time for me in the early hours. I was wide awake and the vision of the 'City of Light' came into my awareness. I felt the presence of the beings inside the ship and I had a strong feeling that we have been in contact and very close for sometime now, particularly in my dreams. And whenever I sense their incredible compassionate nature it always strikes such a cord in me, for it reminds me of what I value and how I love to live my life.
And my heart opens like a flower. Their love reminds me of myself and how I now love to hug another freely without fear of being misunderstood or rejected. And the absolute joy I experience now whenever I meet another, for I find myself naturally, spontaneously drawn to psychically hugging them! Furthermore, this has extended into even psychically hugging other passing drivers as I am driving my car, and we share an ecstatic moment of connection as our eyes lock in recognition and love.

Whenever I sense the presence of these beings from the star ship, my heart leaps and sings! For they have kept a close eye on my progress and experiences here on our Earth. Whenever I have felt desperate and lost they were always there for me, to hold me in love! I have now become aware that this City of Light is the very ship that I have been conscious of taking trips to at night. It seems like I have regularly been invited to attend 'board meetings' of galactic, as well as Earth, business!

In these meetings we enjoy discussing the events, openings and progress of our Earth and other star systems such as the Pleiades, Sirius, Arcturus and the Andromeda influences to mention a few, as they and we on Earth co-create together our new expanded awareness and opening to the truth of our true connections and multi-dimensional reality!

And, so I found myself this time asking the beings on the ship about the progress of our course for I was concerned about the length of time it was taking for it to be
ready to share with others.

And simultaneously they answered; “No need to worry, you are doing well. You are perfectly on track and in timing. Everything in your life is falling into alignment into its place to facilitate the sharing of your joy and by extension your world's joy! The most important thing of all is to remain in the Love Vibration, to carry on loving and living your love and life to the full, here on Earth. The Energy of that love will change everything".

I can really see this now. For sometimes I feel I should be sitting here ‘slogging’ out the details of our course. But now I know that my joy in the moment is the getting done of the course! Like just getting up to sing and dance in front of the camera is the getting done of my course done! Going for a walk in nature, picking up gorgeous silks and fabulously vibrantly coloured materials, and draping them around me as my dress of the day; this is all getting our course ‘done’!

And what I have now learnt from them, is that by being and doing our joy, we are putting our self in' perfect tune.' Because we are coming from that note, frequency, pitch and vibe of extordinary joy which allows all the things that need to happen to assist us in our joy effortlessly and synchronistically. And as our unique, exquisite joy is our link to all of our Self, as extended into our world, we find that we have all the resources of our world, our reality, at our glorious beck and call!

I just don't want to ‘work it out’ anymore. I just want to come from the exquisite joy and buzz of creation itself. I am buzzing with it now!

From this space, this energy, each day is an incredible day! Every single encounter I have with another is so intimately connected to every other detail of my life and relevant to our course. This is because I am experiencing the joy and connection with another without needing to validate myself. I feel I am standing in my pride and in love with myself as another and my life is truly filled with wonder! But more importantly, I feel I am living and radiating the truth of what I am sharing with you here!

Let me share with you another story.

I went walking in the water meadows near Batcombe. There I bumped into my friend Nick, a fellow artist. And he simply asked me what I did!

Now, this question used to catalyse a gasp of complete wonder in me, but also an inner deep mystification as to what I actually ‘am’ or ‘do’!
For I do so many things: I am a healer, a therapist, a singer, a dancer, a writer, an artist.. But I have always shied away from sharing with people the core of what I actually do and love to share, because I just don't think they would understand, or that they would be totally blown away or shun me in fear! Or the big one: what we have to share is so revolutionary to the human experience that it just might be too far reaching for this time.

So there then came the turnaround…

Nick put me on the spot and I am really grateful to him for asking the big question, "What is it that you do?"

And I was so compelled to come out with the truth at last, especially since it was such a perfect setting for my expression as we were both immersed in the deep lush meadows, lovely blue sky overhead and the sun was smiling upon us both.

And do you know what? I just let it all gush out, without restraint. And what a relief it was! This is more or less what I said:

“Nick, I am bursting with the joy and love that I have for our beautiful world and that you and I, Nick, are creating all of this around us out of the core of our being!

''I love to take you into the ‘heart of our creation,' the magical melting pot of creation itself.

“I love to guide you into the awareness of how we fashion our reality out of the glorious intricacies of the swirling vortex of sound, colour, love and light projected out of our beingness in an ecstatic pulse.

“To remind you how you and I, as apparently discreet and separate individuals, are creating our entire individual universes out of this glorious substance of our own consciousness.

“And the joy and liberation of how we are not literally sharing what we see as this one world ‘out there’. Rather how we enjoy the freedom and splendour of our unlimited creativity, each in our own ‘private’ universe, and the reason yours synchronises with mine, is that we are the same one being, wanting to share this moment right and this idea of our ‘world’ now!

''Nick, did you know, that we are not just ‘creating our reality’ but actually creating our entire world, our own private universe, completely out of our joy and crafted out of our consciousness? That we are not two beings sharing this one world, but we are indeed one being living in two separate and distinct universes, one for each of us!

“And the reason yours coincides with mine: why I can appear in your reality and you appear in mine, is, again, because we really, really ARE the same one being wishing to explore this experience.

“We are sharing this idea of our world, our interaction here and we love it! We are giving it solidity, structure, colour and form out of our singular consciousness, divided into two – yours and mine - out of our glorious imagination!

“In my language ‘universe’ means one verse, one tune we are both resonating to. We bring our worlds into existence by the pitch, tone, and colour of our beliefs and thoughts. My highest desire is to share the magic, the wonder, the beauty of creation itself and how you are and I are integral to creation itself and to our entire universe, because we ARE creation itself!

“Nick, you are so much more than you think you are and I want to share with you the glory, the magnitude, the awesomeness of how you and I create the idea of this beautiful word within our one being. This will automatically reveal to you and will be your own revelation of what I see when I look into your eyes; that we are both looking into the eyes of God, and we are that God!

“Can you feel it Nick, right here, right now? How we are amazing, you and me?

“What glorious acts we can create together, knowing that we are responsible for this our entire universe and world. For indeed, we each have an entire universe at our disposal to create and play with.

“And the miracle is that my Universe is yours and yours is mine. Yet, no longer do we need to lament and moan over what we can't do and what we are victim to: what we see is all our own and our shared creation, and we can joyfully own it and create with it, together!

“Yes, we are so amazing, you and I, that we are doing this all the time, can't you feel it? The joy, the wonder, the quickening as we usher our world into existence, into an appearance of a world of such depth, colour, textural detail - all from our core of pure love and radiance?!”

Naturally, he was somewhat taken aback. Yet, to my surprise and joy, he seemed to resonate with and understand what I had said; like a distant memory coming back into focus. There was a relaxing of the furrow on his forehead as the magnitude of what we do dawned upon his awareness and he smiled openly in recognition! And as we parted there was the rekindling of a bond that kept us warm in love and simmered quietly in our eternal truth: that he and I were one being, enjoying our creation from different points of view within our own Consciousness!

And so I revelled in the glow of realisation that, indeed, I really could speak and be my truth without fear, without restraint.

Then, on another day I was again put on the spot when I visited that garage to have new tyres put on my car. Brian welcomed me, he is such bubbly, happy character, always so happy to help and be of service. Again there was this lovely banter between us and laughter echoed in that busy little car repair place!

Again, I was put on the spot, Brian asked: “So, what do you do"?

And, I thought to myself, Oh my God, he will never understand!

But something inside me told me that it was time not to side-step the issue anymore, for my true vocation is to express and share our exquisite secret about you, me and our reality.

I said, “I love to share the awesomeness of this beautiful world and the love I feel for it! I love to' love you up' into the exquisite process of creation itself, to give you the ultimate tour guide so that you too, can experience for yourself, that we are creating all of this around us in such cosmic splendour!''

And not only was Brian nodding in sincere appreciation, but the other mecahnics had gathered around and were also beaming in rapt attention.

You see, for a long time I felt I had to create such a complicated process or explanation to share my truth and I wanted to do. I felt I had to justify what I am. But now I realise that as I come from that place of just allowing ‘me’ to shine through, not worrying whether others will get it, they DO get it!

I simply speak my truth and exude my passion!

I also realise now that I am in total resonance and alignment with our truth, so I don’t feel the need to justify or explain it. Instead both John and I are just being it and just expressing it, and to our joy and surprise, people are just getting it!

And the crowning realisation for me is that our purpose in life, our mission, if we chose to boldly go for it, is often staring us right in our face and is longing to be shared with others!

We often invalidate it because we do not think we could support ourselves and our families, just by doing that, or we invalidate ourselves because we don’t think we are good enough or talented enough or as in my case and John's, it seemed almost too revolutionary for our time (or so we thought!)

Let me tell you that if it's your passion, your highest joy and is the highest value of yourself then that is your 'mission from God', from the true you. When we withhold our little self from our whole Self, we withhold ourselves from our life, our family, our friends and our world. And then we withhold the divine gem and abundance that we are.

Go on, be yourself in glorious, unrestrained extravaganza!

You are magnificent! If you want reassurance, then have it from me! Not only can we share this truth right here, right now, but I have friends in high places (and so do you) that also confirm it!

Go for it, cosmic wanderer!

And heaven will be our rejoicing and laughter will be our friend here on our Earth!

Deepest Love

In this moment here, I'm in Love

Hello again,

Here is another song of tour Heart to share with you.
Please excuse the slight buzz on this recording, which is not so noticeable if you turn it down a little :-)


Lots of Love