Saturday, October 09, 2010

Autumnal riches and magic of Being You

It is right now that I start to get a taste for the magic of the season's forecast, along with strong winds, intense autumn light and surging waves.

I eye up its potential to elicit in me the dream of my future in this coming womb time, and have many a flirtation with my hidden impulses and dark secrets. And so, spurred by the song of the surf and gathering storm that appear to come from the underground of my unconscious and shadow, I seek illumination in exposing our mystery by the torch light of my astute awareness.

Autumn has manifold strands whispering to us of our secret and shadow self; I invite you to come and prospect with me on an expedition of Soul, a quest to discover our sacred self using the darker months, to boldly go and explore the uncharted landscape of our mind and discover our mystery and hidden power.

Tapping into the mystery and shadow of your being is a God-sign for our everyday expression as your "real self" emerges; she or he has a power that has been subverted: veiled as considered undesirable perhaps? And so, you may have, from the power of your fear, cast that part of you to the underground, as an outcast - banished to remain asleep in the kingdom of your unconscious.

Look to your fear to awaken you and to become impregnated by the power and revelation of your inner light during the darker months of gestation.

Oh, let us get intimate with our deepest dark!

Come on courageous mariners and miners of our Heart! Let us explore our shadow and ride the rising surf of our greatest fears, by being curious and open without judging ourselves or recoiling back in contempt or fear of fear itself.

Instead, by being vulnerable a lovely thing starts to rock as spring blossoms in your heart: you see it has a gift for you and is part of your unique creative Self and is bent   towards the Light... and is seeking a channel in a positive application through you….

Don't be afraid to be you: it is your gift to our world and who you truly are.

Sssshhh... I will tell you a secret about you: maybe it's your wizard, your fey self, maybe your wild child, your dragon, your power perverted.

Sssshhh... I will tell you a secret they said about me: I was told I was wild, crazy and stubborn and could not be trusted...

But I soon found out that to be untrue; I was proud, courageous and fey would not bend to their will and so I was beaten and fought with…..

Until one day I left the hungry and the haunted world for a while and found my own world of magic, with Love and goodness that sparkles with the jewels of my joy that only true happiness brings

Oh my Love, my blessed shadow self gave me a key to my Elfin Self and now I feel in love with my blessed world.

And so often, those misleading statements we tell ourselves, mirrored by the cruel cutting comment of another leaving us askew, are ….are pointers to the glistening veins of our talents, dreams and aspirations: our secret lodes of riches, golden nuggets of self.

And once uncovered, our original self is vital and vibrant again - free from the debris and spill of our junk mind.

When seen with an eye and a heart for its potential to be mined into Gold, you see that the other side of black is light and that in the shadow is your glorious Self. 

You are beautiful, powerful and true…. and I feel your smile breaking into sunshine, as the first shimmers of Self shine through your doubts.

We are coming out now in our Love, light and shadow, betrothed as the very linchpin of our new exuberant and exquisite Self.

Wild nature is on our minds too, as the winds whip up the waves in a frenzy of delight and the sky turns crimson with autumn's riches unfolding, and so we run, we the dance on the whippy wind, as the rugged and romantic in us collide. And so your plot continues as your shadow and light make love and create a more alive and vibrant you with the return of spring in our heart and mind.

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Suddenly, after all the constrictions and overt servitude of the years, there seems to be a new easy, svelte and sensational superbeing that is uniquely you emerging, powerful too, in a loving and integrative way! 

And so I invite you to this potent cocktail … that's the savour of the season….

Now let your light and dark unite in holy matrimony and set your creative juices flowing, to set seed in our womb time.

And we, my Love, will be tripping the Light fandango even in the darker months ahead, ready to burst into even a greater brilliance, with the return of spring.

All in Love,


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