Friday, July 17, 2009

"Gentle Love" Healing Balm Meditation for your Soul

Hello dear Friend

Here is my Healing Balm Meditation gift to you from my heart: soothing, healing and aligning for the soul.

This meditation song came to me as sweet ambrosia for the Soul, recorded during my recent Living In Light course in June outside on our decking, when a quiet healing and balancing meditation was needed. I feel this is the most beautiful and loving meditation and song I have done on YouTube so far, for it brings the exquisite flavour of the live Living In Light course with it.

Allow yourself 20 minutes to soak in this beautiful meditation, gently lifting you back to your heavenly state here on Earth, opening you to the love, joy and bliss of your true, shining Self, with beautiful images such as this:

Due to YouTube restrictions, this song/ meditation is in two parts; however, you may wish to download the single 20 minute Audio Only mp3 version instead.
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Listen/Watch Part 1:
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Listen/Watch Part 2:
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All My Love

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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Struck as if by lightning and meeting a Sirian Blue In broad daylight

Hello dear friend,

My own experience of our Living In Light in June was also so powerful for me that I truly have felt that I would love to share with you heart-to-heart what I went through as the leader of our course, and also, in expressing it, to help me integrate what happened.

It's an amazing story! It's been, I'm certain, the most powerful experience of my whole life!! (Please refer to for the report on the course itself.)
I'm actually finding it difficult to write about my experiences, even now two weeks later, for my veins are still singing, my being is humming with ecstasy and joy and, most incredibly, there are power surges of Love washing through me in a continuous wave motion: it feels like I have tapped into the power of our national electricity grid! And, as I bath in this, I absolutely feel and know, without a shadow of doubt now, that we ARE the power and the Love in our World.

I knew this course was going to be phenomenal even before it began. I went through two weeks of intensive purification and integration within me prior to the course itself, with particular emphasis on getting myself physically and spiritually fit to take the amount of energy I could feel building up.

On the Saturday I led a meditation where I allowed myself to speak and sing in an ancient language which felt 'super-sonic' in nature: every sound, every vowel precipitated visions in me, such as of my connection to Lyra, ancient Atlantis, and to 'The Founders'.

I kept seeing mesmerising symbols dancing before my eyes, ancient symbols: Egyptian, Mayan and celestial in origin, star glyphs, streams and streams of hieroglyphics and creation spirals like crop circle patterns appeared to spontaneously be downloaded from my consciousness along with the tones and chants that I sang, leading our sonic meditation into the eve of the Summer Solstice.

I let myself go into the greatest light that I could imagine and channel. I felt I was struck by a lightening bolt, which took me to another threshold of Love and Light and to a depth I had never experienced before; it was the most jolting 'kundalini' awakening of my life! So, this was what an enlightenment experience should truly be like!

I was hit by the most powerful surge of energy: an intense electro-magnetic blue energy beam igniting my mind and bursting my heart open to be a huge window for my soul. My body was literally shaking; electricity pulsed through my cells, like a great purification. And at the same time, I felt a strong sense of a switching on in my mind of neural pathways and transmitters. Sounds like radio waves were whooshing through my ears and my heart and my body, bringing me the gift of this psychedelic vision; it was an opening of all my senses to alternate reality experiences in that divine moment, and in the next, and in the next....

And then out of the etheric blue mist in my meditation, I saw the 'blue' beings, I felt and saw them with me: The Founders and the Sirian Blues, watching over me, supporting me, encouraging me with such sweet unconditional love for me... Even now, I still feel and see their presences with me and it brings tears to my eyes, for I feel their love and connection with me so profoundly.

I am humming still with this strong magnetic energy vibrating though my being even as I write to you now, perhaps you may pick up on the vibe!!

And I am seeing bursts of opalescent and iridescent colours flooding my senses, orange-pink, silvery blue-green. I am enjoying the delicious ecstasy of my senses being dazzled into pure bliss. This persistent humming is accompanied by neon splashes of colour in my normal physical open-eyed experience too, and the colour blue pervades around me like an electrical cocoon.

Furthermore, since that potent meditation and energy activation, I keep seeing out of the corner of my eye, the pooling of my physical world around me into vortexes; I feel I am touching the spiritual Skelton Keys and essence of my world. Most of all, the phenomenal experience of the overlapping and merging of my senses is perhaps the most 'sensual' experience ever: 'feeling sound' and 'smelling colours' and so on. My senses are becoming open ended, blending into just one multi-faceted sense. It's made me now SO open that I feel even more vividly the emotions and thoughts of those around me and also those who may not be in my physical vicinity but we are wishing to make a connection, I feel it so much it's almost overwhelming, yet I feel protected here in this quite backwater by the sea from too many external influences all at once, for I wonder if I could cope with it yet!

And to top it all, one of the Sirian Blues has been 'materialising' into my physical reality. I was walking by the coast, near the derelict old tin mines and among the waste scrap stones flecked with copper, tin, and quartz glinting in the sun. I love his place, for it reminds me of being on Mars (another old 'home' of mine!) with great crater-like openings in the ground and the spoil glinting like gold, and then I saw him.... the unmistakable figure of a Sirain Blue: very smooth blue skin standing about seven foot tall with a stoic stance of a being that knows its own power, eyes vivid blue - very intense with silver flecks, blue silver facial features, very lion-like.

He was gazing at me with an upright stance yet friendly and caring. This stance was, intriguingly, very similar to the other-worldly beings that appeared at the end of the 2009 film 'Knowing' (and the way they turned into light beings and the vision of their craft-of-light was the most closely matched to my own experiences I've ever seen portrayed!) (first three quarters of that film are eminently missable, however!) After a few moments, and some telepathic communication he literally dematerialised in front of my eyes, 'fading out' of my reality and leaving me with the distinct impression that he had said: "It's okay, were here to help you and your world as you go through your transition into the next dimension." I was a left with the deepest feeling that I was being supported by them at levels, many of which I'm not even fully conscious of!

So, all my senses have become super-tuned and I am still getting used to them. For example, I am finding everything a bit loud. I feel sound beneath sound. I have been going around our house having to turn the volume down on everything.

This has also extended into an inner blending, with parts of my subconscious becoming very conscious; it feels so good to be even more intimate and aware of so much more about myself. I can emphatically conclude that my life has become a dawn of discovery about myself and our world, every day!

I truly feel that I am moving beyond the belief of living in love and light in our heaven here on Earth, and on into an irrefutable awareness of pure Knowingness, as well as the feeling of waves and waves of awesome Love in my heart, connecting me to all hearts.

Thank you with all my heart to all of us in our unlimited Love.

And I feel and know that The Founders and my Sirian friends are here right now supporting me in my chosen path to create a New World of total unconditional love, light, integrity and freedom and that this world is one we are creating right now through the living of our lives in unconditional love, freedom and Light.

And the fact that my Sirian friends have come into my physical life means to me that we are truly bridging the gap between our old world experience and transiting into the world experience that has been our dream and is now becoming our Reality!

Thank you, 'God' ,Thank you My Love , Thank you my Universe, thank you All, Thank you for touching my soul and igniting our fire, our Passion, into the greatest effect.

As it is in our Heaven so it is on our Earth, we are the Light, the Power and the Glory.

So Be.. It.
All My Love

(1) The Founders:-the creators of the human genotype, in a sense are our Father and Mother. To humans they appear as humanoid in appearance, tall, graceful, androgynous, appearing somewhat insect like, sometimes called the Mantis Beings. They have the energy of utter compassion and an energy field of amethyst purple and lapis blue.

(2) The Sirian Blues. From the Star system Sirius, often portrayed as gods as symbolised by the leonine Sphinx and in the form of the blue skinned Indian Gods and Goddesses such as Krishna.

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