Friday, October 21, 2011

In Perfect Harmony Together

Hello dear friend,

Thank you all for your bountiful birthday blessings; I wanted to return your kindness with a gift to you of my love and my loving words flowing from my bardic blog, and also to share the stunning gift John gave me that you see here.

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This beautiful rose-pink, towering glass vase speaks to my spirit of the sparkle and glow of a life lived in openness and child-like wonder, and reminds me to look at my life through rose-tinted glasses, which will surely escalate me into an ecstatic spiral up into my rosy garden of heaven.

The golden-yellow, happy sunflower reminds me of how to we can open our soul and being to our world, drinking in sunlight as an elixir of our vital essence, never with a thought that we would be denied the favour and support of the great luminous light of our Universal shining Self.

And so, magically and without thought as to how, my yellow sunflower and pink vase urged me to play, as I adorned myself in my new ‘Save the Queen’ birthday dress - a bargain from ebay! And with a fine dash and twirl of scarves, ribbons and jewels, we, somehow have all come together harmoniously as one rosy picture; I feel like a fairy queen!

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So, dear friend, I invite you to dance with me, as we dance with all, through the rhythm our heart, through play with light in rapturous appreciation and glow, as our lives all orchestrate themselves in such perfect synergy.

In Love and Splendour,


Monday, April 25, 2011

Life Is The Occasion

Hello dear friend,

How would it be to live your life every day as though it were a celebration, a unique event… a special occasion? I wonder at what amazing feelings you would tap into and how that would flow for you?

When you live like this, full of magic, expectancy and wonder, you are ready for anything: you are saying loudly and passionately to your universe, 'I am beautiful and so are you, and if we get together in this way, anything is possible'. You are getting in to the mode of ecstatic Living, and you open the door to inviting serendipity to be your frisky playmate.

One of the ways to invite your universe to dance with you and enhance the feeling that life is indeed the occasion is to dress up. So, I love to dress up every day to suit my mood, muse and kick for adventure and to help me align with my true Ideal Self ( the Self I see in my imagination. ).

Here is what I played with today:

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Inspired by the swirling, kaleidoscope colours of apricot, tangerine turquoise, fuchsia pink and yellow of an exquisite, exotic chiffon and sheer silk dressing gown that caught my eye at a bargain price in a discount store and that I had converted into a dress! Layering it with an orange slip to preserve some mystery and cinched at the waist with a cool, aquamarine, green leather belt, studded with turquoise stones (I like to call them 'pieces of sky') to gave it a bit of an edge, topped with my pièce de résistance: a ‘Jackie Brazil’ necklace echoing the tints and striations of nature’s palette.

Then I want to go and celebrate me and my life. So, I followed my impulse to take a walk on the beach; I wanted to immerse myself in the beauty I see all around me and extend myself into the landscape: I am flowing with my fancy, jesting with the timbre of my joy. I hear John whistling to me far away across the vast expanses of our beach and coast at low tide; he was sunbathing near a little green grotto - he happened to spot me and wanted to take a picture of me! (Synchronicity rises to meet you when you are having fun, following your flow and being whom you love to be.)

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I love this idea of making great art and beauty out of me, my dress style, all in relationship to the landscape. And so when John offered to take a photograph, I jumped for joy!

I danced with John, the camera, and nature.

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Wow! What a lovely way to feel my love and connection to the Beauty, Love and Light that shines through us all. I love to rejoice in being in the centrefold of my universe: the symbiosis between me and my world becomes both explicit and exquisite.

I am the art, the artist and the act itself! Life indeed becomes the occasion when you paint yourself boldly and freely in the picture.


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I am Dancing my Ecstasy out onto the Bones of our World

Hello dear Friend,

I woke up this morning to the sounds of the seagulls urging me on to share and explode my joy out onto our world: their excited cries, like a chant to my soul!

“Come on, come on let’s rally together,” they cried triumphantly, breaking the silence of morning with their holy rapture.

“Be the first to make a new wave of joy”, they shouted ecstatically, “and a new dance to beat upon our shore by dancing your ecstasy inside out.”

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Indeed, I felt what the seagulls meant, for I do love to dance, you see! Not just in my being, but also to give expression to the love, joy and the whirling emotions inside me.

And now I am excited to share a new wave of dancing: with the sky, the sand, the light and the elements all around me.

I am dancing with Soul, awakening the bones of our ecstasy out into our world.

Come and dance with me, come and Love with me and awaken our world to the new breath of dawn: ecstasy will be our new frequency!

(By the way, I can’t wait to share my new video of me dancing on the beach to the song of my Spirit: ‘Sounds of Happiness’, from my new album, ‘Spearheading the Light’.)

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I am daring to dance the song of my Heart.

Leela (my main website:free Spirit Dancing sessions)

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Runway of Light.

Hello dear friend

It is the beginning of March and I feel this rising excitement and joy within me: each moment sweeter than the one before.

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There is a gathering momentum accelerating my sense of adventure and self-expression: it is the month of not only the jousting and playing of mad march hares, but for the acceleration of my crazy appetite in the exploration of my joy and lust for life …And I have this vision, this ideal of me and you: I see you and I in my imagination dancing and spinning in Love; it feels so real to me and it feels so ecstatic, that I cannot but act it out, by reeling and dealing in this my dancing dream…

Who knows where it will lead me!? I rejoice, in that I do not bind myself to the limitations of my ordinary, physical mind; for it only knows how things have happened, it can’t conjure anything new. Whereas, my higher mind, having the panoramic view of my life, has the gift of revelation and genius, is intimately linked to me and communicates with me through my joy and my imagination.

So, as I rejoice, move and dance in this glorious feeling and image of joy, living and loving my higher ideal of myself into life, I trust and know that my higher mind, as my Soul, will reveal my next utterly unique step…. not traversed before.

And even this moment has changed and become even more exquisite: I see in my imagination a runway of light spreading its way before me... and you and I are running down it hand in hand, hair flying in the wind, into the greatest light I have ever seen!

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I love this image, I love this feeling, I am living and loving it into my reality; and I feel that every particle of sand, flower and rock enjoys the air that we breathe and the scent of our laughter.

Lift Off!

LeelaLight (my main website)