Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Runway of Light.

Hello dear friend

It is the beginning of March and I feel this rising excitement and joy within me: each moment sweeter than the one before.

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There is a gathering momentum accelerating my sense of adventure and self-expression: it is the month of not only the jousting and playing of mad march hares, but for the acceleration of my crazy appetite in the exploration of my joy and lust for life …And I have this vision, this ideal of me and you: I see you and I in my imagination dancing and spinning in Love; it feels so real to me and it feels so ecstatic, that I cannot but act it out, by reeling and dealing in this my dancing dream…

Who knows where it will lead me!? I rejoice, in that I do not bind myself to the limitations of my ordinary, physical mind; for it only knows how things have happened, it can’t conjure anything new. Whereas, my higher mind, having the panoramic view of my life, has the gift of revelation and genius, is intimately linked to me and communicates with me through my joy and my imagination.

So, as I rejoice, move and dance in this glorious feeling and image of joy, living and loving my higher ideal of myself into life, I trust and know that my higher mind, as my Soul, will reveal my next utterly unique step…. not traversed before.

And even this moment has changed and become even more exquisite: I see in my imagination a runway of light spreading its way before me... and you and I are running down it hand in hand, hair flying in the wind, into the greatest light I have ever seen!

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I love this image, I love this feeling, I am living and loving it into my reality; and I feel that every particle of sand, flower and rock enjoys the air that we breathe and the scent of our laughter.

Lift Off!


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Galen said...

keep those lights going, I might need them when I land my spaceship in your back yard.

Leela Jamieson said...

Hello Galen,

Our light is so bright you cannot miss us !

Much Love.