Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Love in remembrance of you

Hello dear friend

I just want to thank you for this opportunity to share some love with you.

I thought I'd do this love invocation as a video. It utterly fills my heart and gives tremendous meaning and light to my life to share these precious moments with you now, and in this new way.

I hope you enjoy this 'Remembrance Meditation' video; you are my inspiration and my delight. I'd love to know how well it all comes across for you on video.

And I love you

PS I love hearing from you too!

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

An antidote to despair and path to joy, and Ascension!

Hi there!

I am sorry I haven't been in touch recently. However, I have been experiencing awesome shifts in my own energy and a remarkable new level of fantastic work with my clients.

I am now seeing my clients' huge challenges and health problems automatically resolving and disappearing; permanently, it seems!

My clients are, of course, simply amazed by these immediate and powerful results we are getting, not least because I don't really use any kind of process anymore to explore and resolve the origins and feelings behind their issues.

I have simply been helping them to recognise and shift into 'who they really'! I do this by raising their energy frequency to the highest level that can be sustained. What's happening is that they are, quite literality, experiencing 'shifting dimensions' while we work together!

And so, I have realised that what I am actually doing is helping people to Ascend. This is not a grand shift into some new realm, but simply to step up to being the fullest, most expansive, loving, light-filled version of themselves; and right here on Earth!

This includes recognising and allowing into their awareness and life what their own unique expression is - what they are 'here to do', as it were, for that is very much part of 'who we really are' too.

So, I too have been stepping up to who I really am and I have been discovering my own role and passion, and that is to help people to Ascend. For those people who really want to go the whole way and live in light and love unconditionally and to be in ecstasy no matter what, I will to be there for them.

For I have challenged myself to the nth degree so that I could know what it really feels like to experience all the human condition, even utmost despair, and still be able to turn it into joy. And so I am an Ascension guide for those who truly want to live in light and love and stay in their ecstasy, not matter what, in this, our beautiful world, right here, right now!

I have begun rewriting my website to reflect this new me and the amazing role I'm now playing. I have decided that the most appropriate title I can give myself in this profound work is 'Ascension Master'!

And here is some love from my heart to your heart, as we both explore our own Ascension:
When all is uncertain around you, the only place to go is fall and trust.

Fall and trust into the arms of your love; your most glorious expansive most vivid idea of pure love. Your imagination will provide guidance.

But primarily you must now have absolute knowingness and trust that you are being taken care of; that you are being guided into the arms of your love and the sharing of your joy.

And the most exciting, beautiful, abundant way forward for the fullest expression of you will unfold from your place of absolute and unconditional knowingness.

Just as when you go out for an adventure walk: First, you set the arrow of your intent to your attraction of where you want to go. And then you follow your flow, excitement, joy and gut feeling every step of the way without wavering from your heart's desire, and the perfect walk unfolds.

And in life, the prime thing is to set the arrow of your highest joy and then start moving in that direction with absolute trust and knowingness that not only will you create the greatest outcome, one step at a time, one moment at a time and one breath at a time, but also that you already ARE the greatest outcome, right here, right now!

Fall and trust, fall and trust, fall and trust into the arms of your love.

I can hear the soft thud of your feet as you walk in peace, love and trust. It reverberates through my soul; sending tingles through my heart's emotion.

All my love,

Leela (my main website: healing, courses, resources) (FREE Personal Ascension video and attunement!)