Saturday, March 22, 2008

How to use the Joy of Meditation to receive infallible Loving Guidance from your God-Self.

I had a talk with God again this morning. Amazingly, I have his 'number' - can I share it with you?

You see, I have found an effortless, easy and enjoyable way for you to have a direct line to your infinitely wise and loving God-Self.

Being privy to this infallible guidance has not only helped me in times of crisis, but it has also added a whole new dimensionality into my everyday experience. It means I can now enjoy a loving, empowered, dynamic and even ecstatic relationship with the whole of my life.

Ponder, just for moment, on the possibilities that could unfold for you in your life if you too could have free access to the undying and loving the counsel from the source of infinite wisdom.

Imagine having a loving friend you can talk to about your troubles, concerns or challenges who will never judge you, but instead eagerly and tenderly reach out and enfold you in love.

What joy, to bear your troubles to the sacred space and expansive sky of the unconditional love of your Soul!

It is an exciting expedition into the secret alleyways of the vastness of your own Being; to engage with an intimate dialogue with your sacred God-Self.

Because, my friend, your God-Self is not only the true wizard of your own consciousness, but is also privy to the great library of ALL shining truths.

And it’s my joy and delight to ease you into this mysterious connection, so that when I give you the number of God, you can dial it!

We establish this divine connection by first going into the peace, inspiration and joyous upliftment of meditation.

Now, actually, we all know how to meditate already, although we may have called it something else. For example, you may find that while you are exercising or absorbed in your creative expression that you kind of 'lose yourself' and experience deep peace and focus. Well, that's a form of meditation!

Or, whilst day dreaming or relaxing in the bath or shower, say, you have a sudden flash of inspiration, a glowing sense of aliveness that creeps upon you, infusing you with a wave of joy for no apparent reason! Well that too is arising out of your mediation.

Because meditation is simply the slowing down of the constant traffic of marauding thoughts occupying your mind, in order to automatically make room for you and your own natural beingness, aliveness and upliftment. Otherwise, this incessant flow of thoughts, such as, "You can never do that, you will never make it, you are not good enough," etc., is like a whole host of tormentors, leaving no room for the essential you.

Quieten these and you'll have made the 'connection', enabling you to be able to dial that number I'm about to give you. You can then have an instant direct-line access to the deeper and empowering love and wisdom of your God-Self, any time you like.

How do you do all that? Well, I will guide you gently into a way that will work for you.

Timing is important: choose a time when you can be open and under no pressure. Make a pact with yourself that this is your special time and ensure you have quiet undisturbed space (e.g., phones off!)

For me, I love the stillness of the morning before I start my busy day. In the quiet gentle freshness of the morning air, possibilities seem infinite and purity has already infused itself upon me, for we have not yet been touched by the demands of the day’s activity.

This gives me a daily opportunity to write my life anew. As I joyfully take a sip from my steaming cup of delicious fresh ground coffee, letting the bitter chocolate overtones play in my mouth, I sigh and savour the moment, and I invite you to join me in your own version of this meditation.

So, find your own time and place and we can now start this amazing journey together. Allow this time to be like no other for you, for we are about to start on an expedition into the galaxy of secrets of your own amazing beingness.

This is our sacred moment, our gateway into the sanctuary and serenity of our God- Self. It's time to get intimate with our Soul and seek answers and inspiration; playing with our imagination, giving free rein to our greatest dreams.

And as we bow our heads in reverence to our divine Self, we close our eyes and, taking a deep breath, we let go of all extraneous thoughts from our mind. As we focus instead on our awareness, our beingness and allow the stillness to enfold us, we are already meditating. Every time an unwanted thought arises we simply let it go and return to our place of stillness.

It is from this quiet, serene place, where we have connected with our own centre, that we then make the desire and intent to connect deeper with our God-Self, our Higher Self or whatever you feel comfortable calling it.

And so now we dial the number, and here it is: to simply open your heart up to this sacred space. Even by imagining we are opening our heart to our whole being, our God-Self, we will have dialled that 'number'. Then we are simply receptive to feel, hear, see or sense the presence and voice of our God-Self.

Now we are ready to start the dialogue with our Sacred Self.

We check in within, by asking ourselves if there is anything that we would dearly love to ask, or if there is anything that we feel uncomfortable about in our lives, such as:

  • "Do I have fear in my being?"
  • "How can I transform it?"

Another excellent question would be to ask our Spirit the question:

  • "If there was some information about me that would turn my life around in this moment what would that be, I wonder?"

Once you've put your questions to your God-Self, simply notice whatever arises for your answer.

Sometimes it's like a ripple through your body, sometimes you get a flash of inspiration or an image that catches your breath, or you hear words that resonate with your being and may even make you shake with their impact. And other times it is far more subtle; a feeling that floats up, like a whisper from an angel.

Pay close attention to whatever comes up immediately in your awareness, that is, before you may start censoring your guidance through logic, or ridicule. Whatever comes through is perfect for you. It is like channelling your own higher wisdom.

And the more you converse like this in faith and trust of your Spirit, the more you will fine tune your meditation and channeling skills. Just like an athlete, or learning any other skill, with practice you are honing your way to developing your own meditative power, insight and genius.

As soon as you bring your awareness back to your surroundings, write down your discoveries in your scared journal, and they will further mature. And to really rev up the power of your own inspiration and guidance, immediately start to apply and play with your ideas in your life.

Use your imagination for how you can develop your meditative practices in a way that works for you. For example, whilst in my bath or shower, I love to use the warmth, steam and scintillating scents of essential oils to source and flex my spirit.

Combining walking or other suitable exercise with meditation can not only work wonders for your body, but also free our mind of our daily tormentors and open an especially clear channel for guidance. This stunning duo creates alchemy and so we enter the gateway into the heavenly realm of our peace and serenity.

May I take you on a walk with me right now?

We begin our spiritual walk at a nice steady lope, planting the earth with footsteps of love accompanied to the pad... pad... pad of our feet.

As we stride out, we take nice deep invigorating breathes and begin our meditation by letting go of mundane, repetitive thoughts, i.e. our tormentors, through the power of our imagination and a clear intent and desire to make the connection. We are imagining breathing in love, joy and light, with every step we take!

And now, again, we dial that number, by imagining we are opening our heart, our being, our senses to Nature and our world around us and to our God-Self .

Then we are simply receptive to our own questions and to receiving our answers throughout our walk.

To deepen the dialogue let us now step up the momentum by accompanying our spiritual walk with a potent phrase, statement and affirmation that will uplift us, make us feel invincible and totally loved, such as;

We are breathing in the light, breathing in the light.
We are leaving love in our wake,
We are leaving love in our wake.

Repeating, singing, even chanting these to the heavens with an open heart takes us into the zone of love and ecstasy - the heart of our light. And our spirit begins to lift as the mists of our melancholy dissipate; we gain altitude and attitude!

We are bringing our ideal state into the present; and thereby dissipating any stress we may be feeling.

We start to experience a wonderful sense of lightness pervading our being; our world starts to dazzle our senses as we glide along in our sojourn into the sun.

We have dialled the number, our call is answered and all we have to do is engage in the dialogue.

You will develop your own approaches; for example, I love to walk and swing to the rhythm of chanting: “I am love and I am here. I am love and I am here.” And so in my own walking meditation, as I dance along the edge of the ocean where the sky plays with the sea and kisses the sand, I am marching and striding out to this magical mantra.

As I continue to move to its rhythm and walk to the beat of my heart in playful synergy, I find myself drinking in the sunlight and breathing in the light. My steps become bold, as I scurry up the mountainous sand dunes to reach for the peak of my quest into the heart of my soul and light.

Taking deep breaths, I keep the momentum going as I descend back down to skirt around the estuary on the home route: “I am here and I am light.”

And now I feel like I am tap dancing on the pavement, just as the sun hits the water and the estuary shimmers like a million diamonds.

Suddenly, I am illuminated without and within; caught in the spotlight of that wonder. I have been enlightened; I have accessed amazing peace and ecstasy and found solution to my concerns.
As if to echo my jubilation, a seagull cries in ecstasy.

Truly, I am light and I am love!

And so, dear friend, using the joy of meditation to open your heart to your own guidance is like having the phone number of God.

And then, as we live out the joy, peace, inspiration and the infallible guidance received in our daily meditative practice, our lives, even our challenges become infused with that light, power, joy and wonder!

In our joy,

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Thursday, March 06, 2008

How to use feelings of desperation and suicide to go into your Light (UPDATED!)

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Do you ever feel you have reached an end point in your life?

Has your life become so intense and incredibly challenging that you can't seem to control it anymore?

Do you feel you can't take much more, or that nothing is working the way it used to?

Perhaps you feel like you've lost everything and there's nothing left to live for?

Have you become so desperate that you've even thought about taking your own life?

Well, I would love to share with you how I recently used the memory of a near-death experience as an anchor to help me through the fear and total uncertainty in my own life. Through reliving my own 'death', I was again immersed into the Light.

When I was at college in my early twenties I had an argument with my boyfriend. He was giving me an ultimatum: "Have sex with me or I am no longer interested!"

I was filled with anger and rage and went off driving furiously into the beginning of a snow storm. As I rounded a particularly sharp bend my car began to spin madly out of control. I tried to stop her, instinctively putting my foot on the brakes, which, to my horror, made it worse: I was heading straight for a hedge and a rather solid looking beech tree!

What happened next took me totally by surprise!

My car shot through a gap that just 'appeared' in the hedge and started to hurtle down a steep bank. A fast flowing river appeared, glinting in the moonlight, ready to engulf me as my car began to tumble...

In that moment of recognising I was going to die, I became incredibly calm. This surprised me, as I was normally quite an anxious person!

Everything started to slow down. Every movement, sensation and sound filled me with utter fascination.

I felt intensely alive and acutely present in that moment.

Even the ripping of metal cutting through the undergrowth fascinated me and had me riveted!

I was overcome with a huge wave of gratitude for that moment, for the intense aliveness and intense beauty; even though I knew I was going to die!

Then, like a slide show, I saw my life projected in front of me frame by frame, as in the TV show 'This is Your Life'.

I felt a tinge of sadness and an echo of regret, for I had not done what I wanted to do in my life...

Then I heard the sound of breaking glass as I observed myself smashing through the windscreen and being hurled out into the cold, dark open air. And yet, incredibly, I was also landing into arms of the most dazzlingly white light!

The next thing I knew I was laying on the snowy grass... I was still alive!

Miraculously, I appeared to have no real injury; just one tiny cut on my right arm as reminder of what I had been through.

The vivid memory of that eternal moment has always stayed with me.

And so I come back to my present life.

Last month, I'd been reaching a culmination point of crisis where I couldn't hold onto my old life anymore. It seemed like I had lost everything that I used to define myself by: a home, money, job, clients, etc. All my old ways of thinking just weren't working like they used to...

And then I felt guided to remember my near-death experience, to remember how I felt as I was losing my hold on this reality. I realised that when I had stopped trying to control what was happening, because clearly, I simply couldn't do a thing about it, I had been saved, taken care of and supported!

I relived how exquisitely delicious the experience was when I let myself fall, surrender and accept the death of me...

And so, for several days now, I have been going through a similar near-death experience echoing my car crash experience.

It's like I have dived off a cliff and into the abyss; just the same as when I was tumbling through the windscreen of my car. Each moment in my life has slowed down to a standstill.

And so, for the last few days, with this new living-in-the-moment-of-death awareness I've been feeling I am flying and yet at the same time standing still. I have never felt so alive and so present. Yet, at the same time, I feel I am like a humming bird: moving fast, vibrating at infinite speeds, yet still - suspended motionless in the moment.

Even now, as I look out my window and over the sea, the waves are slowing down as I gaze at them...

Suddenly, taking a sharp intake of breath, I notice that, for this moment, they have actually stopped moving, as if frozen in mid-air!

This is such an uplifting and liberating experience that I am now actually grateful and happy that I had to create the loss of all those things in my life that I used to use to validate my existence. For in losing those things, I seem to have gained everything.

I can now see the whole picture. I can see how I was limiting my identity to these external symbols of abundance, security and happiness. And now I'm allowing myself to let them all go.

I have brought everything to a point of nowhere-else-to-go but to surrender and really let go of control and so I fall into my Light. I'm simply letting my life sort itself out, without forcing or controlling it anymore.

I feel I have expanded and floated into the whole of me.

I am flying through the air, just like I did in the car crash.

Now I realise that we do not need to create near-death, or an accident, to shock us into giving ourselves permission to start our life anew. We can instead totally surrender to our lives to our infinite self at any time. We can go with the flow of our God-Selves and let that take us through our resistance and into our light, letting our life unfold perfectly. (The metaphor of smashing through the windscreen unharmed was a symbol for me of breaking through my own barriers or resistance!)

And, as I write to you now, I am still tumbling through the air, but now through the expanse of my life; like a buzzard in his bliss amidst the clouds. I am soaring in the sky of my life to meet you in my heart, where we pierce the depths of our truth together!

And we are rejoicing, for we have never felt so connected to our earth and our heaven and to each other at the same time.

So, the essence of my story is that when we are feeling desperate, when we feel we have used up all our options or are even on the brink of suicide, we can use our desperation to our advantage. We can tap into that feeling of dying as a metaphor to help us make a transition into a new dimension and a new life for ourselves. And as we surrender, as we truly let go of control, we are miraculously taken care of in the Light of our being.

May you too have an exalted time spinning, dying and flying!

And, by the way, since all this letting go, my whole life has already begun unfolding again: I am enjoying the ecstasy of sharing my passion of helping people into more of themselves, into their Light, in fact, with a great flow of new people coming into my life. And my finances have taken a sudden and abundant upsurge!

I wonder how it will unfold for you. I would love to know.

In the light of our joy,


As Featured On Ezine Articles (my main website: healing, courses, resources) (FREE Personal Ascension video and attunement!)
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