Thursday, April 24, 2008

Love invocation: A loving prayer for you carried on the Wind of your Truth

I wish the very best for you today: Love, wishes and fulfilment of your most fervent desire.

Know dear heart, that by the very asking of your prayer; it has been answered.

Step into the reverence, gratitude and joy that it is so....

And act as if your wish has been granted....

This is the magic tool for your heart's desire to be mirrored perfectly in your life; for the living of your highest, most joyous prayer is the truest expression of you.

So, this is the secret to your most natural state of being, your purpose and your destiny.
Welcome to an ecstatic world.

From your greatest fan,

With my son, Dan, at St Erth Station, Cornwall (my main website: healing, courses, resources) (FREE Personal Ascension video and attunement!)
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Monday, April 14, 2008

A Monument to You

Hello dear friend.

If I were to say to you one thing, then it would how much I love you.

And from where I am standing I am I captivated by your light, I am in awe of you; you are so perfect, precious and beautiful as you are right now.

And there is nothing that you need to do, other than be the unique you.

Your foillibles, obsessions or even your 'failings' are your vein of gold, your sacred gift in disguise…

Turn yourself inside out and you will find yourself face to face with the magnificence of you.

And let's go deeper:

I whisper to you: "Delve deep into the heart of your pain; invite it in and there at the pinnacle of your heartache you will find your salvation."

It was there all along hidden, concealed awaiting your private viewing.

My dearest love, you can let that you out now, the storms of your past have retreated.

And now I want to tell you about your worth:

Your value is YOU. You are worthy of great things as worthiness is your inherent streak.

And I chose today to live my life as a monument to your beautiful nature.

Let go of the barrier that keeps us from love, and sigh and slip beneath the appearance of things.

And so we sigh as we let go of the tension that keeps us apart from knowing the exquisite ecstasy of being; to flow through you as you flow through me in our One Heart's Joy.

And so we slip beneath the appearance of our form and are mesmerized by the dazzling lake of our infinite consciousness.

We move to our pulses; swirling gossamer threads of light weaving our apparent worlds.

From this space of infinite 'no-thing-ness' we feel our pure delight: born of our joy, value and light.

I bow tenderly to touch you and whisper in your ear, "Do not give up on your dream: your dream is who you are, your life and your gift."

Keep walking the life of your dreams.

Ignore appearances to the contrary - ignore the monsters and trolls of your flailing fear.

Just keep on walking, keep focused on the reality you prefer; it's your compass pointing you back to your true north and it’s the way home to you.

And now let me tell you about love,

You are loved beyond compare.

The fact that you exist means that with every breath you take another life is saved and another being touches the light.

The fact that you exist means another human butterfly breaks the chrysalis of their restriction and we all kiss the sky.

When you laugh another Dolphin is born and we all surf the wave of our heady delight.

When you sing….. Wow! Nature responds in rapture and we all rush to meet the sky with renewed vigor to the notes of your fairy music.

Every time you bask in your bliss the sun shines, and lights up my world, as I light yours.

Every time you choose to let go of any idea of yourself that de-values you or curbs your pure spirit… you fall into love, and light up my day.

Every time you smile our world forges new frontiers.

And when you take up the gauntlet of your preferred reality, your living dream, I whoop in delight! I am ecstatically happy. You have chosen to be yourself

Hosanna, Hosanna… Hosanna in Excelsis !

Leela (my main website: healing, courses, resources) (FREE Personal Ascension video and attunement!)Please spread the word! Click to bookmark:

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Dancing On Air! How to tap into your Natural Ecstasy by Diving into the Unknown

Hi dear friend,

Would you love to know a secret about how you can use a dead end in your life to free fall into your ecstasy?

For example, recently we had again reached the end of our resources, with seemingly nowhere to turn, even for basics such as food and heating! And yet, in the midst of my turmoil, I discovered a secret way to use this challenging situation to tap into an immense gift. In fact, I can honestly say, that have never felt so fantastic in my life!

I was, and still am, whirling joyfully through life’s currents and dancing on air.

And, in case you are wondering, I am not on drugs! I am on my own natural Ecstasy!

So, what is this secret?

Well, options seemed to have closed down so much that there was nothing else for me to do but to finally and truly... give up: to surrender and dive into the unknown; to actually make a friend of the uncertain.

I am so grateful for this experience, for it as forced me to go to the cliff edge of my limitations and restrictions and dive off into the uncharted territories of my destiny.
This realm is the playground of the Gods: limitless and pregnant with abundant possibilities and the magic and wonder of the unexplored landscape of our infinite self

And if you, too, are at a dead end point of no-way-out in your life, I want to applaud you and welcome you to this pivot point in your evolution. You are forcing yourself to go to the next level in your life, to step up to the true calibre of your being, and so create a whole new sparkly, dynamic and ecstatic life.

Instead of trying to work out all the answers to your predicament, you may like to allow yourself to dive into the unknown by letting go of any expectation of an outcome. This opens you up to the joy and awesomeness of the moment; thereby freeing you up to be blown away by the unexpected.

This very act of surrendering is not passive. On the contrary, by allowing yourself to surrender you are actively letting go of the limitations that you create in your life and opening up to the possibilities of your infinite God-Self. As a consequence of this act of total surrender... you are caught in the light of your suspended ecstasy and joy... nothing more is needed... you are experiencing ultimate fulfilment.

As you dive off the cliff edge of your current life-as-you-know-it, into the infinite depths of the unknown you may find yourself 'suspended in the air' for a time, as if you are frozen in your fear.

However, if you continue to open up and surrender, something amazing starts to happen. Instead of worrying and wondering about how to fix everything, you find yourself in wonder of the unfolding of it. You feel in wonderment!

Then, as you let go even more, knowing that there is nothing else you can do but surrender, rather than crashing to the ground you start to skydive!

You feel fantastic: untouchable and unstoppable.

You are flying!

And most of all, you finally feel so fabulously free!

This is amazing! The process itself of diving into the unknown has taken you to a state of being in ecstasy as you free fall and skydive through your life. It is a state of enlightened presence and joy that is so complete in its own right, that you no longer have a need for your physical circumstances to change.

However, paradoxically, out of this exquisite lightness of being a doorway opens in your physical reality, opening the possibility of being blown away by the unexpected...

Instead of constantly wondering (and worrying) about what's going to happen, allow yourself to be in wonderment of the unexpected (and probably unpredictable) unfoldment moment by moment of your life.

And by the way, this is exactly what happened to me, in the form of the loving kindness of a friend who unexpectedly gave us a loan; enabling us, for the time being, to continue to be supported in the miraculous unfolding of our lives.

So, yes, this turmoil all feels so good for me! Even though my logical mind has been screaming at me, "You must be nuts!" Even though my life seems to be reflecting hardship, poverty and downright failure in the eyes of my upbringing, I have never been so totally in my ecstasy!

This amazing feeling inside me of such high joy, ecstasy and love cannot be wrong. I feel I am travelling at infinite speeds and, at the same time, I am basking in effervescent joy in my stillness.

And just like a skydiver hurtling through the air at 120 miles an hour can feel motionless in their exhilaration, we too can experience the absolute ecstasy of presence as we course through our lives.

Come on, let’s be like skydivers and freefall through our life and be liberated by constantly diving into the unknown, and being blown away by the unexpected.

And, by the way, you do not have to take it to the extremes that I have in order to experience your natural ecstasy (as a teacher, I love to explore things to their limits!) You can use ANY pivot point (where you cannot work how to get out of your situation) to allow yourself to simply dive into the unknown and experience both the ecstasy of freedom and the excitement of the unexpected

And then maybe you can share your story too?

In our joy,

Leela (my main website: healing, courses, resources) (FREE Personal Ascension video and attunement!)
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