Friday, October 21, 2011

In Perfect Harmony Together

Hello dear friend,

Thank you all for your bountiful birthday blessings; I wanted to return your kindness with a gift to you of my love and my loving words flowing from my bardic blog, and also to share the stunning gift John gave me that you see here.

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This beautiful rose-pink, towering glass vase speaks to my spirit of the sparkle and glow of a life lived in openness and child-like wonder, and reminds me to look at my life through rose-tinted glasses, which will surely escalate me into an ecstatic spiral up into my rosy garden of heaven.

The golden-yellow, happy sunflower reminds me of how to we can open our soul and being to our world, drinking in sunlight as an elixir of our vital essence, never with a thought that we would be denied the favour and support of the great luminous light of our Universal shining Self.

And so, magically and without thought as to how, my yellow sunflower and pink vase urged me to play, as I adorned myself in my new ‘Save the Queen’ birthday dress - a bargain from ebay! And with a fine dash and twirl of scarves, ribbons and jewels, we, somehow have all come together harmoniously as one rosy picture; I feel like a fairy queen!

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So, dear friend, I invite you to dance with me, as we dance with all, through the rhythm our heart, through play with light in rapturous appreciation and glow, as our lives all orchestrate themselves in such perfect synergy.

In Love and Splendour,