Thursday, July 08, 2010

Living In Light - June 2010 - My experiences

Hello Wonderful Beings,

Last weekend we enjoyed our Living In Light immersion course here in Cornwall, England; the sun blazed more radiantly than we've ever seen here before, matching the energies which reached a new, explosive echelon of expression.

Imagine immersing yourself in a world of deep sea pearls, shimmering sapphire blue and dazzling white diamonds sparkling and bobbing gaily on top of creamy frothy waves of angel delight.

Well, this is a little window into the wonder and magic of my Living In Light course. …

The way Living In Light works is that that I dive into very high vibrations during our attunement meditations, and this sparks off all kinds of experiences and openings in each one of us. They are becoming so intensely powerful, far more so than the ones I channel through on our Spirit Talk Radio show each week, for instance, that even I am expanded and opened up to whole new arenas of awareness and adventures.

In this blog, I would like to share with you a flavour of my own personal experience, which culminated on the last day with me channelling through by far the most potent attunement I have ever experienced (or been able to withstand) on the wake of a wave of a momentum in our being, built up over a three day period of intense and deeply moving mediations.

One of the themes that came through was a feeling that we were ascending all the way into infinite sky, into the heart of our Sun, and also at the same time simultaneously descending in the opposite direction all the way into our inner Earth, literally the Inner Earth - matching our desire to integrate personal inner and outer worlds/ realities.

I sang of the sea, I sang of the electrical luminescent Beings that looked like serpents coming out of the sky, the sea and the sand and felt us connecting to our ancient Atlantean roots and our future lives too.

At one point I lost the sense of me being 'Leela' and found myself becoming a dolphin god, and as I swirled, sang and revelled in the mercurial magic of sacred sounds I began to sing and tone and play with vowel sounds like 'I', 'Eeee', 'Ahhh' and 'Ooooooow playing our energy field like a violin to excite expansion and oscillation.

To my joy and absolute wonder, I could perceive a type of spinning doughnut field around every living body in our room, including the flowers! So, that when I was revelling in my ecstasy things in the room appeared to hover and fly like mini flying saucers, deepening my magical meditation and causing me to punctuate my channelling with ecstatic giggles.

It affected us all deeply and differently. Personally for me I have taken away from the course a feeling of flying, dancing and love that I carry into my every breathing moment. It unfolds as huge bursts of creativity, freedom and love that finds its expression in the pages of my book and in the siren overtones of my songs

Oh, and also as even more mutual fun, dancing and light with my fellow clients; it feels that they have become lighter, with more sprite in their being!
Each of our fellow adventurers had their own most perfect amazing light filled experiences keying off these high energies; I felt it, we all felt it … felt each others joy!

Anyway, here is the funny thing: the next morning when I looked in the lovely mirror in my bathroom I was stunned: my skin was exuding a luminous electrical blue sheen; I remembered noticing this florescent phenomenon on Pandora's skin too, at a particularly intense moments for her when she was in her ecstasy!

I was absolutely fascinated; you may have noticed auric colours streaming from people's bodies when they are feeling very joyful, full of spirit and love? Well, this is something I had never experienced before: my actual skin had become more translucent, exuding a beautiful blue sheen like the blue of a gas flame! And the following day, I happened to catch my reflection in the bathroom mirror and again was caught in awe at my own reflection: my skin was flushed with gold, lilac and pink, actually physically matching the colours of my auric field, like a Chameleon.

Anyway, on the Monday after our course I was feeling a little sad because our Living In Light course had ended; we had gone through much exciting adventures that weekend not to mention walks through crystal clear water, sky walking along the ridges of towering cliffs , feasted on great food and had such fun revealing and playing in the light.

So when everyone had gone I felt a little sad.

I guess my guides felt my sadness, for as I sat on the sundeck mediating and asking what now for me? I found myself being carried into a new vision, whilst dreaming but at the same time wide awake!

I saw myself standing on a huge desert like plateau with red earth and yet surrounded by a thin belt of pine trees. I was leading a deep and powerful Living In Light type of meditation and began to sing sacred sounds both ancient and new, when my sonic calling alerted and signalled the decent of a huge UFO out of the skies to where we were standing.

In my vision, the beings who came out the craft had a familiar look, with intense blue eyes that made me cry. I felt I was seeing my true family, they had long flowing silvery hair like a lion's mane and they were very tall, probably more like seven foot.

And in this vision my guides whispered too me, "One day this will actually come to pass" and I believe them!

So, dear friends I feel, my Living In Light course is also preparing me for my next greatest adventure. It's also feeding me inspiration for the ending of my current book and the seamless flow into the beginning of my second book.

For a report on others' experiences and 35 more FABULOUS photos from John, please check out this page for the report of our course!

Also, our next course is already scheduled for the end of September (23rd to 27th, just after full moon, when the tides are perfect for afternoon beach walks), click here: Living In Light

Exciting dream lives,


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