Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Process Of Creation - 20 min Meditation Reflection

Two listeners asked about The Process of Creation for my Spirit Talk Radio "Ask Leela" segment:

"I have a burning question though that I think you might be able to help me with. If we are creating our own realities, does that mean that the people in our lives don't really exist and that our love for them is not really real? (I guess this question also derives from the many books and such that I've read that suggest the world is an illusion). I can get that concept, but at times it's depressing because I then think am I really all none of this real...are the things/people that I love not real?" Jen

I would like to understand the creation cycle better. I am going to write how I think the creation cycle works and would like to know your thoughts on it... there was the one consciousness, from this consciousness other consciousnesses were created and from those consciousnesses the first souls were created. The souls created constellations and started reincarnation. ... I think there are oversouls within oversouls too, as souls grow and gain experience, they start creating other souls too. I would be grateful if you could shed some light on this subject. " Tina

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I'm going to allow some tones and sounds to come through to help us into a shift and change of perspective and then you will find you won't so much be hearing me sharing answers but you'll feel in your body and your awareness, in your own being, your own answer to the question.

Allow yourself to spiral under into your heart. Fall all the way back to your song-soul.

Allow yourself to come closer, feel all the Earth dissolving
feel all the walls that you've had against yourself fall all the way down.

And allow yourself to fall to the deepest, deepest part of the ocean of your own consciousness

Imagine you are falling, falling, falling into the deepest blue you can imagine or feel
it feels like you're tumbling all the way to the heart of yourself, to the heart of your creation.

Letting go - it has been hard work; it has been so hard to try and keep yourself so fixed in one point. Allow yourself to slip a little, allow yourself to glide and slide and move. Allow yourself to feel your heart opening like the sun.

And it's like you're in this darkness, in this soup of nothingness.
But there isn't nothing;
it's all something;
it's all you, it's all you, as you let your mind go, as you let your spirit soar,
you fall into your new life, new reality.
Feel your world around you.
Feel your world inside you.

Your world is not out there;
it's in you, it is, you can feel it in you.

Can't you feel your own substance?

And allow yourself to sink like falling into a duvet, silken syrup of smoothness of ecstatic light as you fall and fall deeper into the vibration of your core essence, your light.

For in the darkness of all that is, there is a spark of light, maybe a little glimmer, but there is a light of recognition in the light of awareness, like the life that is all that accompanies everything around you and through you. And as you fall into this light that you are you are wanting to experience yourself from another point of view.

Imagine you're that light and then out of your imagination, we are magicians, oh we are, we are, you create another part of you. Sparking off from you, sending tendrils of light out to the corners of your own self. And did you know, you are yourself out there and in another, and in another star and in another stone? Can't you feel your world turning, can't you feel your world is not out, it's there is inside you? We are all inside each other as one being.

And out of this one Being we are many variations of our self. We are oversouls and oversouls of oversouls. And we are sparks of life and we are constellations and stars and galaxies and planets and birds and trees and plants, all within the one spark that one being light that we are.

And but you see, we wanted to create, we wanted relate, we wanted to experience ourselves, we did not want to keep this all to ourselves, we did not want to remain in solitude with ourselves. We wanted to know what it would be like to experience ourselves as a planet over there. We wanted to know what it would be like to experience ourselves through your eyes as you look at me now. We wanted to know what it was like to be at the bottom of the ocean as well.

And so and so we split ourselves off in our imagination. Our imagination is real; it's real that it creates all of this and it is an illusion too. It is both real and illusion, all at the same time.

What a show we've created for ourselves.

And so, we wanted to discover, we wanted to take ourselves through different star systems. We wanted to know what it was be like to be another being in another star system. We wanted to know what it would be like to be so tiny, to be the personality of ourselves with without much empowerment, with huge limitations too. And we want to know what the tree felt as it looked to the listening sky. And so we did all these things from our creation, our own consciousness, the gods of our creation. And so we had such a ball in time.

But all these fragments of ourselves are perfect because through each other we are learning more, in that joy in their play of ourselves like a drumbeat yes, like a drumbeat, it's all coming back to us now and so all what you're seeing really is you, and through the eyes of your own soul.

And the amazing thing is we all wanted to experience this so deeply and intimately that the only way we could do this for sure was literally to create a universe unto ourselves, to experience our world to the full. So we played this game with ourselves as the one being we are. We played this game to the hilt. We imagined, we had pretended we were separated. So we gave ourselves freedom to experience literally our world our universe as our own.

And yet it felt like we were sharing a world, but we played that game with ourselves in order to help us into the dream of what we are wanting, to experience for each other, to aid our own evolution.

And so what I'm saying to you now through the window of my heart, is if you open that window now, when you look into another's eyes, you are literally seeing a part of you wanting to play a game with you, to help you learn, to help you grow, to help into more and more and more and more and more and more love.

Yes you are.

But you know you can also have the freedom, because your universe, your world is literally your creation, and everyone you see out there is real, for they are you too experiencing their world too, in their own private universe of themselves.

But it's not in isolation; it's not a solitary thing. Because we are so connected, we are one being. But we get to enjoy the idea of separation, we get to experience the gift of having a whole universe to ourselves, at the same time, to experience with other aspects of our self those things we are wanting to share and dream about as they are. As they are other aspects of ourselves, wishing to play out different ideas of their selves with other versions of themselves, in another universe, in another universal experience, another world.

So it's this beautiful synchronicity, there's this extreme freedom from knowing that you really can create the world of your dreams. And everybody can too because everybody gets the option of creating the world of their dreams. Because what happens is that you will attract those versions of yourself that wish to share the same idea of your world, your dream that you're wanting.

So for example in my world and those of you who are listening in now, you are wishing to share the same idea with me or you wouldn't be here listening to this conversation right now. You wouldn't be wanting to fall into a world, you don’t... the world is inside you, you know; it's not out there.

You are learning to fall into yourself and create a real world that is truly representative of the impeccable pure being that you are in love and light.

And so, there are other versions of us, different aspects of us at the same time, creating a version of Earth that may not play out the same unfolding, that may have chaos and disaster and destruction. And that's okay, because all paths will take you back to the remembrance and re-connection to our sun in ourselves: the lights within ourselves.

So allow yourself to feel this; you will get a lot of help in your sleep. Don't try to work it out with your mind; know that you are moving into a new wave; know that you are moving into a new wave of yourself.

And as you, change your tune, your world as your extension will follow you. Your world is your mirror. Our worlds Are our mirror, mirror, mirror, mirror...

Oh what a joy, what a joy.

And allow yourself to dissolve into knowing that you are connected to everything around you, that everything you perceive around you and through you is literally your own consciousness in different forms of vibration.

You are literally light and various forms of condensed light: everything is. Allow yourself to sink into that notion, and: exciting dreams.

Do not try and understand this; you will come to feel it and know it in your being, which is beyond belief. It is literally in the state of being of connection in love, in the light, in knowledge, in awareness.

Let the wave of love flow through you now.

Let yourself sleep in the arms of love.

And allow yourself to dream and sleep in the eye of the Sun, in the heart of the Sun of yourself and the light, and know and let the love sweep through you, to wash through you: taking you into a breath of a new beginning.

May the love be with you.

All My Love
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