Monday, May 21, 2007

The Gift of True Love

Hello again dear friend,

The other night I couldn’t sleep; I felt we were on the edge of the biggest transformation of our lives; either into wealth and abundance of our dreams or bankruptcy!

I was also berating myself for not realising that I could have done other things to support us in the meantime so that I could have made it easier for us ….
But even as I contemplate this thought my heart takes a leap and my mind sparkles with insight. For I could not have tapped into the ecstasy and the joy that has been self-generating to the degree that I do now, if I had had the support and the security of a home or an income .

And then I had this dream. It came from the deepest part of my soul, but in the form of my first love, who died when I was 16. He often appears to me in times of great change in my life; as if to prompt me into taking the path of my destiny.

I heard this soft voice, such a soft compassionate voice;
“I know that it has been so hard for you to feel your anguish when you cry out at night, feeling totally alone and feeling the whole world on your shoulders.

“You see, I loved you so much that I wanted to give you the gift of what it really feels like to have true love and support: that is not disguised in the trappings of the illusion that you feel that the support and love comes from something other than yourself.

“I loved you so much that I left you to go into another dimension so that you would go for the stars and stretch yourself and thus tap into more of you. I wanted you to experience the core sweetness of what true love, support and loyalty are like, so that you would have no doubt whatsoever that you had awesome powers of creativity and manifestation.

“You will fulfil the dream that you have to share your joy with our world, in the most abundant, joyous and positively uplifting way for our humanity! You will create all of this from what would appear to be nothing, as you have yet to see visible signs in your life.

“And yet, from this apparent nothingness you will have everything.

“You will know that because it wasn’t already there in your life that it must come from you! And that if you had had everything handed to you on a plate, you would not be conscious of your own part in that manifestation

I loved you so much that I wanted you to feel and be fully conscious of what it is like to be truly supported and loved by our universe.”

Always our love,
Maggie (Leela)

At last, The Omega Shift is ready for viewing

Hello dear friends,

We are so happy, excited and proud to finally announce after a year and a half of production, frustration, joy, illumination and our own self-transformation the official launch of The Omega Shift! It is indeed the portal, the gateway, the Secret to Enlightenment itself and to a new dimension of yourself.

So, if you are truly ready for the ‘big one’, the ultimate shift, then go right along to and register for The Omega Shift. It is the key, the pivot point, the fundamental basis for literally taking our self, our life and our world into the next dimension. Without the solid foundational basis of this shift of our ‘frame of reference’ for our reality, as revealed in The Omega Shift video presentation, all else is incomprehensible! This is why we are giving it away for free and why it is a feature length presentation in its own right (we have condensed down our previous 2 day workshop into just two hours)!

And for those that wish to complete their understanding and integration of The Omega Shift, we are also announcing and taking pre-orders (at 50% discount!) for our new Living The Omega Way Home-based DVD course: the ultimate key for living a totally creative, loving and self-empowered life in a wonderfully mutually enhancing upliftment for everyone in our world. This is all the culmination of what John and I have been creating and refining for the last 18 months, indeed, our whole lives!

Just go along to and do enjoy! And feel free to write your comments here or on our new support forum! We would welcome them enormously.

And we will still be friends whether you like it or not!

Lots of love,
Maggie (and John)!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

The Phoenix returns ;-)

Hello dear Friends,

It’s been a long time since we have spoken and the ache to share my joy with you has now reached breaking point. I have so missed our sharing and love that I had to just pick up the laptop and start writing!

I have been on an epic journey since we last spoke and I needed to give my full attention and commitment to our dream with my beloved partner John: the creation and production of our unique, ground breaking free online video presentation: “The Omega Shift”.

In the next few blogs I will be making more reference to it, and also we would love to extend a warm heartfelt invitation to you to enjoy it too, as we will be launching it in the next couple of days!

However, to bring you up to speed with where I am at, I don’t think I could have done it any other way, which has been to give up everything, including my life guidance and healing work, in order to share our dream now.

Everything I have gone through has led me to this pivotal point of my life: the challenges, the difficulties have all fine-tuned me into the being I am now. I feel so much in love, I often feel I have lost all fear, I feel so alive, so vibrant and so full of joy. But most importantly of all, I have learnt to channel the ecstasy and unconditional love and joy without the need to be dependent upon the external circumstances of my life. And that includes most of the things many of us take for granted like having a home (we’re now living temporarily with a generous friend!), an income (haven’t had one for over a year!) and a clean, non–toxic environment (our previous home was emitting noxious fumes from all the old beams’ woodworm treatment!!)

So, I have been learning how to taste the ecstasy and the joy in the midst of severe challenges, and in effect we have both been testing to the limit the effectiveness of living the Omega Way.

I also wanted to do something truly amazing for our beautiful world, for I feel so much in love, awe and gratitude for my life and the beauty of our world that I actually find it intoxicating! So this totally revolutionary, heart and mind opening free video is our gift to our world.

We have gone full-pelt for our dream, and even if this was never to become a world-wide phenomenon, or even taken much notice of by the vast majority, it wouldn’t matter for I feel that in simply expressing and making it available, I have already fulfilled my life purpose and what I came here to do (though I suspect it’s just the beginning, of course!!!)

So, it is my joy and desire that in the forthcoming blogs that I inspire you too to go for your dream, and I will be routing for you all the way1

Thanks for your patience, for I know some of you have been waiting to hear from me for some time now. Trust me – it’s been worth it (some of the initial feedback from The Omega Shift has been phenomenal!)

All my love
Maggie (Leela)