Sunday, December 12, 2010

World of my Belonging

I slept so well last night; I feel so utterly at peace and I am so much enjoying perusing my book, for I feel my book has led me to my world of belonging: my fairy world, alive and real here. As I read its pages, the words themselves seem to touch me by the hand and remind me of my amazing journey from a love lost and on into elation.

I started reading over the first chapter, thinking I may need to change it or adjust it slightly but no, it felt perfect to me even although I had written it about three years ago now... and the light that dazzled from the pages almost blinded me... I don’t think I am going to have to do much fine tuning ….not on Chapter One anyway!

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I will keep you posted on my progress; I can only read a bit at a time as it's so full and rich. Like a very fine cognac, it needs to be sipped and savoured slowly and with rapt enjoyment as it releases its gorgeous secrets that pop on your tongue like exotic spices and ripe berry fruits, with a hint of marzipan.

Oh, I have this sneaky feeling that my book is alive, it’s conscious as if it is helping and cajoling me into my deepest be-longing.

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And it's interesting how yesterday and today too the weather is mirroring so faithfully how I feel: there is no wind and a deep peace seems to have settled here in Cornwall after storms and unrelenting rain. Now such brightness illuminates the landscape in this realm of light!

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I find myself climbing the winding path up to St Agnes Beacon where you can get great views, even as far as the brooding peaks of Bodmin Moor standing proudly against a very blue clear sky over 15 miles away...

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And, since the day I finished writing my book, I find I'm impulsed to take pictures of what I see. And I am overjoyed, for it feels like I have captured on film how I feel inside, and that is so beautiful, so very lovely ...and so bright.

So, I feel and breathe that our Earth dances with us as we dance in our light and joy... as we live the world of our belonging.

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Come and dance with me, in our beautiful light.

And I have a meditation from the beginning of our last Spirit Talk Radio show that sparkles and dances to this same tune...  You may like to download and listen in: it's very powerful! Here's the link, look for Show 98:
Show 98 - Stepping out of the world you don't belong to & into one you do!

All In Love,

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