Saturday, November 20, 2010

I have never felt so happy in my life

Hello dear friend,

I have never felt so happy in my life; I have never felt so full of bounty, love and gratitude, overflowing and spilling out of me like a waterfall of delight, pooling into the deepest crevices of my unconscious: stirring movement, floating to the surface of my awareness the jetsam and flotsam of things never truly felt, as foam, light and Love everlasting.

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I am crying a lot too. Not through unhappiness, but my unbridled joy.

The beauty I see and feel now is so intense - exquisite even. And, like a precious jewel, I could not, would not want to subdue or sully the brilliance and beauty that blazes in me and you, for it shines back at me through the marvellous mirror reflection of our world. Maybe you can feel it too? Maybe it will become infectious … this love virus that permeates our being.
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The air is like silk and there is milk and loveliness in the look I get from strangers as I drift and dream, saunter and sway in my living dream of love and joy; I could not be happier!

Threading my way through the landscape that I love, winding dexterously between clumps of purple heather and stoic buttery yellow gorse clinging to blue hills that slide to meet scallop shaped coves, on and on I go, padding softly on golden sands, wading through moon water… I am, I am a spiritual gardener, loving and caretaking my world into aliveness.

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And I hear the thunder of the waves urging me on to melt into the mighty roar of the sea. And on the swell my spirit rises as soaring seagulls shriek in delight, piercing my heart: ballooning me to let go… into the thunderous applause of the surf.

And like a staccato beat, my heartbeat marches me on to the stage of my life here now... I whirl and twirl and take a bow of appreciation.

I love you, I feel you: I am in communion with you and our world.


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Gemel said...

Beaming you surely are ♥

Leela Jamieson said...

hello Gemel,

Wonderful to see you here,been wondering about you and how you are! Thank you for dropping by.

All Love.

Eelco Buitenhuis said...

love and light form Holland Leela!
Thank you for sharing yours

Francesca said...

Leela,I am so happy for you! I can feel your joy. What a beautiful post. ♥

Leela Jamieson said...

Hello Eelco,

Thank you for your Loving comment; you have a beautiful face.

All In Love

Leela Jamieson said...

Hello Francesca,

Thanks for feeling our joy; I can feel that you feel it too ; let's soar!

love you so much.

sexleksaker said...

Life is shit!