Saturday, September 02, 2006

My First Video Blog

Hello One and All

Today I'm playing, playing with my first video Blog

Hope you enjoy!!

(you may have to press Play twice)

Please do let me know what you think...

Love and Hugs


Anonymous said...

Goosebumps galore.

The energie is rushing through my body, a powerfull current, twirling and swirling, shining and sparkling and exploding in colorfull rays.

Your singing, love and creative sparks have touched me deeply once more.

Shine on you crazy diamond!

This sooo helps to remember my true magnificence over and over again, deeper and further, more vivid and grander my vision of myself.

And YES, I am perfect as I am right now! The cats loved it too, especially J: she was looking up; intently listening with a strange gaze in her eyes.

Thank you for this gift.


Anonymous said...

Dearest Maggie

Thank you once again for that truly amazing song on your blog.
I've listened to it a couple times more and I feel like after a reiki attunement!
Oh Joy, Oh, Extacy spiraling upwards into plesantly dizzying hights.
You sound very much like a tibetan chiming bowl in places and so I take it the Arcturians have had a helping hand in this? Thank you Arcturians!
And thank you Maggie for manifesting such pure extacy inducing tones.
What a gift,
truly maggielicious

Thank you, thank you, thank you
and basking in my magnificence


Anonymous said...

Oh thank you Maggie... I felt you speaking and singing directly to my heart. I feel beautiful and free right now and so connected to you, your light, and spirit. Thank you for raising the vibration of my soul... today is an amazing day and we are blessed.

Love, Sharon in Canada