Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Introducing the Essence of Existence

I'm overjoyed to share with you that The Lovers' Way, that I've shared earlier, has flowered into a new level of expression which is now urging to be called the Essence of Existence – Wow!!

So, let us venture down together into the very essence of Existence itself, into the sparkling Light that We are. For we are dancing sunbeams you and I, spinning out from the centre of our Heart; the giant Sun of our Beingness.

We are jointly a joy born from the core of our consciousness. Come and dance in harmony with me into the heart of creation, and enjoy the ecstatic pulse of our life-force.

The purpose of Essence of Existence is to get intimate with the sparkling strata of our lives' Dream. You will bear exquisite witness to the breathtaking scenario, the divine and direct experience of exactly how we create an entire Universe unto ourselves out of our beloved Oneness.

Wow! To play and waltz with the spangles of light that we are. To make glorious works of art out of our lives, carved and fashioned out of our consciousness in perfect synchronisation with each other - what a feat!

And we do all this from the depths of our love and the desire to experience more and more of ourselves.

What a fantastic fiesta, a sacred finale, as we recognise and acknowledge the awesome truth of ourselves: namely that we are all gods in creation, creating our entire lives, our entire realities – actually our own Universes!

This awareness is indeed the next great adventure for humanity as we venture into the exploration of the Essence of our Existence, and so access the panoramic viewpoint of reality: a stunning new and awesome life-perspective that will leave you fundamentally touched to the core.

And so, once you have experienced the glittering radiance and awesomeness of what you really are, you would not want to live with any less energy, light, brilliance creativity, freedom and love.

I'm so excited to share with you that we (John and I) really can take you into this Essence of Existence, and that we are preparing a free video introduction to the Essence of Existence that you will be able to watch online! Watch this space for your invitation, coming soon to the big Screen of your life!


C R Mountjoy - GDF said...

Thanks for the visit to my site. I saw in my stats that somehow you made it over to my blog. Thanks.

I used to live in England when I was little. And I remember we took a trip to the moors and cycled all over Galstonbury - especially the Cadbury Castle and the ruins at the Glastonbury Abbey. When you're nine years old, those images stay with your forever.

You have a great site. Thanks for the visit to mine.


Anonymous said...


i can hear your lilting voice saying this. this writing is exactly as you would speak.
i look forward with pleasure to the online video.


Anonymous said...

Thought I would share some quotes from a book I've just been reading 'Jesus and the Goddess' by Timothy Freake and Peter Gandy. Sharing because they made me think of you and 'The Essence of Existence' and to feeeeeeeeeel my excitement about the work you are doing.

"Gnosis is living life as a love affair of complementary opposites....... It is embracing the paradox that we are all Christ
and each one of us is a separate lost soul. It is being universal mind peering through the pinhole of a particular personality onto the cosmos we have collectively created."

"Ironically Gnosis is knowing we don't know. As we progressively free ourselves from the conceptual matrix we have mistaken for reality, we become certain about less and less until we find ourselves living in the mystery."

"As a body we are in the cosmos, but as consciousness the cosmos is in us. Gnosis is looking in two directions at once."

THANK YOU for this site. It is sooooo very good to come on here and be reminded that this is not just theory and philosophy, that it is groundable and beable.

Can't wait for your video!!!

love Jill

Anonymous said...

love heals

Anonymous said...

Do what you love the money will follow