Friday, October 17, 2008

A Love Invocation for our Humanity

The last few days of the whole October 14th UFO prediction event has become an unprecedented worldwide internet phenomenon. And the lack of appearance of any massive UFO for 3 days has provoked such extreme reactions and confusions in so many people that I've certainly not encountered before. I wanted to express my feelings about this:

As I connect with you right now, I feel such fragility, openness and purity within us all which has been catalysed over the last few days.

I want to enfold you in my arms and soothe the confusion.

I feel the rawness, openness and fragility of us - I feel your purity.

And as I feel these things, I feel bowed by an overwhelming love for our humanity and I feel struck by utter, utter compassion -- despite much anger 'out there'.

I find myself asking, "How can we best serve those who feel anger and disappointment?"

And I hear our soul whispering in the wind, "By allowing yourself to feel what our soul is guiding us into in this moment." I listen deeply, and for me it is the fragility, the purity, the openness of being and, most of all, the unconditional love compounded by waves of deep, deep compassion.

And so I breathe deeply and drink copiously of the streams of love and light that are betwixt us and between us.

And I find our soul returning and whispering on a wave of light, "As you allow yourself to feel our purity, our openness and our fragility, allow it to wash through you into deep, deep unconditional love and you will always find yourself automatically 'doing' and expressing what will best serve our humanity."

And I rejoice and feel without resistance the wave of our overwhelming emotions - breaking us, taking us, opening us into more and more love.

And on the next wave of ecstasy, I find myself crying with joy, "I love you utterly and profoundly."

I carry you in my heart always, as an emblem to our joy....

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Anonymous said...

My dear Leela,

speaking of light: I've been watching the skies for hours the last few days and it was as if I saw the sky for the first time. For me it was a wonderful experience to see marvellous clouds moving majestically over the brightest of blue behind them. And what great light! Lighter than ever.
Indeed is it a pitty that so many of us are disappointed since they didn't see what they wanted to see.
As if we should need htis support from the outside. I am very happy with messages like the ones you bring that our times are changing in the right direction and that we may feel supported by the ones from behind the veil or from outer starsystems, but most important for me is that we have done a great deal ourselves.
Do we really need to be convinced by immense ships in the air? Isn't that more from an old paradigm?
I love you dearly Leela, as well as John as well as everybody else.

Gemel said...

What lovely words to soothe those in need...

What the majority of humans fail to realise is, the Light Ships ARE there, they are always there, only not for the eyes of all to see. The negativity that surrounds this planet and most of the humans that walk upon her is what prevents the Light Beings from appearing to the masses. We are on our way to the Age of Light, whether we wish to or not, the sky holds many mysteries there for us all to see if only we truly look, as eelco buitenhuis nl said, really looking at the sky is a marvellous encounter for any soul, one most people never experience............

I come from the stars as do we all, when we allow ourselves to live in the vibrations of love and of Light we will see and be all that we desire, until then the masses will be weighed down with negativity and fear, it is up to the Lightworkers among us to lift the vibrations by living and walking our truth, therefore assisting the rest of humanity and the our beloved Mother Earth......

With love, Light and cosmic harmony,