Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Spirit of Celebration (Love Invocation #3)

Hello again, you Wonderful Being,

Today, I felt such an overwhelming love building up inside me for our beautiful world accompanied by spiralling haunting notes reverberating through my being.

There is so much love to express inside me, that I think I could go mad if I didn’t express this energy into my joy!

I felt the urge to sing my love.

I hope you enjoy it just as much as I did singing it!!

Click the small blue play button to listen:
My Spirit of Celebration song 4 mins 1.9 Mb

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"Let’s rise up and greet this day with a song in the spirit of celebration
I love your smile, it keeps me warm
Let’s rise up in the spirit of celebration
And give thanks to our brave new day; I’m in awe of my creation

"I love your smile, it keeps me warm
Let’s open our hearts up and fall into the arms of our world
I feel your love when I’m flying over, over in my joy
I love your smile, it keeps me warm

"Let us rise up and greet this day in celebration
I love your smile, it keeps me, it keeps me warm"

Lots of love to you in beauty and in truth,

Maggie (Leela)


Ainsley said...

Hi Maggie / Leela
The song was beautiful, as usual. I felt the love as I listened and there was a warm glow within me.

I use headphones to listen to you and the sound of you singing 'within me' is really pleasing.

Thank you again
I love you
Ainsley xxx

Anonymous said...

Greetings Maggie,

Beautiful, from the core of my being I resonated with love, thank you.

Luvu, Nardine

Leela Jamieson said...

Hello Ainsley ,

Thank you so much for your kind and loving words
The fact that you enjoy what I love to share and express fills my heart!!

May we continue to expand and uplift each other into the love that flows between us!

Love always,

Maggie (Leela).

Leela Jamieson said...

And thank YOU Nardine from the core of my (our) being. Did you get a chance to watch The Omega Shift video yet, Nardine? Love to know how far (or not!) that resonates too... Do share!

Love you too