Friday, September 17, 2010

Expressing our Essential Essence

My desire to discover and express my essential essence has been a glorious journey of self-discovery: dancing my way through the twists and turns, the highs and pitfalls of a healer's path, romancing with personal growth and self development, strumming my heart strings as a singer and making Love with my soul through the pages of my book.

I have been courting with my fancy as my passion as a means and a medium through which I can express myself more and more clearly. And it feels to me that through the art of self-expression we find our true self… and fall in Love.

We touch our essence when we begin to self-express that which is our heart's greatest secret and desire; it often leads us softly by the hand, cooing us gently to remember our wild heart, our secret S-Elf.

And yet we brush away our passion's advances; dismissing it as frivolous or mere fancy, we shoo it away!

Saying in our prim and proper voice:  "I have more important things to deal with, I am busy," we close the door on our suitor!

Oh,  but like true Love it will come back again, tempting you to remember through the tantalising scent of jasmine, the smell of oil paints and turpentine, or the flash of light on water shimmering like diamonds that begs to be consummated through you: thus speaking the language of your love's true passion. 

You can source things, read about them, intellectualise them even….
And it's another thing to be living it through our art of being and self-expression.

As we let go of the censors of our mind and trust our heart as our True Love, we are wooed one soft thrill at a time, one heady heartbeat, one hot kiss to our ascending orgasm as we pulse the very essence of ourselves onto the exquisite canvas of our lives: through the wild and free art of self-expression we make magic and love.

Me: my passion grabs me excitedly by the hand onto the white sands and magical kingdom of St. Just-on-Roseland, tempting me with its soft rolling emerald green hills that kiss and lap at the River Fal waters streaked with gold. There, bathed in the misty, milky twilight I am mesmerised by an awakening: I reveal to myself my essential nature through play and the art of a holy trinity: dressing up, my love of nature and through the loving lens of John's camera.  I reveal my Goddess and Elfin Self and I love her wildly.

Allow your desire to gently take you by the hand, to whisper of sweetness, magic and mystery into your bended ear; it may lead you to discovering your essential essence and to falling in Love with yourself and life…. over and over again.
For in your essence, you are infinitely beautiful and perfectly precious...leaving an unmistakable allure of you that is the ultimate seduction and shines through and through.

With Love,

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Anonymous said...

Very poetic writing. You brought me a smile on this autumn day.


Leela Jamieson said...
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Leela Jamieson said...

Hello William and all you wondrous people who have contacted me personally regarding my Blog;

I thank you all so very much, and William I am so happy that I brought a smile to your face.

Keep on smiling! It brightens and enlightens our world.

All Love.