Monday, May 19, 2008

Love Innvocation: You make my day

Hello dear friend,

I just want to thank each one you for being here. Yes! I really feel you in the centre of my heart; this wondrous tide of love courses through my veins sending wave upon wave of liquid love to permeate your being as it permeates through me - washes through me as it washes through you.

The rhythm of our love beats to the same one drum; we are galactic beingness and incredibly unique, priceless individuals too - what a feat!

Bathing in our divinity we are both sides of our each one coins: I am both the sovereign ruler of my Realm and the Realm itself; as you are the sovereign ruler in your Realm and your Realm itself too.

Yet, we are also betwixt you and me; joined at the hip and yet pretending to be separate, so that we can really enjoy and explore our individuated creations and be connected in our heats together.

So, we beat to the same one drum, you and I: the ecstatic rhythm of our galactic Self and our personality self; in our apparent play of our polarity.

Living in exaltation, celebration and joy of our natural state of beingness opens the doorway to our exalted Self, which is tightly and wondrously wrapped in ribbons of love.

And I say, "Be brave, be adventurous, be 'wicked' and never, never compromise the flowering of your spirit, for you are the eternal jewel in the crown of your life.

"Your life is the body of your soul - shine brightly, love fiercely and tenderly and, most of all, be your natural free spirited self."

Whatever you emit as your frequency vibration will find its way back to you in the script and screenplay of your life.

Pour your soul into your life shamelessly, without any thought of return. And that unshakeable and unconditional love will enliven the pages of your daily living and wink back to you in your joy.

Thank you for being here with me... The very act of taking this wondrous moment to share my joy with you makes my life priceless and beautiful.

Thank you...
Leela (my main website: healing, courses, resources) (FREE Personal Ascension video and attunement!)

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Anonymous said...

Hey Leela

I happened upon your blog this eve and I am so very joyful that I did. Perfect as always.
Thank you for sharing your love with us
All Love
Teresa Rose x x x

Anonymous said...

Thanks Leela for sharing your thoughts feelings insights with us. I need to be reminded of the obvious, the joie. Peace to you and yours, and to all of us.