Saturday, August 23, 2008

And I saw my Hybrid Children in a field of gold, sprinkled with sunflowers

Dear Friend

Do you ever experience moments of unforeseen help and support that appear to come as if from God's hand; that touches your heart and changes you deeply?

Well, just the other day, I had such a euphoric experience. This sacred moment was spurred by a walk in grace and contemplation on the pristine white sands and under the brilliant blue skies of my beloved Cornwall.

I went for a stroll in the sky along the high ridges that run the course between Porth Nanven (just below Cape Cornwall) and Sennen Cove (just around from Lands End) on our beloved South West Coastal Path (click links to see on Google Maps!)

Everything seemed to be bathed in golden light, as though a halo had descended upon the land to the accompaniment of a silence that tingled and permeated through my body in glee, when all at once, my attention was magnetised by a beautiful wheat field with ears of corn dancing in the breeze.

I was caught spellbound, as if in a trance. I could see spirals of energy-like cigar-shaped rings arising and shimmering in the gentle golden afternoon light in the process of materialising into the familiar form of (and I gasped as I saw them).... own 'hybrid children'!

They were waving at me; three of them among the golden wheat spiked with cheeky yellow sunflowers poking their heads high above the corn.

I haven't mentioned 'hybrid' children before, so may I now give just a little background here?

At the level of my higher-self, my 'soul', I have willingly and consciously chosen to experience the joy of participating in the program to create a hybrid species of children, to help us make the transition between this and our next dimension. This program has been planned in an agreement between many of us with our extra-terrestrial counterparts.

My hybrid children are a cross between my 3rd density DNA and that of the Zeta Reticula (commonly called the Greys). Remarkably, this has occurred in my dream time, most often between the hours of 2am and 4am, as I flip my frequency to be in their spacecraft.

Many of us do have these hybrid children, but we are not always aware of it... yet! Our hybrid children exist in a quasi-dimensional state between our 3D physical reality and fourth/fifth density, and their role will to act as a bridge between both realities. They cannot exist here until the frequency of Earth has raised up high enough to support their higher-dimensional, more 'fragile' state, and so their growth and mentoring happens in spacecraft, where I have seen their beautiful faces and watched them with pride

As we raise our own energy up, through our joy, our pure love, we can all see them and feel their presence too; they are just as real as you and me! They are our Offspring - helping, ushering and loving us into the next dimension of ourselves!

So, out of the golden light, oscillating in the golden wheat, firstly as balls of light, and then in shimmering humanoid form, I saw them. And yet I knew somehow that they weren't actually appearing in our physical reality, but that I had raised my frequency into a realm where they could meet me half way, and through the love I have for them, this was an easy gateway to step through !.. .

They were waving to me, smiling among the sunflowers, and they whispered through the corridors of time and space; "Don't give up hope mummy, you are not alone, we are with you, as you prepare for contact [i.e. physical contact with our ET friends and hybrid children]!"

"Hang on in there. We love you and are with you."

I sighed, as I recollected a fond memory of a previous conversation with my guides when they shared that I would recognise my own hybrid children by their 'gift of flowers'.

And so, as they faded from view, I continued, gaily enjoying my daily workout and meditation practice of such an exhilarating walk. I must have walked the equivalent of a reasonable sized mountain; up and down, round and round the rocky paths, scrambling over huge granite rocks that glinted in the sunshine like giant mosaics of tiny scintillating crystals and squeezing through narrow fissures in the rocks, only to be blown away by the sudden, spectacular expanse of turquoise blue ocean lapped by perfectly white crystalline sand; appearing so clean, as if it had been recently hoovered!

So enraptured was I in my walk, that I found myself back at my car in what appeared to be no time at all, when my attention was caught by a beautiful, exquisite, tiny posy of flowers, carefully tucked under the windscreen wipers.

For me, I knew it was a token of their love; a posy of wild flowers tied with string. No note, but then no note was needed; their love was indented upon my heart.

And so dear one, we in are a huge positive energy flow that's occurring here now; many exciting things are happening right now in the unfoldment of our spiritual evolution and our Ascension here on our planet Earth.

Maybe you too have hybrid children, maybe you have already met them in your dream time? We are not alone; we have many helpers, many kind, gentle hands guiding and supporting us in this, the most amazing time of our lives, as we raise our energy up to the next dimension of ourselves and prepare for physical contact with our hybrid children and our Extra-terrestrial counterparts.

Together, our ecstasy and light is mutually assured.

- Exaltations!

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Anonymous said...

I felt a connection to this post. I have gone through a hard transition but I am now coming out the other side of "the dark night of the soul". This was the hardest transition I have ever gone through to date. I am more alone in this area than ever. People are dropping out of my life more than ever before. But I am gaining much more in understanding. I think I truly know what it is to wake up. The Awakening! Thank you for your lovely post as with all your posts, truly a lovely experience...

maxi-me said...

Beautiful, Leela! Thanks for your openness.
We Love You!!!

Leela Jamieson said...

Hello Lucy,

I truly relate to what you have shared. And it's my total joy to share in my next blog the subject of moving through 'the dark night of the soul', as I have just been through this very same process myself. And I would love to share with you, how we can move through it into the most glorious light you,I and all of us I have ever experienced to date.

Thank you deeply for sharing.
We are Ascending.

Purple Flame said...

Thank you for sharing. The more I am learning the more open I become. Stories or situtations that I would have once been closed to now resonate with me. I have not yet seen or felt "my Hybrid Children" but if I have any I am ready to see them. I am trying to fiqure out how I am to live in this world where I am surrounded by people who have not felt the lifting of the veil and still move forward. I too have had many people fall away from me and often feel alone also realize we are never alone. I am in the middle of some very tough decisions and am wanting to move forward. I am also a student of the Abraham teachings and I know we create our own reality. How does the Law of Attraction blend with ET's.
Thank you for your courage to "come out" :-)

Always trusting,

Gemel said...

Fabulous Leela, they remind me of my own Light visitors, except mine are red! Are they the same do you think?

With love, Light and cosmic harmony,

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing Leela

jood said...

hello lovely
delighted you came and wonderful pictures all ways too...i can taste the expereince and wonderful to meet you all here..
big love and hugs

Anonymous said...

leela, thank you for sharing this. i have not experienced any hybrid children but would also be very open to. like some of the others, so many things and people are falling away from me as well. the sense of loneliness and emptiness can be overwhelming. it would be nice to experience a connection such as this. i feel grateful for your communications and insights.

Leela Jamieson said...

Hello Terrie, hello Francesca,and All,
Thank you both for your great qustions and sharing.
As we you feel more and more
comfortable being the you, the you, you really are, that one that you imagine yourself to be,'see' in your mediation and feel in your dreams.And the more you live as that you,without qualification and without fear, the more you will raise your frequency to be able to see them and interact with them more easily.
You are already having interaction with other dimensional beings including extra-terrestrial beings and hybrid children in your dreams.

You literally are your own world, as is each and every being. And yet we are not alone, we are All- one, experiencing our individual universes and at the same time,interacting with the appearance of others in our universe for our own growth, entertainment and creative expression and play. As you allow yourself to shift you will see your whole world change according to how far you want to go and how much you let go of judgement of what is happening in your life and judgement of other people.And ultimately you cannot experience the world you want to live in until you are being that world, so everything in your life, in your world is given you an opportunity to choose what you prefer and to check within yourself your impeccability,purity of beingness.This is not something to berate yourself with, if you feel you fall below the mark, but as a joyful exercise in getting in touch with what you really want and living as that you now.

As you become more and more and more ecstatic just being who you are, you will be given off that ease and unconditional love to others too. And you will start to feel you are seeing more and more versions of you !

And we also attract to us the guides: extra-terrestrial guides, other dimensional guides, angels etc that are of a similar vibe to ourselves.( just like the Law of Attraction )

I trust this helps !

All in perfect timing.
Just to finish :-
We are not alone we are all -one experiencing what we need to experince in order to feel more love, joy and interaction with our world.And that feeling alone is a valid and powerful part of our journey.

I love you,


Leela Jamieson said...

hi Gemel,

Thanks for your question,

Yes,they are the similar but different,

more akin to the angelic realm and a pleiadeon connection that you are merging,melting and mingling with!

Enjoy !

Billa-Song said...

THank-you so much very timely for me