Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Art of Fashion: My Own True Colours

Do you ever wonder why I have so many photos of me in various outfits? (You'll see dozens as you browse around this blog and my websites!)

Well, it's not just vanity but a genuine delight in sharing my own creative expression with you in the form of my unique dressing art, my own True Colours!

Many have commented and complimented me on my dress sense, have encouraged me to start a design business and so on, so I thought I'd love to share a little background on how I use my flamboyant flair for dressing up as a celebration of spirit!

I take the view that when we celebrate our appearance and make Art out of ourselves we are into our Godhood. And I would like to show you how we can use even these 'credit conscious' times as a great opportunity to step into the dance and flaunt our natural abundance of spirit, teamed with our creative flair in dressing up to whole new level.

I emphatically feel that fashion, dress and accessories can be used as exotic tools and powerful aids in your journey of expressing "The Art Of You"; they can help you tap into and give you confidence to be the authentic and artistic you.

Just as Dorothy in The Wizard Of Oz putting on her red shoes helped her key into the ambiance of another world of her, I too use my love of colours to create great love and art out of me. Each morning I survey the palette of my wardrobe, all artistically arranged in different colours, textures and hues smiling at me, inviting me to take the plunge and play.

I see my accessories: beautiful jewellery akin to treasures glinting in the early morning light; handbags smelling of old well-loved leather with a hint of spice in gorgeous shades of regal red; emerald green or turquoise blue, bright harlequin scarves; silk ribbons glistening with jewel-like colours; feathers in all hues; leather thongs in rainbow colours - all begging to be played with, draped and swirled.

And so, like a great artist, I dive into the palette of my wardrobe, letting my spirit, my excitement guide me, rather than the limitations of what's 'in' or what a 'well-known' celebrity is wearing (unless that truly feels like me!) And even then, I will play my unique slant on it, giving vent to the wild, crazy in me as I seek inspiration from all round me, inside and out: my imagination, my fantasy, the colours in the landscape and in nature, or by indulging my senses and my lust for excellence in a fashion fest found in high class glossy magazines. This is how I rediscover my unique style each day, seeking and nurturing the authentic me and then by wearing my creation, I get to play out the real me for real!

Clothes and accessories pulled together in unexpected ways can be a sure pointer to the real you. Your selection of shoes, clothes, scarves, belts, tights, handbags and fragrance can be a joyful and fun adventure in announcing to the world who you truly are as you discover and make great art out of your appearance and allow yourself to take it to the limits

Just remember: how you dress should distil your personal style to its purest essence. So, either love wearing it or play with another colour or style. Or, by the judicious placing of an accessory in a contrasting colour that you love, like a tie or a necklace or scarf, you can really bring out the true beauty in you. And so, through my fun, I promote my love of dressing up to the realm of being a fashionista!

And so, in being an artist of the heart I feel it is imperative for me to live in the exaltation that beauty and art of our world is both inside cooking in our imagination and extrapolated outside into our physical world for us all to see and rejoice and celebrate in. The physical and the spiritual must not be divided, but allowed to infuse with each other; we are the artists, the inspiration and the art. This is my Art from my Heart and our jobs as artists and creators are to make great love and great art out of our lives.

I love ecstatically to share my true colours with you, my wonderful friend, in many ways which express my Soul, not only through my evocative, spirited, inspirational writings and the songs and videos of my love, but also through my own dress-art. Each day I create an entire artistic composition out of my harmonically chosen ensemble of garments and accessories...

Oh, and just for the record, although I do have a couple of expensive outfits, primarily, I so enjoy the thrill and adventure of discovering amazing garments, accessories and gorgeous designer dresses at massive discount prices (maybe even 90% off!) in designer discount outlets, or even total bargains in charity shops.

In a way, it can be like embarking on a great treasure hunt, an expedition into my soul as I go exploring for new gems to add to my collection. I may find myself leaving the familiarly and the mediocrity of the high street and taking swift right turn down a narrow cobbled alley, my excitement pulling me as I venture into a little shop that just caught my attention with a very unusual item in the window, like a hat reminiscent of an exotic headdress - all feathers and sparking jewels. On entering, I quickly become accustomed to the dimmed light of this Aladdin's cave of delight as I survey piles of beautiful fabrics: dusty satins, plush velvets with an elusive scent enrapturing my senses to another age or time. I have to be open to the unexpected, for then I do not miss an item - a belt, a bracelet, a brooch, which may capture my imagination, just because I allowed it. All this feeds my spirit, quenches my thirst for adventure and slowly, but surely, builds up the palette of costumery delights' that awaits me each morning.

Or I gaily join the hordes in my favourite discount store (TK-Max!) feasting on the row upon row of untidy, jam-packed, ridiculously priced-down garments. My glance quickly scans the territory, looking for the one, the one item that's calling me, that shines out at me, that's got my name stamped all over it. And then in a flash, it catches my eye: the colours are me, the style is so mine, it's even in my size; and then the price, well, what can I say, they're giving it away! It's a manifestational marvel - a miracle of materialisation! It's as though we we're destined to meet and it's love at first sight!

And so I fine-tune my artistic eye and my ability to scan lines of the mundane and sameness, looking for the beauty in the ordinariness, even in the junk piles. For I believe we come into our own as we extol and source the beauty in the mundane and the resources at hand, and that as great artists, this is our job and we should do it with passion. I certainly adore creating great art out of basic materials that at first glance may easily be dismissed as unworthy of my attention! However, if the material is gorgeous, or the cut and style is fantastic for me; or there is something about the colour that sings to my soul, then I grab it to add to my treasure chest. For example, I recently got the scissors out and learned some simple dressmaking skills and it was the beginning of a beautiful new relationship, even a 'romance' with my own artistic tailoring side. Now, when I find a dress or skirt that may totally unfaltering or simply wildly the wrong size, but it's made from a beautiful piece of material, I don't discard it, but honour it and take it with me (sometimes only for couple of pounds!) and then I culpably take it apart and restyle and fit it in my own new way!

Imagination and making the most of what's around and available is part of the creative process! One, day I discovered the joys and possibilities of dyeing! I had found a gorgeous pair of suede boots in a rather subdued shade of beige in a charity shop, whereas I have always hungered for a pair of purple boots. And so I dyed them a lush shade of Lilac with special shoe dye. And what an amazing effect from something so simple! I am often stopped in the street and asked excitedly: "Where on earth did you get those gorgeous boots?"

And so I've been building my wardrobe and accessory collection like this over the years, finding innovative ways to keep them visible and displayed for my daily play and artistic creation. And now my world has rewarded me with my own sacred 'walk in wardrobe', like a temple to the divine Dressing-up Goddess!

So, each day, time permitting, I linger lightly over my palette, allowing inspiration and combinations to compose themselves, juggling many options of colour, texture and style, until finally it's all hanging together there on me, like a painting in a mirror... yet still waiting to be finalised with a 'piece de résistance', a finishing embellishment of a scarf or piece of jewellery and a viola! - another gorgeous and distinctively coordinated new outfit has been birthed and I am wearing my own True Colours. And it's got my own unique 'designer' label on it!

I have metamorphosed into a walking Work of Art, as John calls it! Actually, I feel that my outfit IS me, and so the finale, of course, is wearing my art during the day in the joy and celebration of my life and of creation itself. I love to share my own True Colours with anyone and everyone, so I'll wear it all when I go out, down the road, in the supermarket, sometimes, even when I'm out walking! And even if no one's around I still love the joy of wearing my creation, as it exalts me to another expanded level of me, and that feels so good.

And when I feel fantastic my world feels good too: I see it reflected in another's happy eyes, in the smile of my beloved, the appreciation of a passer-by who says, shyly: "You have made my day", and we exchange heartfelt words of love before I silently pass on, leaving an echo of tinder to awaken their adventurous spirit.

Furthermore my partner, my love: Nature, seems to revel and love me even more when I feel good and display my own True Colours. I see nature itself, returning my celebration with its own display, becoming even more rich and verdant, with blousy wildness of rampant flowers, a sun that shines much more brightly and a sea that rises up meet me and move with me in my exaltation

And so dear friend, I invite you to pick up sticks and gather your adventurous and artistic spirit too, and start playing and making art out of your appearance and dress, every day, even in the smallest way: a touch of colour here, of flamboyance there - whatever makes your heart sing!

I promise you it will change you and have a wonderful ripple effect on you, your life and your relationship with your world.

And if you would like me to help you personally with discovering your unique style, your own True Colours: well that would be such a joy and pleasure for us both. I have designed a special service, uniquely tailored to you, whereby we spend a whole day together to help you transform your own style and find Your True Colours. So let's go and dance together in the streets of Truro or Falmouth, or I can possibly come to you. Read all about it on my website:

And we thus will both become icons of inspiration.

Go on unleash the artful artist in you,

Your greatest fan,


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Gemel said...

Love your clothes and the new haircut too

inherview said...

So beautiful!

Francesca said...

You are a true fashionista of the Goddess variety! A beautiful living art work!

Leela Jamieson said...

hello Beautiful Beings,

Thank you so much for your wonderful appreciation.

Let us celebrate and revel in the Art of our Uniqueness!

Boundless Love,


Anonymous said...

Whooha. Lovely Post Leela and what an amazing invitation it is.
(You must have people fighting verytime you sort out stuff for the charity shops haha, only joking.)
My latest joy is a long pink & orange dress also (from tkmax :-))
Cant wait to show you on the course in June!!
I love the way you express pure JOY and LOVE and dont give the slavery aspect of fashion a chance!

Please know that when I now buy clothes it's always with a little tiny 'fairy' version of you fluttering arround my being ushering me to listen to my highest joy only. <3

In deep appreciation

Leela Jamieson said...

Hello Sunsong,

Glory, Glory, Glory !You are finding and exalting in your True Colours !
I am over the Moon !

Thank you for being your own unique work of Art.

I am so excited to be seeing you again soon, at our Living In Light Course.

wild love,


Marcie said...

What a lovely colorful inspiration of joy you are, Leela! I'm starting now with your ideas...wish you were local! Will be reading more soon...thank you for sharing yourself and expressions!

Love & Light,

Leela Jamieson said...

Hello Marcie,

Thank you for your wonderful enthusiasm to explore and discover more of your radiant true colours.

And I wish you were local too, we could have such fun.

Lots of love,


Lo Mas Interesante para Tí, Amig@ said...

Hello, Leela: I am fascinated by this story... I would've loved reading it 30 years ago, I am not 54, feel like 30 and really don't know how to dress and do make-up any more, as my feelings are so young and society (here in Mexico, Queretaro) expect something different.
There's another topic I will rummage thoroughly... Any hint, darling?

Leela Jamieson said...
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Leela Jamieson said...

Hello Lo Mas Interesante para Tí, Amig@

Allow yourself to express through your clothes and make -up,the beauty,the feeling and essence of your true Self, and you will appear to be so naturally you: you will be like a breath of fresh air1

Ps I am in my fifties too !

All Love,