Saturday, January 02, 2010

A New Year and a New Beginning

Hello again dear friend,

New Year's Day was born fresh and clear, beckoning us into a New Way of living this year.

As I opened the curtains today, I was greeted with the most awesome display of golden light bouncing off the sun deck and infusing the air with grandeur, a promise of something great about to happen; and I share this awakening with you now.

I would love you to consider a new way to approach New Year. Instead of making New Year's resolutions and then getting disappointed or berating yourself if you haven't achieved your ideals and goals when it comes around to this time next year,
let's do something different:

Listen to the gentle tugging of your heart and this year, on this day, instead of making grandiose resolutions that tend to be discarded in the trash bin with rumpled scraps of last year's pledges, make an enigmatic entry in your secret journal engraved with your heart's graffiti. Write down your most private aspirations: those longings of your soul, that you have kept tucked away with a heavy blanket of uncertainty in a closet in your mind until the time was right.

Carve out today, I suggest, a quiet interlude for your pleasure and discovery and to dream: for only dreams pin point you in the direction of your highest joy.

And we are here to share our joy.

Just like in nature where everything is in perfect balance and harmony of sharing its beauty, song and inspiration with everything else and with us. So too, like a bird, we naturally want to sing our 'song' out loud; for not to allow ourselves to share our joy with others would be a loss, not only to ourselves, but to those we help and inspire through our joy. Indeed, it feels like we have a divine 'duty' to share our dream, our gift and our joy: who are we to deny others the great benefit and glory of our gifts hidden under the veil of our false modesty?!

So begin: allow yourself to dream and then birth your dream into being by acting on whatever carries the greatest inspiration, joy, passion, play or impulse for you in each and every moment, without censor and for the sheer joy of expressing that part of you that wants to share what is in your heart.

Ask yourself what you would love to dream into your life today and for the coming year and start playing in that direction without delay.

Trust that the timing is now. Let's begin to believe in your Self and that you can ask for what you truly want and that you have everything you need right now to fulfil your destiny - lock, stock and barrel.

Just allowing yourself to muse and be with your dream without extinguishing it with the heavy fist of logic, you find yourself floating along a path paved with gold.

It's time to make-believe again; it's time to dream ourselves into a New Year, a New Beginning and a New Way of Living.

Sweet Dreams are made of This...and acting them out makes them real.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my, what an exquisit poet you truly are!
Happy New Year.
Just last night I had 3 amazing dreams, just before reading this entry! Thanks for this great co-creation.