Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Food for our Soul

Sometimes we feel a hunger inside that just won’t go away. 

I had such an ache today and it came in the form of a desire to share a little bit of my soul with you every day … I realised that I had been in denial, in a sense postponing that magical moment of meeting you, until I had finished my book. I wanted to give you my ultimate gift.

However, I came to realise too much dedication, too much introspection, too much focus and time at my desk away from other people, left me bereft and yearning for the breath of inspiration and interaction with others. And so I had come out of balance, leaving me hungry for more now.

And in musing on the music and mystery of desire, I came to the wonderful realisation that hunger, longing and desire is a positive thing! For example, my desire and longing is to share and meet with you soul to soul, heart to heart, now:  I am led by my heart’s longing to seek communion with you, through the wizardry of my words in this magical moment.

And furthermore: desires are our spiritual direction and give us presents and gifts for our soul, and niggle us to pay attention, create and relate.

So dear friend, I feel you with me in my heart as you read these words that I arose as I put pen to paper and let my desire flow.

Take a moment today, to listen to your longing or desire, take it gently by the hand or voice, let it flow through the prism of your heart, fingers and/or voice and make it  into your art from your heart, and share it wildly .

Through this sacred act you will give yourself food for your soul and feed another with the breath and bread of inspiration.

Can you now feel the dough of your our soul rising?

Love to hear what comes out the fire of your desire,

Loving us into our inspiration,

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Anonymous said...

Hello you joyfull bounching beach being!
Just reading your blog always makes me wish I could read more and now hopefully it wont be long 'till i hold your book in my hands. Your word before bedtime without sitting infront of a screen will be a whole new experience!
As for my desires (apart from the afore mentioned) I would love to suppert myself finacially and am hoping to set up a massage business. So far so good, I will keep you posted.
keep shining, lovely one

Anonymous said...

OMG Leela, you look like you're 25 in these pictures! The higher your frequency, the younger your body looks! I want to feed my soul today with the intend to say what I feel and act according to my heart, w/o shying away for anyone. For after all, anyone around me is just part of me and the reality I dream forth. Why would I shy away from myself? The dragon of illusion is hard to combat though. Certainly from only an intellectual standpoint. I need to take a bath in your sacred meditations to get it thru to my heart, soul, DNA, every day, it seems.

Love you so very much!

Ed - Holland

Francesca said...

Leela, you look absolutely stunning. I wish I could be with you and John dancing on the beach!
I think my greatest desire now is to have no desire, just a clear and certain peace with each moment. ♥

Francis said...

Hello Leela, I saw you on a video about channelers. Watching you immediately encrease my vibes.
I wonder how can I access more of your material.
I´m in a very new part of my life where I feel very diferen from other people due to my thinking, witch resonates with your work and your image.

I let my address: francisp@adinet.com.uy
Thank you

Anonymous said...

loving what you do leela..thanks for uplifting my spirit..much appreciated!
regards from Catherine walker
artist from Dandenong australia xoxoxo