Wednesday, December 21, 2005

A Eureka Moment

I am so excited to share with you an amazing moment. It started yesterday when I made a decision to give myself until Christmas to perform a sacred task: to stay in my joy no matter what I am doing!

I have learnt this great secret; and that is to enjoy and embrace my own natural joy and act on whatever that may be - in each moment, and without judgement: to act on that which is truly effortless and feels good.

And so I had taken the leap into a joyful province and ended up playing all day; pirouetting between writing my thoughts, having an adventure walk, talking lovingly with my friend, making a stunning dress, knitting a crazy hat and then the 'ultimate act' - hovering, scrubbing the kitchen floor and cleaning the bathroom: all whist in my ecstasy. Now that's truly going up the scale of my delight!

And all accompanied by the ecstatic beat of my heart drumming this sweet melody: I am happy, I'm in harmony and I am hip.

It feels so good to be flowing, free and joyous; the happiness never diminishing.
Ecstasy and bliss are bubbling over into every task, so that they cease being simply a chore and I am in love with whatever I am doing!

I went to bed at midnight and then tried to sleep; but I couldn't: I was so excited!
Then I heard the voice of my own inner tormentor speaking: But, you haven't done any real work!

I thought about this for just a second and then I said: Sod it! I feel so good, why would I ever want to choose to be in any less joy than this?

I chortled to myself: It's a pity I can't earn a living from my bliss! I have so much of it; it's so easy for me to source the love in each and every moment.

Then it hit me like a thunderbolt of heavenly inspiration: Of course! I am a naturally ecstatic being! I am a natural ecstatic being! And I always have been, except, that is, when I have felt the need to earn a living.

I have always believed that I have had to do or produce something truly amazing: phenomenal, in fact, as way to sell myself and what I have to offer. And to a certain extent I have enjoyed some success courting this belief. But now it was becoming apparent and clear that this has all been creating too much strain in me.

I hadn't realised this until today, when John gave me a 'gift' - he took away the computer and recording device I use, since he needed it. And so, as the opportunity to do my 'work' had been taken away from me, I had no option other than to play!

And I thank God that he did, for I have just shown and reminded myself how much I enjoy being in my bliss. I would have never have discovered this for myself if I hadn't given myself the opportunity to revel in this magical play all day.

And that is, for sure, the only way I want to live! It became so apparent that what I am naturally born to do is share the joy.

So here I am in the middle of the night, excited as a child with a new discovery.
And, even though I like my sleep and have never been motivated to get up at this time before, I can't hold back 'the force' and just naturally want to get up and write about this bliss!

It's now 3 am; a magical time when creativity just flows, it seems, and I am having an secret nocturnal illicit encounter with my own love - to divine a wondrous new creation: a 'product' which is purely and simply based upon bliss, bliss and more Bliss!

I find myself writing the format, notes, details and structure of this new course. It's truly amazing. I have never had such attention to detail and been so expansive at the same time during the day, let alone in the middle of the night!

I think I'll call it: Bliss, bliss and more Bliss – A' how to' guide for living an ecstatic life and revelling in unending Joy.

It will be a monumental audio/visual series to take you into a new dimension of aliveness, joy, ecstasy, love and creative expression!


And so I have come to this wonderful realisation: it really is true that one can never know what you are until you follow your true self, your natural joy and your innate instinct.

Our greatest gift to ourselves and our world is in recognising and honouring what we are naturally brilliant at; which is often so much a part of ourselves that we do not even notice or recognise it.

Sometimes we are blind to our own magnificence and sometimes by being denied the opportunity to do what we think we 'ought' to do – we've nothing left to do but to follow these pulses and let them carry us to a triumphant fanfare of celebrating our supreme gift.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, Maggie, thank you so much!for helping reflect such magnificance of who we really are, for me, the forgetting is pierced through as I listened to the recording/meditation, through the shift in frequency of my being. You are a shining example to me of our potential to know our true selves and learning to remember bliss. Bliss has been an unknown for me, and I've found my resistance to bliss being from an unfamiliarity with it, an unknown of which, your sharing yours here and on you website, brings joy. Thanks for being you, and helping me learn to be me. Love and joy is in sight!!!Julia