Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Walking in the Light

Today is like no other day. Each day marks a new beginning: new wonders, magic and adventure to unfold!

And today I have the burning recognition of just how much I love to walk and dance in the light!

My soul's calling to get on my walking boots and head for my daily adventure; this is like absinthe to my soul.

I have this wondrous love affair with nature. When I go walking I just surrender eagerly to becoming infused in the light of the sun, to be chased by the wind and wooed by the rich, vibrant cathedral of nature's delights. To be overwhelmed by it all, to let it excite my being to a glorious crescendo of my wild spirit!

And so I start at a modest lope and as I pick up speed I feel like I am dancing: radiating trails of bliss, utter joy and full blown joie de vivre in my wake.

I wriggle out of the strait jacket of the struggles that have dampened my spirit and I follow the pied piper of my delight!

Walking always does this for me. It invigorates me; it gives me an opportunity to pay homage to this beautiful world. As I walk in gratitude and in celebration of the awesome beauty around me, I feel in perfect union. I walk like I am dancing - swirling in writhes of merriment and laughter; for I am enjoying courtship with nature as my lover, who whispers tenderly in my ear wise words of enchantment.

And so I surrender into the heavenly bliss of the intense blue sky and sink my legs deep into the earth; my footsteps mirroring the pounding of my heart.

I hear the whisper of the wind and the sound of my universe vibrating through me as the leaves tumble around in a resplendent echo:
this is how I feel, this is truly me, wild and free, wild and free – is how we're meant to be!

And so I rush back home full of inspiration, and keen to share my lover's secrets in a song or a story. I feel I have been blessed, invigorated and had a splendid adventure to boot!

So yes, I do feel wild and free: that’s me - a harbinger of joy and dancing spirit for all to see!

This is what makes me happy, infuses me, enthuses me with my reason for living – to live an ecstatic life! And not to shackle myself to the idea of making a living but to be pure living in the making!

I am being an ecstatic living - glory, Glory, GLORY!!!

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jood said...

yes yes yes! me too....yesterday i was leaping round the moor oh i love you ..oh and you and you are so beautiful and you and..*grin*
and i love cows too...always feel they are meditating for the earth. big love.