Saturday, December 03, 2005

Relationships - The Highest Spiritual Path!

Here are some thoughts I shared with someone today by email on Relationships:

Thank you so much for sharing what has been happening in your life.

It’s amazing, but I truly believe that relationships are the most powerful path to enlightment, because they reveal to us everything we need to know about ourselves to be truly ourselves

For example, I have found my own relationship with John, my beloved partner, has catalysed extremely intense and diverse emotions in me. However, each one has connected me to the beliefs that I need to address that are limiting me from living a truly ecstatic, creative and abundant life!

I am so grateful for our relationship for it is purifying me into the true gold of myself!

So, I would like to take this opportunity to applaud you for taking this brave path of using your relationship with your partner to discover more of yourself, for it is so easy to step away from the world and relationships thinking we will find that elusive peace.

But you and I know that we don’t want to run away from life, rather to dive even deeper into it!

Relationships are a gift to us from another aspect of ourselves. All the wonderful parts of ourselves that we keep subdued are revealed in the steam that releases when we feel angry or powerless. We can also see in our partner so much that we admire in them that maybe we could learn to integrate within ourselves!

So relationships can be like a huge exciting stomping ground as we venture into them with curiosity and love to discover many more facets of ourselves than we had previously thought we had.

And so, I conclude that the purpose of relationship is to help and support each other becoming more of ourselves as individuals from our own unique standpoints. And through the connection of love, brutal self honesty and the desire to be all that you are (and support to your other self to be all that they are) you will create a relationship that is not only fantastic, but ultimately leads you into the greatest relationship of all - with the whole of yourself and your life!

And so this emotional clearing through relationship is perfect for you right now.
If you have any thoughts about Relationships yourself, we'd love to hear them - please do post them in the comment section.
Lots of Love

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